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【科技报道】Usain Bolt Brings His E-Scooters to Japan Usain Bolt将他的电动踏板车带到了日本

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Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt co-founded the company Bolt Mobility last year in the U.S. Now, he is bringing his electric scooters to Japan. He hopes officials will see the environmental value in the vehicles and amend some laws on their use.


奥运金牌得主乌萨因·博尔特去年在美国与他人共同创立了Bolt Mobility公司。现在,他将自己的电动踏板车带到了日本。 他希望官员们能在车辆中看到环境价值,并修改有关使用其的一些法律。

Under current Japanese laws, electric scooters, also known as e-scooters, must be used on roads and have license plates. And riders must have a motorcycle license.

But Bolt Mobility wants to limit scooter use in Japan to private land, which is not required to follow traffic laws. And company representatives are talking with regulators about easing other restrictions. They say Bolt scooters can reduce traffic, which can lead to lower emissions. Usain Bolt hopes his celebrity can help persuade lawmakers to his company's message.


但是Bolt Mobility希望将日本的踏板车使用限制在私有土地上,而这并不需要遵守交通法规。 公司代表正在与监管机构讨论放宽其他限制。 他们说,螺栓踏板车可以减少交通流量,从而可以减少排放。 乌萨因·博尔特希望他的名人身份能够帮助说服立法者考虑他公司的建议。


"We're still talking and trying to figure out how to push forward and do better things for the environment, because that's where it started," he said in an interview with Reuters News Agency. "This is the future."

Bolt Mobility aims to be in 20 cities worldwide by the end of 2019, and 50 cities across eight countries in 2020. Earlier this year, the company launched its scooters in New York, Paris and Washington.

他在接受路透社采访时说:“我们仍在讨论并试图找出如何为环境保护做出更好的贡献,这只是一个开始。” “这就是未来。”

Bolt Mobility公司的目标是到2019年底,在全球20个城市开展业务,到2020年在8个国家和地区的50个城市开展业务。今年早些时候,该公司在纽约、巴黎和华盛顿推出了踏板车。

E-scooter sharing has become popular for "last-mile" transit, but they have also created problems.

In San Francisco, riders often leave the vehicles on public walkways. Many people, including a city official, have called them a "public nuisance."

Paris has amended rules on where scooters can be ridden following two deaths and several injuries. And in Singapore, a bicyclist died after being hit by an e-scooter in September.



在旧金山,骑手经常将车辆留在公共走道上。 许多人,包括市政官员,都称他们为“公害”。

在两人死亡事故和多起其他伤害事故之后,巴黎修改了有关可以骑踏板车的地方的规则。 在新加坡,一名骑自行车的人在9月份被电单车撞倒后死亡。

In Tokyo, e-scooters are still rare. However there is a growing demand for making them more common.

At the Tokyo Motor Show this month, visitors tried electric scooters built by Japanese and foreign companies. The world's largest e-scooter company, Lime, recently joined the Japanese interest group Micro Mobility Promotion Council.

在东京,电动滑板车仍然很少。 但是,需要使它们开始普及。

在本月的东京车展上,参观者试驾了由日本和外国公司共同制造的电动踏板车。 世界上最大的电动踏板车公司Lime最近加入了日本利益集团Micro Mobility Promotion Council。

Under current Japanese laws, e-scooters are treated as low-powered motorcycles. A change in regulation may take some time, even with the support of some Japanese government officials.

An official at Japan's transportation ministry said, "Even though everyone says it's very convenient," safety has to be the top concern. The official did not permit use of his name because he was not authorized to speak with the media.

根据现行的日本法律,电动踏板车被视为低功率摩托车。 即使有部分日本政府官员的支持,法规的变更可能也需要一些时间。

日本运输省的一位官员说:“即使每个人都说这很方便,”安全必须成为头等大事。 该官员不允许使用他的名字,因为他无权与媒体对话。


Words in This Story:

medalist– n. a person who receives or wins a medal

scooter– n. a small vehicle with two wheels and a motor and that has a low seat and a flat area for resting your feet

license plate– n. a metal plate on a vehicle that shows a series of numbers and letters that are used to identify the vehicle

emissions– n. the act of producing or sending out something (such as pollution) from a source

nuisance– n. a person, thing, or situation that is annoying or that causes trouble or problems

convenient– adj. allowing you to do something easily or without trouble


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