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BBC英语新闻 - 世界领袖在巴黎商讨利比亚问题

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BBC News with Kathy Clugston

Leaders from 63 countries have met the top officials in Libya's National Transitional Council to map out a future for the country. Speaking after the conference in Paris, the co-hosts - the British Prime Minister David Cameron and the French President Nicolas Sarkozy - said there was unanimous support to continue Nato air strikes for as long as Colonel Gaddafi remained a threat. Mr Cameron paid tribute to the conduct of the Libyan opposition.


"Some people warned, as Gaddafi himself did, that the Libyan people could not be trusted with freedom, that without Gaddafi there would be chaos. Some people thought that chaos would start the moment the regime fell. So what we are seeing emerging now in Libya, despite the years of repression and the trauma of recent days and months, is immensely impressive."


Mr Cameron said all countries had agreed to ask the United Nations for permission to unfreeze all Libyan assets. The UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said the top priority was to provide Libyans with medicine, fuel, food and water. The NTC president Mustafa Abdul Jalil said the people of Libya now had to seek reconciliation and forgiveness, and respect the rule of law.

卡梅伦表示,所有国家已经同意向联合国请求解冻所有利比亚资产。联合国秘书长潘基文表示,当务之急是为利比亚民众提供药物,燃料,食品和水。全国过渡委员会主席穆斯塔法(Mustafa Abdul-Jalil)表示,利比亚民众现在应该寻求和谐与宽恕,以及对法律规则的尊重。

A senior NTC official has told the BBC that tribal leaders in Colonel Gaddafi's hometown of Sirte will be given another week to persuade his troops to surrender. The NTC says that many prominent members of Gaddafi's government have been in contact to discuss handing themselves in. Paul Wood reports.

全国过渡委员会一名高级官员告诉BBC,卡扎菲上校家乡苏尔特的部落领袖将额外获得一周的时间来说服他的部队投降。全国过渡委员会表示,卡扎菲政府许多卓越的成员已经相互联系,讨论屈服的问题。Paul Wood报道。

The rebels believe that Colonel Gaddafi is not in Sirte, and therefore they can afford to wait to take the town. Tribal leaders will have until 10 September to persuade the loyalist troops in Sirte to give up their weapons. In that time, the rebels will be keeping up the pressure. They intend to cut off the water and electricity to Sirte, and also crucially to advance closer to it.


In a new audio message, Colonel Gaddafi said he was ready for a long battle even if Libya burnt.


Syrian security forces are reported to have made many arrests in Hama in their search for a top legal official there who announced his resignation in a video posted on the Internet on Wednesday. The official, Adnan Bakkour, said he was resigning because of crimes against humanity by government forces, but the government has issued its own version of why he's speaking out, as Owen Bennett-Jones reports.

There are two entirely contradictory accounts of Mr Bakkour's current situation. The opposition says he broke ranks with the government on Monday and then issued a video statement in which he claimed, amongst other things, that there were hundreds of bodies in mass graves in the public parks in the city of Hama; but the official Syrian news agency insists that the attorney general's statement was made at gunpoint and has quoted his driver as saying seven terrorists with Kalashnikovs kidnapped him. In response, the attorney general posted a second video to say he was speaking freely.

World News from the BBC

Two former Kenyan ministers have appeared before the International Criminal Court in The Hague for hearings that will decide if they should stand trial for crimes against humanity. William Ruto and Henry Kosgey deny allegations that they incited violence that nearly killed 1,200 people after the disputed 2007 election.

两名前肯尼亚部长在海牙国际刑事法庭参加了听证会,这次听证会将决定他们是否应该接受践踏人权的审判。William Ruto和Henry Kosgey被指控在2007年有争议的选举后煽动暴力,杀害了接近1,200人。两人对此均予以否认。

Europe's human rights chief has accused European governments of complicity in what he called American crimes during the war on terror. With the details, here's Risto Pyykko.

欧洲人权机构指控欧洲政府在美国反恐战争中的罪行中起到同谋的作用。Risto Pyykko报道详细内容。

Thomas Hammarberg, the human rights commissioner of the Council of Europe, describes the US war on terror as a systematic violation of human rights, and he says European governments were deeply complicit in this. They had cooperated in a programme of renditions that saw suspects being flown to third countries to be tortured and had then sought to conceal their participation. Mr Hammarberg said the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks should lead to an urgent rethink of a misjudged and failed counter-terrorism policy.

欧洲委员会人权专员Thomas Hammarberg指控美国的反恐战争是系统的践踏人权行为。他说,欧洲政府完全是同谋。他们在许多项目中合作,将嫌疑人送到第三方国家遭受虐待,后来又隐藏自己曾经参加这些活动的事实。Hammarberg表示,在9.11恐怖袭击十周年之际,各国应该反思判断错误的反恐政策。

Health authorities in Guatemala say nearly twice as many unsuspecting Guatemalans were included in medical experiments carried out by US scientists in the 1940s than previously thought. The president of the Medical Association of Guatemala, Carlos Mejia, said up to 2,500 prisoners, psychiatric patients and orphans were deliberately infected with sexually transmitted diseases during penicillin studies. Doctor Mejia said the US ran the programme while German Nazi doctors were being tried for experimenting with typhus and malaria on prisoners of war.

危地马拉卫生当局表示,上世纪40年代,被美国科学家用来进行医学实验的危地马拉人的数量是此前认为的两倍。危地马拉医疗协会主席Carlos Mejia表示,在美国的盘尼西林研究中,多达2,500名囚犯,精神病人和孤儿被故意感染了性传播疾病。Mejia医生表示,这个项目由美国运作,而德国纳粹的医生利用战犯来进行斑疹伤寒症和疟疾的实验。

Reports from several cities in China say the number of caesarean births rose sharply last week with many women aiming to have their babies before the annual cut-off day for school enrolment. One hospital said its caesarean deliveries were more than double the norm. Children who are six years old by the end of August can start school in September, but those with September birthdays have to wait another year.

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