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Reserved保守的,dignified有威严的,calculating深谋远虑的and perhaps even unemotional不易表露感情的;all adjectives you might hear if you asked someone to describe Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger.


Indeed the Frenchman is known in football circles as‘the Professor’for his studious好学的,meticulous一丝不苟的approach to football management.


Arsene Wenger


'The Professor'


So when Wenger lost his rag发脾气with his team on Sunday after an appalling令人震惊和失望的first-half performance against Liverpool,his players didn’t know what had hit them非常惊奇.


Arsenal midfielder Cesc Fabregas said:"I have never seen him like that."


Let’s set the scene(为…)做好准备:Liverpool are playing at home and have completely dominated控制(局面)the first half,scoring once and outclassing大大领先Arsenal before the break中场之前.Arsenal are still hoping to challenge for the title,but have suffered a string of一连串的defeats to big clubs recently,and their title hopes夺冠希望appear to be fading,especially if they lose this game.Things don’t look good for Arsenal.


I have never seen him like that.


Cesc Fabregas,Arsenal player


Step in Arsene Wenger,with an uncharacteristic与往常不同的half-time tirade愤怒的指责against his players.


It appears to have worked.Arsenal drew level比分扳平five minutes into the second half,and then went ahead on 58 minutes through a wonderful goal from Russian midfielder Andrei Arshavin.In the remaining half an hour,Liverpool barely仅仅managed a shot on target and victory was Arsenal’s.


Fabregas believed that Wenger’s half-time team-talk was the key:"It worked,maybe he should do it more often.


"He tried to tell us what we had to do in order to improve."


Nonetheless,Wenger himself was keen to play down轻描淡写的the significance of what he said:


I try to be composed.It was good to be able to surprise the players after 13 years.


Arsene Wenger,Arsenal manager


"I try to be composed镇静的.It was good to be able to surprise the players after 13 years[in charge of Arsenal].


"I believe we were not ourselves in the first-half-we played with a hand-brake on.”


When he says they played with the hand-brake手刹on,he means they did not play as well as they could,that they hadn’t really got started.


Despite his half-time outburst爆发,Wenger was back to his more careful self after the game.


Asked if his team were back in the frame重新回到夺冠队伍行列中to win the league,Wenger said:"Mathematically yes,and mentally certainly."


By“mathematically”he means that they can gain enough points to win the league.The second part of the phrase means that they now have the confidence to win games.


After the result,Chelsea remain top of the table with 37 points,Manchester United are three points behind in second place,and Arsenal are six points behind in third,though they have a game in hand手里还有一场球.


Liverpool,the other of the so-called‘big four’clubs,are languishing在底线挣扎13 points behind Chelsea in seventh position,leaving their manager Rafa Benítez with a mountain to climb任重道远in the second half of the season.



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