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【AS IT IS】Where to Find Working Women? Vietnam 在哪里能找到职业女性? 越南

Phuong Uyen Tran is an experienced businesswoman. For more than 15 years, she has worked at THP Beverage Group, a private company that makes health drinks. Today, she is the deputy CEO, the second in company leadership.

Tran is a professional success. But top female business leaders like Tran are not so unusual in Vietnam. She says when she goes to meetings, three or four out of ten of the other people in the room are also women.


Phuong Uyen Tran是一位经验丰富的女商人。 她在THP饮料集团工作了15年以上,后者是一家生产保健饮料的私人公司。 今天,她是副首席执行官,是公司领导力中的第二位。

Tran是一名职业成功的女性。 但是像Tran这样的顶级女性商业领袖在越南并不罕见。 她说,参加会议时,房间里其他十分之三的人是女性。

A 2019 study supported Tran's observation. The report, called Women in Business, foundthat women hold 36 percent of top management positions in Vietnamese businesses. Only the Philippines had a higher rate at 37.5 percent.

In addition, Vietnam has the highest rates of women entrepreneurs in Asia-Pacific countries. Recent studieshave found that women own between 25 and 30 percent of businesses in the country.

2019年的一项研究支持了Tran的观察。 这份名为《女性经商》的报告发现,女性在越南企业中担任高层管理职位的占36%。 只有菲律宾的比率更高,为37.5%。

此外,越南是亚太国家中女性企业家比例最高的国家。 最近的研究发现,妇女拥有该国25%至30%的企业。


Why Vietnam?

Tran gives several reasons for the high number of women in business in Vietnam. People in Vietnam are starting to accept the idea of women working, she says. And women add value to companies.

She says that her company found that women workers were more loyal than men and stayed longer in their jobs. They also give special attention to human relationships, she said.

She adds that for herself, she feels lucky. Her parents started the business in 1994. Her father is the CEO. Tran notes that she began in an entry-level position and worked her way up.

Tran指出了越南从事商务活动的女性人数众多的原因。 她说,越南人民开始接受女性工作的想法,妇女能够为公司增值。

她说,她的公司发现女职工比男性更忠诚,并且在工作中停留的时间更长。 她说,他们还特别关注人际关系。

她补充说自己很幸运。 她的父母于1994年开始创业。她的父亲是CEO。 崔恩指出,她是从入门级职位开始的,然后一直晋升。

Tran says she sees younger Vietnamese women share her feelings of energy and interest in their work. "They really like to try to prove and try to express themselves," she says. And between girls and boys in Vietnam, she believes, the girls are more aggressive.

Tu Thu Hien is an expert on women-owned businesses. She leads the Women's Initiative for Start-ups and Entrepreneurship in Vietnam. Tu toldthe Vietnam News Agency in 2017 that women business leaders have certain strengths. Women-led businesses in the country are more likely to employ female workers, for example. They also spend more money on social insurance and pay a little bit more money in taxes to the government.

特兰说,她看到年轻的越南女性对自己的工作充满活力和兴趣。 她说:“她们真的很想证明自己并表达自己。” 她认为,在越南的女孩和男孩中,女孩更具侵略性。

杜树贤是女性拥有企业的专家。 她领导越南妇女创业和创业计划。 涂在2017年告诉越南新闻社,女性商业领袖具有一定优势。 例如,该国女性主导的企业更有可能雇用女性工人。 他们还花更多的钱购买社会保险,并向政府支付更多的税款。


Tu added that farming and tourism are promising areas for women-owned businesses in Vietnam.

Vietnamese women have also succeeded in running large, international businesses. The companies Vietjet, TH True Milk, and Vinamilk are all headed by women.

Tran, the deputy CEO of THP Beverage Group, urges women to find ways to work with other professionals, including men. Leaders need results, she notes. If women and men share their strengths with each other, both can go farther.


越南妇女还成功经营了大型国际企业。 Vietjet,TH True Milk和Vinamilk公司全都由女性领导。

THP饮料集团副总裁Tran敦促女性寻找与其他专业人士(包括男性)合作的方法。 她指出,领导者需要结果。 如果男人和女人彼此分享自己的优势,那么两者都可以走得更远。


Words in This Story:

deputy - n. an important assistant who helps the leader of a government organization

entrepreneur - n. someone who starts a business and accepts the risks of carrying it forward

certain - adj. describing a quality of something

tourism - n. the industry of providing hotels, restaurants, and entertainment for foreign travelers


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