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BBC英语新闻 - 西班牙取消高速路车速限制

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BBC News with Nick Kelly

Reports from Syria say at least 12 people have been killed in the latest protests calling for the removal of President Bashar al-Assad. Tens of thousands of people took to the streets across the country. Jim Muir reports from neighbouring Lebanon.

来自叙利亚的报道称,至少12人在要求阿萨德总统下台的最新的抗议活动中遇难。全国各地数万人走向街头抗议。Jim Muir在邻国黎巴嫩报道。

The kind of sounds that have now become all too familiar, along with video footage posted on the Internet which, while it can't be verified, would be hard to fake. A young man lies mortally wounded on the ground, his head and upper body soaked in blood. This was in the town of Kiswah, just to the south of Damascus. Activists said that several protesters were shot dead here, others closer to the centre of the capital and more in Homs, Syria's third biggest city, where demonstrations were reported in virtually every quarter.


The US House of Representatives has dealt a symbolic blow to the American military intervention in Libya by rejecting a resolution to authorise operations for one year, but a second resolution which aimed to limit funding for military action in Libya was also rejected. From Washington, Kim Ghattas reports.

众议院为美国对利比亚的军事干预带来了具有象征意义的打击。他们否决了授权一年的行动的方案,同时还否决了旨在限制驻利比亚军事行动资金的决案。华盛顿,Kim Ghattas报道。

Members of Congress are angry with President Barack Obama for failing to consult with them before getting involved in Libya. First, the House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly against a resolution authorising American military action with time limits. Then came the vote to cut funding for some aspects of the military mission. That, too, was rejected overwhelmingly. Lawmakers are often wary of looking like they don't support American troops abroad. But some of the 89 Republicans who voted No also thought the resolution wasn't tough enough.


The leader of the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah says two of its members have confessed to spying for the American CIA. Hassan Nasrallah said a third member was also under investigation. He said none of the alleged spies was a senior Hezbollah leader or had access to sensitive military information. There's so far been no response from Washington.

黎巴嫩真主党头目表示,两名成员供认他们是美国中央情报局的间谍。Hassan Nasrallah表示,另外一人也在接受调查。他说,这些间谍全都不是真主党高级领袖,也接触不到机密军事信息。目前,华盛顿方面没有做出任何回应。

A four-day international meeting of nuclear experts has called for a tightening of safety standards at nuclear plants across the world following the Fukushima nuclear accident in Japan in March. The meeting organised by the International Atomic Energy Agency proposed better checks on plants and random reviews by the agency.


The American actor Peter Falk has died at the age of 84. He was best known for his role as the dishevelled and eccentric television detective Columbo, which he played for more than 30 years. Natasha Gruneberg looks back on his life.

美国传奇演员彼得·法尔克(Peter Falk)去世,享年84岁。他最广为人知的就是在电视剧《警探科伦坡》中扮演了30多年的角色。Natasha Gruneberg带我们回顾一下他的一生。

The rumpled, crumpled Columbo was one of the small-screen's most distinctive policemen. Playing him made Peter Falk famous the world over, and he was always grateful for the role he performed in his own battered mackintosh. Half Polish, half Russian, Falk had lost his right eye to a tumor at the age of three. Despite this, he was Oscar-nominated twice in the 1960s. But to many, Peter Falk will always be a dishevelled detective with a raincoat and a cigar.


World News from the BBC

An American court has sent the former newspaper baron Conrad Black back to prison for a further 13 months after ruling that he had not served enough time for defrauding investors. The Canadian-born businessman was released from prison last year after two of his four convictions were struck down on appeal.

美国一家法庭再次将前报业大亨布拉克(Conrad Black)投入监狱。法庭裁决,他没有服刑足够长的时间,因此再次因为欺骗投资者被判处13个月的监禁。去年,这位加拿大出生的商人的四项罪名中的两项在上诉中被推翻之后他从监狱获释。

Police in Zimbabwe have arrested a government minister on suspicion of undermining the authority of President Robert Mugabe. The minister, Jameson Timba, is an ally of the Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai in Zimbabwe's power-sharing government. Mr Mugabe's supporters have accused him of coordinating a media campaign against the president.

津巴布韦警方逮捕了政府一名部长。此人涉嫌危害总统穆加贝的权威。Jameson Timba是津巴布韦权力分享政府总理茨万吉拉伊的盟友。穆加贝的支持者指控他策划了反对总统的媒体活动。

Archaeologists in Mexico have used a tiny video camera to explore a Mayan tomb under a pyramid that had been sealed for 1,500 years. The remote-controlled camera revealed brightly painted murals of human figures in a largely intact chamber. The researchers say the images will shed new light on the Mayan civilisation. Warren Bull reports.

墨西哥考古学家使用微型摄像头探索了一座金字塔下被封闭了1,500年的玛雅墓穴。摄像机拍下的镜头显示保存完好的墓穴的墙壁上画着惟妙惟肖的人像。研究人员表示,这些图像将为玛雅文明展开新的曙光。Warren Bull报道。

Archaeologists first discovered this Mayan tomb in the jungle covered mountains of southern Mexico in 1999, but they have not been able to excavate it for fear of undermining the pyramid which lies on top. By lowering a camera the size of a matchbox five metres down into the chamber, they discovered nine black figures painted on blood-red walls, along with jade and shell fragments, which appear to be part of a funerary costume. Experts say the tomb could belong to the first ruler of the Mayan city state of Palenque - K'uk Bahlam I.

考古学家首次于1999年在墨西哥南部丛林密布的大山中发现了玛雅墓穴,但是由于担心破坏顶部的金字塔而不敢进行发掘。通过向墓穴下面五米处降落火柴盒大小的摄像头,他们发现血红色的墙壁上画着9个黑色的人像,还有翡翠和贝壳碎片,这似乎是葬礼的一部分。专家表示,这个墓穴可能属于玛雅帕伦克第一个统治者K'uk Bahlam I。

And the government of Spain has removed a controversial temporary speed limit on motorways introduced in March to cut fuel consumption because of rising oil prices. The speed limit was cut to 110km/h, drawing protests from motorists including the Formula 1 driver Fernando Alonso. But the Spanish government says the petrol price has now fallen and from next Friday motorists can again drive at 120km/h.


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