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Wofford College president Nayef Samhat knows the future of his school is at risk. The 1,600-student school based in Spartanburg, South Carolina is similar to many small, private colleges that have closed in recent years.


The closures are closely linked to issues like increasing competition among colleges and universities for a smaller traditional student population. In United States, that group is mainly young people coming right out of high school.

沃福德学院院长纳耶夫·萨姆哈特知道他学校的未来正处于危险之中。 拥有1600名学生的学校位于南卡罗来纳州的斯巴达堡,与近年来关闭的许多小型私立大学相似。

停课与诸如高校之间争夺较小传统学生群体的竞争等问题密切相关。 在美国,这个群体主要是刚从高中毕业的年轻人。

But Samhat told VOA he is not worried. He says his school and many others are working to find new and different ways of providing higher education.

At Wofford, that means meeting the needs of a very specific group of students, Samhat says. He notes that a strength of American higher education is that there are many institutions to choose from. Some students want the experience of a large school, while others want a smaller, more personal environment.

但是萨姆哈特告诉美国之音,他并不担心。 他说,他的学校和许多其他学校正在努力寻找提供高等教育的新方法。

萨姆哈特说,在沃福德,这意味着满足非常特定的一组学生的需求。 他指出,美国高等教育的优势在于有很多机构可供选择。 一些学生想要一所大学校的经历,而另一些学生则想要一个更小巧、更个性化的环境。


That is exactly what Wofford offers, with about 95 percent of its students living on the school grounds throughout their four-year program.

However, Samhat suggests it is not just life in a closely connected community that makes Wofford different. The school has a strong international study program with help from outside investment. The Institute of International Education reports that Wofford has one of the highest percentages of students spending at least some time at a foreign university during their studies.


但是,萨姆哈特认为,沃夫福德不仅仅有与众不同的紧密联系社区中的生活。 在外部投资的帮助下,学校拥有强大的国际学习计划。 国际教育研究所的报告显示,沃夫福德大学是学生学习期间至少在外国大学学习一段时间的最多选择之一。

"In a rapidly changing local community, we are a pathway to the global for our students," said Samhat.

He says Wofford supports international education to teach students about cultural differences. It also teaches them to look at the world's problems in different ways.


他说,沃夫福德支持国际教育,向学生传授文化差异。 它还教会他们以不同的方式看待世界上的问题。

Samhat says the school's international study programs are not just about having fun in a foreign country. Students must seek special permission to join the programs, explaining how the experience connects to their main field of study. For example, an environmental science student might want to learn about how water shortages affect farming in Africa. Students are also expected to share their experiences when they return to Wofford in ways that are helpful to other students.

For other colleges and universities, offering a unique education does not necessarily mean leaving the United States.

萨姆哈特说,学校的国际学习计划不仅仅是要在国外玩得开心。 学生必须获得特殊许可才能加入该计划,并说明如何与他们的主要学习领域相联系。 例如,一名环境科学专业的学生可能想了解缺水问题如何影响非洲的农业。 还希望学生们在返回沃尔夫福德时以对其他学生有帮助的方式分享他们的经验。


Mark Roosevelt is the president of St. John's College, a small private liberal arts college in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He says it means finding the one thing your school does better than anyone else. He notes that schools are feeling pressure to demonstrate how the education they offer directly links to a strong career path.

In many cases, this has led students to believe the best programs are ones that deal with very specific fields of study, or majors. But St. John's has always believed in the opposite, Roosevelt says.


马克·罗斯福是新墨西哥州圣达菲的一所小型私立文理学院圣约翰学院的校长。 他说,这意味着找到一所学校比其他任何学校都做得更好的一件事。 他指出,学校承受着压力,需要证明自己所提供的教育与牢固的职业道路直接相关。

在许多情况下,这使学生相信最好的课程是针对非常特定的研究领域或专业的课程。 罗斯福说,但是圣约翰一直坚信这是不对的。

"Life doesn't have majors, and knowledge doesn't have majors. And the problems you face in the workforce ... and ... in life aren't reflected by majors. So we don't have majors," he said.

The school offers just one degree: Bachelor of Liberal Arts. St. John's students take all the same classes. They all learn some mathematics, some literature and some philosophy, along with other subjects.

他说:“生活没有专业,知识没有专业。而且,您在工作领域和生活中遇到的问题没有通过专业反映出来。所以我们没有专业划分。” 说过。

该学校仅提供一个学位:文科学士学位。 圣约翰的学生参加所有相同的课程。 他们都学习一些数学、文学和哲学以及其他学科。

Money says the program helps them through this process, but students must produce a major project connecting everything they have learned in the end.

"We're actually asking a lot of the students in ... asking them to take responsibility ... for determining their own educational path," he said.

He adds that this will prepare students for the likely changes in their careers in the future.




Other school leaders are worried about the increase of the non-traditional student population in American higher education. This includes older adults and students with fewer financial resources, meaning their need for support from their institution is greater.

其他学校领导者担心美国高等教育中非传统学生人数的增加。 这包括财务资源较少的老年人和学生,这意味着他们对机构支持的需求更大。

Summers says there are a lot of students who dream of becoming scientists but never do. The Meyerhoff program works to ensure that minority students are given a chance to enter those fields. He adds that it is one of the main purposes of higher education.

"Whether it's medical research or technology or math, or even just inspiring students ... there is ... desire to do what's right," said Summers.

萨默斯说,有很多学生梦想成为科学家,但却难以实现。 Meyerhoff计划致力于确保少数学生有机会进入这些领域。 他补充说,这是高等教育的主要目的之一。



Words in This Story:

specific– adj. clearly and exactly presented or stated

institution(s) – n. an established organization

rapidly– adv.happening in a short amount of time

global– adj.involving the entire world

unique– adj.used to say that something or someone is unlike anything or anyone else

liberal arts – n.areas of study, such as history, language, and literature, that are meant to give you general knowledge rather than to develop specific skills needed for a profession

reflect(ed) – v.to show something

degree– n.an official document and title that is given to someone who has successfully completed a series of classes at a college or university

determining– v.making a decision

inspiring– v.making someone want to do something


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