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【BBC绿茵场外】简介:罗伊•霍奇森 Profile: Roy Hodgson

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Manchester United's boss Sir Alex Ferguson is not known to dispense praise lightly众所周知从不轻易给予他人赞扬,particularly to other managers in the Premiership.So when he described Fulham manager Roy Hodgson's achievements this year as"miraculous奇迹般的"we should all take notice.


Ferguson isn't alone in his admiration of Hodgson,who has just been voted Manager of the Year by the League Managers Association.


What for,exactly?After all,Fulham haven't won any trophies this year.


Well Hodgson hasn't added to the team's silverware(体育比赛中的)银杯collection,but he has certainly turned heads引起关注with his plucky勇敢的west London squad.


Based at the Cottage,just a short walk from Chelsea's ground Stamford Bridge,Fulham FC have long很久以来been overshadowed使…失色by their illustrious著名的,出色的neighbours.When Hodgson took over in 2007,they were on the brink of relegation濒于降级边缘。But by the end of the 2008-9 season they were in seventh place in the Premiership–a record high for the club.


The right players have certainly been brought to the club.The players all buy into what the manager wants to achieve...This is a team built on organisation and resilience.


Brede Hangeland,Fulham FC defender


Much of the credit for the turnaround好转must go to Hodgson,who invested shrewdly精明地in little-known or ignored players,turning them into stars.Fluency in five languages meant that he could establish an excellent relationship with recruits from abroad.


One of those recruits is the Norwegian defender Brede Hangeland.When Hangeland says that the players"buy into"what the manager wants,he means that they believe wholeheartedly全心全意地in Hodgson's ideas and ambitions.


It was this remarkable team spirit团队精神that took the Cottagers住别墅的人(英超球队富勒姆的绰号)to 18 matches in Europe this season as Hodgson steered them passed the group stages of the Europa Cup欧联杯。


Even Fulham's supporters weren't fully prepared for the 18,000 miles they would be asked to travel in support of their side.John Aitkin,from the Fulham Supporters'Club,told the BBC how he had failed to realise that there were two towns called Wolfsburg in Germany,leading him to drive 350km in the wrong direction.

即使是富勒姆的支持者也没有做好充分的准备,他们将被要求前往18000英里的地方支持他们的球队。富勒姆支持者俱乐部的约翰·艾特金(John Aitkin)告诉BBC,他是如何没有意识到德国有两个叫沃尔夫斯堡的城镇,导致他朝错误的方向行驶了350公里。

Against all the odds尽管面临极大的困难,Fulham overcame big clubs like Juventus,Shakhtar,Wolfsburg and Hamburg to reach the cup final last week.This was a high-quality encounter with Spanish big-hitters成功的球队Atlético Madrid that was finally resolved when Madrid's Diego Forlan scored a goal in extra time.


Despite exceeding everyone's expectations超出了所有人的期望with his European adventure,Hodgson described his feelings after the defeat as"bitter disappointment and great sadness".This is perhaps a sign of Hodgson's big ambitions for the'little'club.


I've gone sideways,backwards and then upwards again.If you did a graph of my career it would look like a Kandinsky painting.


Roy Hodgson,Fulham FC manager


But how long will he stay?Although he has confirmed that he will remain at the Cottage for the time being,the 62-year-old has also hinted暗示that in the future he might be interested in managing a bigger club.


Hodgson admits he hasn't always made the best decisions about jobs,comparing his career path职业生涯to a work by the Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky康丁斯基。


It is not normal for football managers to reference abstract expressionism抽象表现主义in their interviews.But then Roy Hodgson really isn't a normal football manager.



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