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【BBC绿茵场外】贝克汉姆到头了 The End for Beckham

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David Beckham had a dream:to be the first English player to appear in four World Cups.


But now it appears that dream is over after a serious injury to his Achilles tendon跟腱which means he could be out of action无法参赛for around six months.With this year's World Cup in South Africa only three months away,sadly Beckham looks set to miss out.


David Beckham kneeling on the pitch


Beckham has recovered from injury before


The agonising使人极度痛苦的injury happened while Beckham was playing for AC Milan against AC Chievo in the Italian league.After attempting to kick the ball he collapsed倒下了to the ground and hobbled蹒跚而行off the pitch before being stretchered被担架抬走了away.


It is not yet known whether he has completely severed切断了his Achilles tendon or only torn撕裂了it.The player has now flown to Finland for assessment诊断and treatment治疗by a knee specialist膝盖专家.


David is a great professional and has worked very hard to be ready for the World Cup,so missing it will be a big blow.


Fabio Capello,England manager


England manager Fabio Capello fears the worst担心发生最坏的情况for Beckham's World Cup chances.


"We have to wait for the results of the scan扫描but it looks like he is out of the World Cup,"he said in a statement."I spoke with him after the game on Sunday night to offer my support.


"David is a great professional and has worked very hard to be ready for the World Cup,so missing it will be a big blow."


To say something is a big blow means it is a big disappointment.


Beckham's former manager at American club LA Galaxy,Alexei Lalas,echoed共鸣Capello's words of support:


"It is a horrible situation非常糟糕的情况for Beckham.I know how much it meant to him to be in the World Cup and how important he was to the England team.


"He will be devastated绝望的."


David Beckham is now 34 and some are asking whether this serious injury could mean his whole career is over.


Whatever happens,as one of football's best-known and popular players,Beckham will have no shortage of encouragement鼓励from fans around the world.


You never want to write off David Beckham as he has shown us his ability to bounce back.


Alexei Lalas,former LA Galaxy manager

Alexei Lalas,前洛杉矶银河队经理

Some will remember Beckham's miraculous recovery奇迹般的恢复from an Achilles injury in 2006,when he was back on the pitch after only eight weeks.


If he could repeat the same feat壮举,非凡的事情in time for the World Cup it really would be the stuff of fairytales童话般的奇迹.


So,perhaps all is not lost.Optimists乐观主义者will take heart from受到鼓舞Alexei Lalas'words:


"You never want to write off排除David Beckham as he has shown us his ability to bounce back恢复原状."



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