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BC News.Hello,this is Jerry Smit.The man who stabbed two people to death in central London yesterday has been identified by police as a convicted terrorist who was freed on parole last year.Usman Khan was shot dead by armed officers after he was tackled by members of the public.The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he had long argued that he was a mistake to let serious and violent criminals out of prison early.He said the public wanted to see appropriate sentences in force for such offenders.Speaking to the BBC,the mayor of London Sadiq Khan suggested that cuts in services by the government had played a role.I've seen personally as a former lawyer,as a former justice secretary,but also as the mayor,the consequences of huge cuts in the Ministry of Justice,the probation service being privatized,aside from the cuts in police and that must have an impact.

BC新闻。你好,我是杰瑞·斯密特。昨天在伦敦市中心刺死两人的男子已被警方确认为一名被定罪的恐怖分子,去年被假释。乌斯曼·汗在被公众抓住后被武装人员开枪打死。英国首相鲍里斯约翰逊(Boris Johnson)表示,他长期以来一直认为,让严重暴力犯罪分子提前出狱是错误的。他说,公众希望看到对此类罪犯的适当判决。伦敦市长萨迪克•汗(Sadiq Khan)在接受英国广播公司(BBC)采访时表示,政府削减服务开支起到了一定作用。我个人认为,作为一名前律师,作为一名前司法部长,但也作为市长,司法部大幅削减的后果,缓刑服务被私有化,除了削减警察,这肯定会产生影响。

Officials have praised the bravery of the people who confronted the attacker,some used improvised weapons.Simon Jones has the details.After Usman Khan began his attack at a conference,we understand one of the delegates took an ornamental tooth from a whale which was on the wall and used that to try to fend off his attack.The attacker was then chased onto London Bridge.Members of the public held him down.One person used the fire extinguisher,let it off in his face to try to keep him at bay and people held him on the bridge for around five minutes until the police arrived and they shot him dead fearing he was wearing some sort of bomb.As for the people who were injured,three of them they remain in hospital this morning.


The US tech giant Apple has said it's taking a deeper look at how it handles disputed borders after it showed Crimea as part of Russia's territory on its maps and weather apps.The changes are uninvisible to Apple users within Russia itself and came about after pressure from Moscow.


Facebook has begun complying with a controversial new law in Singapore,which the government says it's designed to combat fake news.The company added a short message to an online news post advising that the Singapore authorities believed it contained false information.The new legislation was fiercely debated before it was approved by parliament in May.


Chile's football federation has decided to cancel the rest of the season because of security concerns.The decision follows weeks of anti-government protests which began 6 weeks ago.At least 26 people have been killed in violence.Natalia Poso Morales is a student who's been taking part in the protests.These people have died during the protests or as a result of injustice that exists until today.Chile is very violent and discrimination is very big here.When you don't have money in Chile,you don't have a life.Healthy food is expensive,it costs a lot.World news from the BBC.



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