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【BBC绿茵场外】英格兰出局 England Crash Out

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England have suffered their worst ever defeat in a World Cup tournament,losing 4-1 on Sunday to a superior German side.


Manuel Neuer and the ball following Lampard's disallowed goal


Lampard's goal was disallowed.Would it have made a difference?


While the winners go on to an exciting quarterfinal confrontation对抗with Argentina,the English performance had every newspaper journalist at home reaching for the thesaurus同义词词典。"Awful...woeful糟糕透顶的...inept无能的...flat-footed扁平足(这里指英格兰队员笨拙)"are some of the adjectives that found their way into Monday's papers.

当获胜者继续与阿根廷进行令人兴奋的四分之一决赛对决时,英国队的表现让国内的每一位报社记者都伸手去拿同义词库,“太糟糕了。。。可悲的。。。无能的。。。“平足”(flat footed)是周一报纸上出现的一些形容词。

England's defence was outpaced(速度上)被超过and outmanoeuvred(控球技巧)被超过。When Germany's keeper Manuel Neuer did a long kick both Matt Upson and John Terry were caught out of position不在位置,allowing Miroslav Klose to collect Germany's first goal.


The score was 2-1 to Germany when a moment arrived that will haunt缠绕,使人难以忘却England fans for years to come.Frank Lampard struck the ball high over Neuer and it bounced down and out of the goal.


We can never say now exactly what it'd have done to the game but we'd have been 2-2 at half-time...so for sure it would have been a different game.


Frank Lampard,England midfielder


TV replays重放clearly show the ball bouncing over the line,but neither the referee nor the linesman had access to those.For Lampard,it was a decision that turned the whole game.


Lampard probably isn't aware of the way his name is transliterated音译into Chinese–兰帕德(暗示英格兰怕德国)。Soon after the disappointment with his goal,he rattled发出吱吱响声the German crossbar with a long-range shot.


The second half started well for England,but their push for an equaliser left them open at the back and they conceded输给a further two goals within three minutes of each other.As Gerrard put it,England were"killed off"when they lost their belief,their confidence.


Frank's goal got disallowed,which was a big turning point and the goal at 3-1 kills us off,because then you lose your belief.


Steven Gerrard,England midfielder


Would England have won if Lampard's goal had been allowed?Even the most ardent热情的fans aren't so deluded as to believe that.It was a crushing极大的打击end to a World Cup campaign that never came alive唤醒,活跃起来for England.


The referee Jorge Larrionda's error,together with another poor decision in the Argentina-Mexico game,will lead some to question FIFA's reluctance to use the sort of technology that has transformed tennis.


But England's performance begs many more questions提出更多的问题,including:


Will the national coach Fabio Capello stay in his job?


Why is it that Wayne Rooney,who is one of the best strikers in the world,hasn't scored a single goal in two World Cups?


Just how do you bring 23 club players together to form a cohesive团结一致的team?


And,most agonising of all:


Will England ever win the World Cup again?



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