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【BBC英语新闻】澳大利亚志愿消防员被控蓄意纵火 Austra 本站原创 更新时间: 2019-12-03         

This is the BBC News.Hello,I'm Jonathan Izard.


A court in Bangladesh has sentenced seven men to death for their involvement in one of the country's worst militant attacks on the Holey Artisan cafe more than three years ago.Twenty two people,most of them foreigners,died when gunmen stormed the cafe in an exclusive part of the capital Dhaka.Here's the BBC's Yogita Limaye.

孟加拉国一家法院判处7名男子死刑,因为他们参与了3年多前该国最严重的武装分子对Holey Artisan咖啡馆的袭击。22人死亡,其中大部分是外国人,持枪歹徒冲进了首都达卡一个专属地区的咖啡馆。这是英国广播公司的Yogita Limaye。

Islamic State claimed responsibility for this attack,but Bangladesh says that this is a domestic Islamic militant group called Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh.This is,however,a group that has sort of pledged allegiance to Islamic State in that sense.They did launch a pretty intense crackdown on militancy after this attack.What the government itself has said is that they killed the mastermind of this attack in January 2017 and since then they have killed about fifty Islamic militants in the country.


Senior doctors in Zimbabwe have gone on strike,accusing the government of what they call a silent genocide against citizens.They say the authorities have turned the health system into a death trap by failing to provide basic equipment and medicines.The senior doctors are supporting more than four hundred junior doctors who were sacked for going on strike.The crisis is putting patients'lives at risk as Shingai Nyoka reports from Harare.


The central hospitals are eerily quiet,and especially the emergency services because the doctors aren't there at work and it's only nurses that are there,patients are being turned away.I've just met a woman who was turned away from one hospital and she had been beaten up by her husband,suffered eye damage.And she's pregnant and she says that she can't feel the baby move anymore and she was turned away told to go to Parirenyatwa hospital which is the major hospital there.So it's a very dire situation for many people as a result of this.


A volunteer firefighter in southeastern Australia has been accused of starting several bush fires.Police in New South Wales have charged the nineteen-year-old man with causing seven fires.Here's Phil Mercer.


Fire chief say the alleged arson,south of Sydney was the ultimate betrayal to emergency crews risking their lives on the frontline.They insist the accusations could tarnish the reputation of the entire service.Investigators believe the teenage suspect lit the blazes and then later returned as part of his duties as a volunteer firefighter.The Australian Institute of Criminology has estimated that around half of the nation's bush fires are either arson or suspected arson.

消防队长说,悉尼南部发生的所谓纵火事件是对在前线冒生命危险的紧急救援人员的最终背叛。他们坚称,这些指控可能会损害整个服务的声誉。调查人员认为,这名十几岁的嫌疑犯点燃了大火,随后作为义务消防员的一部分返回。澳大利亚犯罪学研究所(Australian Institute of Criminology)估计,全国大约一半的丛林大火不是纵火就是疑似纵火。

The Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama has declared a state of emergency in the capital Tirana and the coastal city of Durres after an earthquake on Tuesday.Albanian media say at least 29 people are confirmed dead with more feared trapped under the rubble.More than 650 people have been treated in hospital and that's the latest BBC news.



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