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The World Meteorological Organization has warned that levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere have reached another record high.It says CO2 gas concentrations were up almost one percent last year over 2017.The WMO Secretary-General Petteri Taalas said there was no sign of a slowdown in global greenhouse emissions and the upward trend was helping to drive the increasingly severe impact of climate change.


We have started to see the disasters and impact on world economy and agriculture on sea-level rise and melting of glaciers and Arctic sea ice.So it's already visible and governments nowadays understand this is a challenge.And what is good news is that the visibility of these issues is highest ever.


Thieves have targeted one of Europe's most famous collections of Baroque treasures,the Green Vault in Dresden in eastern Germany,getting away with jewelry estimated to be worth about a billion dollars.The thieves are believed to have entered the museum through a small window,possibly having sabotaged the buildings power supply first.The museum houses the collection of the 18th-century Electorate of Saxony Augustus the Strong.Police haven't said what has been stolen.


The tents of Lebanese protesters in Beirut have been ransacked and destroyed.During the night,supporters of two powerful Shia militias attacked the anti-government demonstrators.Sebastian Usher reports.


Protesters in Lebanon have prided themselves on keeping their demonstrations peaceful and good-humored,but there have been moments of tension when violence is almost broken out.Overnight in Beirut was one of those instances as Hezbollah and Amal supporters rode in on motorbikes to confront the protesters at a key junction.Security forces backed by army reinforcements intervened.Stones were thrown as for security forces fired tear gas to disperse the crowds.The morning light showed the damage.Cars with smashed windows and tents torn down and ransacked at the main camp established by the protesters in downtown Beirut.


London's transport authority has refused to grant a new license to the online taxi firm Uber saying it is not fit and proper.Uber has been allowed to continue operating for 21 days to give it time to appeal which it says it will do.Transport for London says a pattern of failures has put passenger safety at risk.


The Saudi national football team has arrived in Qatar for the Arabian Gulf Cup in what's seen as a potential thawing of the long-running diplomatic dispute between the two countries.The UAE national team has also flown to Qatar with the Saudis.It has...with the Saudis,it has imposed a land sea and air blockade of Qatar over its alleged support for Jihadis and closeness to Iran.



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