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[翻译]As It Is - Hillary Clinton Stronger After Benghazi Hearing

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Hillary Rodham Clinton emerged stronger politically after nearly 11 hours of tough questioning Thursday, analysts said.

分析人士称,希拉里·克林顿(Hillary Rodham Clinton)周四在经历近11个小时的严厉质询后展露了政治上的强势。

Her ability to remain calm while answering hostile Republican questions made her look presidential, some analysts said.


The hearing by the House Select Committee on Benghazi centered on the 2012 events at the U.S. consulate in the Libyan city of Benghazi. At the time, she was President Barack Obama’s Secretary of State.


The attacks left four Americans dead, including U.S. Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens.

这次袭击让四名美国人遇难,其中包括美国驻利比亚大使克里斯托弗·史蒂文斯(Christopher Stevens)。

Larry Sabato, director of the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia, said Ms. Clinton did better than at the 2013 Senate hearing. At that hearing, she responded angrily to a senator’s question about mistakes made in Benghazi.

弗吉尼亚大学政治中心主任拉里·萨巴托(Larry Sabato)表示,克林顿女士比在2013年参议院听证会上表现得更好。在那次听证会上,她生气地回答了一位参议员关于班加西所犯错误的问题。

“What difference, at this point, does it make?” she asked. That remark was played over and over again on American TV news shows.


This time Ms. Clinton let House Democrats argue it out with Republicans.


“Clinton kept her cool, unlike in January 2013,” Mr. Sabato said. “That was critical. She looked and sounded statesmanlike. That also was critical. Democrats loved it. Republicans hated it. Few if any minds were changed. But Democrats are even more likely to back her bid for president now. Unless somehow a massive event intervenes, she's the party nominee.”


This is a big difference from a few weeks ago, when her standing as the front-running Democratic presidential candidate was in question.


Since then, she won a televised debate with her challengersfor the Democratic presidential nomination, according to most independent analysts.


And Vice President Joe Biden announced Wednesday that he is not going to run for president.


That is good news for Ms. Clinton. She would have lost more votes to Biden supporters than to her chief Democratic challenger, Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont.

这对希拉里来说是好消息。她会更多地输给拜登,而不是她在民主党的主要挑战者,佛蒙特州参议员伯尼·桑德斯(Bernie Sanders)。

Also, two of her Democratic opponents, Jim Webb and Lincoln Chafee, dropped out of the race this week.

此外,她的两位民主党对手吉姆·韦布(Jim Webb)和林肯·查菲(Lincoln Chafee)本周退出了竞选。

Even some conservative analysts admitted Ms. Clinton got the better of her Republican questioners.


"The hearings are a waste of time because everything about it is politicized and nothing is going to happen,” wrote conservative columnist Erick Erickson in his blog Friday.

“听证会是在浪费时间,因为关于它的一切都已经被政治化,不会有什么结果。”保守派专栏作家埃里克·埃里克森(Erick Erickson)在他的博客中这样写道。

However, there was some drama during the nationally televised hearings.


In her opening statement, Ms. Clinton put her questioners on the defensive by saying how much the attack affected her personally.


“I would imagine I have thought more about what happened than all of you put together," she said. "I have lost more sleep than all of you put together. I have been wracking my brain about what more could have been done or should have been done."


Republicans questioned her honesty.


Rep. Jim Jordan, a Republican from Ohio, said Ms. Clinton and other administration officials first blamed the attack on angry Muslims. But, he noted, Ms. Clinton had emailed her daughter and blamed terrorists.

俄亥俄州共和党人吉姆·乔丹(Jim Jordan)表示,克林顿女士和其他政府官员首先将这次袭击归咎于愤怒的穆斯林。但他指出,克林顿女士发电子邮件给她女儿,并将袭击归咎于恐怖分子。

“Two of our officers were killed in Benghazi by an Al Qaeda-like group,” Ms. Clinton wrote.


Jordan said Clinton didn’t want the true story to come out because “Libya was supposed to be … this great success story for the Obama White House and the Clinton State Department.”


He asked why she didn’t “just speak plain to the America people.”


She responded: “I did state clearly, and I said it again in more detail the next morning, as did the president. I’m sorry that it doesn’t fit your narrative, congressman. I can only tell you what the facts were.”


Words in This Story

challenger -- n.an opponent or rival

pounding -- n. an beating, an attack

detractors -- n. those who try to defeat or dethrone another

statesmanlike – a. someone who acts like an experienced leader

narrative -- n. the telling of events