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[翻译]AS IT IS - Meet the Newest Robots Joining the Work Force

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Robots are not new to the industrial world. But as technology keeps getting better, more robots are helping humans in the workplace.


Some of the world’s top robot innovators recently gathered at an expo in New York to show off their best machine workers.


One person attending the RoboUniverse expo said robots are important because they can take over tasks humans do not want. The founder and CEO of a new company called Blue Workforce, Preben Hjørnet, said robots will always assist humans, not replace them.

其中一位参加RoboUniverse博览会的人士表示,机器人非常重要,因为它们可以接管人类不愿意做的工作。Blue Workforce这家新公司的创始人兼CEO Preben Hjørnet表示,机器人会一直帮助人类而不是取代人类。

“Robots have no conscience, no self-awareness, so they’ll never be social. But they don’t need to, to make a service for us,” he said.


Tom Moolayil, a technical manager at Universal Robots, agrees.

Universal Robots的技术经理Tom Moolayil对此表示赞同。

“Doing a repetitive, mundane task over and over again, I don’t think that’s a job any person should be doing even for a day,” he said.


He added that a lot of companies with these kinds of jobs find it hard to keep workers. But luckily, robots do not mind being bored. They are also experts at repeating a task over and over again.


Advances in technology have made robots very safe.


Universal Robots demonstrated how one of its machines stopped moving after a human fell on it.

Universal Robots演示了它们的一台机器在人类摔倒在机器上时如何停止工作。

Safety is especially important in workplaces such as car factories, where humans and robots work side-by-side.


Designers at Transcend Robotics created a robot for very dangerous jobs, including mining and law enforcement. It has controllable cameras, climbs stairs and travels over rough terrain.

Transcend Robotics的设计师为危险工种制造了一种机器人,这些工种包括采矿和执法。它具有控制摄像头,可以爬上楼梯并且在崎岖的地形行驶。

Chief Marketing Officer Alvin Wong said the machine aims to save lives.

首席营销官Alvin Wong表示,这种机器的目的是挽救生命。

“You can actually survey a hazardous environment before bringing a human into that area,” he said.


While some people fear robots will replace them, Wong said machines can actually help humans perform better. For example, police officers and soldiers consider the field of robotics to be their partner.


Another use for modern robots is to help people who cannot walk.


5D Robotics showed how its navigation technology can guide people in wheelchairs along pre-programmed paths. 5D’s Chief Marketing Officer, Phil Mann, said cars and airplanes can also use the same navigation technology.

5D Robotics展示了其导航技术如何引导轮椅上的人沿着预设路径行进。该公司首席营销官Phil Mann表示,汽车和飞机也可以使用相同的导航技术。

Mann and his colleagues believe Americans will soon have robot co-workers. But in most cases, he said workers won’t even notice – except maybe to realize that their day goes by much faster.

Mann和他的同事认为,美国人很快就会有机器人同事。但是他说在大多数情况下,员工甚至不会注意到 -- 除了也许会意识到他们每天过得更快。

I’m Bryan Lynn.

Words in This Story

innovator – n. person who introduces new ideas and products

task – n. job for someone to do

conscience – n. feeling inside that you did something wrong

mundane – adj. lacking interest or excitement in, dull

bored – adj. complete lack of interest in something

advances – n. progress made in improving something

terrain – n. a stretch of land

hazardous – adj. harmful, risky, dangerous

colleague – n. person who works with you