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Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has made history by becoming the country's longest-serving political leader.

Abe broke the record this week by serving 2,887 days in office. The next longest-serving leader was Taro Katsura. He led Japan three different times between 1901 and 1913.



安倍本周在办公室工作了2887天,打破了记录。 任期最长的领导人下一位是桂太郎。 他在1901年至1913年之间带领日本了三个不同的时期。

The 65-year-old Abe is also the second-longest-serving leader of the Group of Seven major economies. Only German Chancellor Angela Merkel, in office since 2005, has served longer.

Abe's third term is expected to end in September 2021. He has said he does not plan to seek a fourth term. Abe's first term lasted just one year from 2006 to 2007. He returned to office in 2012 and has since led his ruling coalition to six national election victories.

现年65岁的安倍晋三还是七国集团主要经济体中任期第二长的领导人。 自2005年以来就任的德国总理安格拉·默克尔(Angela Merkel)的任期更长。

安倍晋三的任期预计于2021年9月结束。他已经表示,他不打算争取第四任期。 安倍晋三的首届任期从2006年至2007年仅持续了一年。他于2012年重新上任,此后领导执政联盟取得了六次全国大选胜利。


Abe spoke to reporters about reaching the new record. "Day by day, I have made efforts to achieve the policies that I have promised," he said. "And because of these daily efforts I'm here to mark this day."

Abe's main goals in office have centered on attempts to strengthen Japan's economy and defense. He has long called for a constitutional change to permit the creation of a full Japanese military force. That change has not happened.

Abe seeks to amend the constitution's Article 9, which was added after Japan was defeated in World War II. The article states that the country surrenders its right to establish armed forces for war.

安倍向记者讲述了如何达到的新纪录。 他说:“我每天都在努力实现我承诺的政策。” “由于这些日常工作,我在这里纪念这一天。”
安倍晋三在任期间的主要目标集中在加强日本经济和国防。 长期以来,他一直在呼吁进行宪法修改,以允许建立一支完整的日本军事力量。 但是这种变化没有发生。
安倍试图修改宪法的第9条,这是在第二次世界大战中日本战败后添加的。 文章指出,该国放弃了建立武装部队进行战争的权利。

Any constitutional change must win the approval of two-thirds of both houses of parliament, plus a majority in a national referendum. Abe's campaign has struggled to get support among a public more concerned with economic issues and the country's social security system.

The long-serving prime minister has become identified with "Abenomics," a set of policies aimed at speeding up economic growth. Abe's plan for the government to buy securities and spend more while keeping interest rates low has created growth – but it has been slower than promised.


任何宪法上的变动都必须获得议会两院三分之二的批准,再加上全国公投的多数。 安倍晋三的竞选活动一直在努力争取公众的支持,而公众更加关注经济问题和该国的社会保障体系。

长期任职的首相所推行的经济政策已被认定为“安倍经济学”,这是一套旨在加快经济增长的政策。 安倍晋三政府购买证券并在保持低利率的同时支出更多资金的计划创造了增长,但增长速度超出了预期。

Speaking to reporters, Abe repeated his plans to spend his remaining time in office trying to improve the economy, serve Japan's aging population and seek the constitutional change.

Abe has survived several scandals, including his own and other ones involving government ministers. The most recent involved his yearly cherry blossom viewing party. Abe has been accused of using taxpayer money to hold a gathering of political supporters the night before the party.

安倍晋三任期中没有丑闻,包括他自己的丑闻和其他涉及政府部长的丑闻。 他最近参加了年度樱花观赏派对。 安倍被指控利用纳税人的钱在政党举行了一次政治支持者聚会。


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referendum – n.an election in which people in an area vote on a specific issue

scandal – n.an occurrence in which people are shocked and upset because of behavior that is morally or legally wrong