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[翻译]Words and Their Stories - Evil Expressions

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Now, Words and Their Stories from VOA Learning English.


In an earlier program, we talked a lot about the Devil. In many religions, the Devil is the most powerful spirit of evil. Religious leaders teach that hell is where the Devil lives. They also say hell is the place where bad people go after they die.


You can hear many Americans using the words “Devil” and “hell” in everyday expressions. But the list of expressions is just too long for one show. So, get ready for the sequel -- what we’re calling “Part 2: Hell, the Devil’s Hangout!”


Many people think of hell as a hot place full of fire. So, a snowball would not have much of a chance there. And that is where this expression comes from: a snowball’s chance in hell.

很多人认为地狱是一个到处是火温度很高的地方。因此,雪球在那里不会有什么机会。这就是这句话的出处: a snowball's chance in hell。

Let’s say you applied for a promotion at work. But so did your boss’s daughter. You do not have a snowball’s chance in hell. Your boss is not going to hire you over his daughter.


It will be a cold day in hell and when hell freezes over also mean the same thing: there is no chance that something will happen.

It will be a cold day in hell 和 when hell freezes over 也意味着同样的意思,即绝不会发生某事。

For example, if you have a fight with a friend and never want to talk to him again, you could say, “It will be a cold day in hell before I ever call him again. Our friendship is over!” Or “Sure, I’ll call him … when hell freezes over!”


This is not really hell but is "The Gateway to Hell," a huge burning gas crater in the heart of Turkmenistan's Karakum desert. (AP PHOTO 2014)

But be careful. These expressions are very informal and very strong. You would only use them with your close friends and peers.


So if your boss asks if your work will be done before you go home, you would never say, “It’ll be a cold day in hell when that happens...” unless you want to lose your job.


Sometime, we just use the expression “hell” like this: She’s a hell of a dancer. He’s a hell of a writer. That was a hell of good time. “Hell of a” runs together as if it’s one word – hell-of-a. Again, this is very slang and very informal.

有时候,我们会这样使用hell,例如她跳舞跳得太好了。他笔杆子太牛了。那时候太愉快了。"hell of a"连在一起就像是一个单词hell-of-a。同样提醒一下,这也是很口语和不正式的说法。

Hell is reported to be not only hot, but miserable.


So, if something is going to hell in a hand basket, it is becoming very bad very quickly.

所以,if something is going to hell in a hand basket,意思是很快变得很糟糕。

If you have been to hell and back, you have been through a very difficult period and lived to tell about it.

如果你去地狱走了一趟( to hell and back),是说你经历磨难并活下来讲述这事。

Here is an example:


A: I’m glad to see that Julie is back to her old self.


B: Me, too. She’s been through so much this past month. Her mom died, her son got really sick and then she was in that terrible car accident.


A: Wow, she has really been to hell and back.


"Excuse, but how do you get to hell?"


But if you do want to visit hell, there is a road you can take: the road of good intentions.


Let me explain. When we say “The road to hell is paved with good intentions,” we mean that positive intentions may have negative outcomes. “Paved” here means to line a street. So, the road to hell is lined with well-intended ideas that went terribly wrong.

让我来解释一下,当我们说"The road to hell is paved with good intentions," 我们的意思是说积极的意图可能会产生负面的结果。Paved在这里意思是铺满一条街。所以,通往地狱之路铺满了犯下严重错误的善意想法。

You do not have to have good intentions to be hell on wheels. People who are hell on wheels are aggressive, tough, mean or just difficult to deal with. For example, “Watch out for the new woman in sales. She’s good. But she is hell on wheels! Stay out of her way!”

Hell on wheels意思是说一个人好斗、粗暴、刻薄或者是难以打交道。例如:“小心那个新来的女销售,她很棒,但她脾气太差了,离她远点。”

Being hell on wheels is different than raising hell. People who are hell on wheels might actually be doing a good job. But if you are raising hell, you are simply behaving badly.

Being hell on wheels和raising hell完全不同。Being hell on wheels可能是指做得很棒,而raising hell是指表现恶劣。

Let’s listen to this dialogue.


B: “When she was a teenager, she really raised hell.”

B: 当她十来岁的时候,她闹翻了天。

A: “Tell me about it. She skipped school, got into trouble every weekend … what a hell raiser!”

A: 说来听听。她逃课,每个周末都闯祸。真能闹。

B: “Her poor parents!”

B: 她可怜的父母呀!

If you raised too much hell in one place, you might find you need to leave that place like a bat out of hell-- in other words -- crazy-fast!


I’m Anna Matteo.