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【教育报道】青少年获得最高科学奖 Teen Takes Top 本站原创 更新时间: 2019-11-27         

California high school student recently took top honors at a worldwide science competition.

Jeffrey Chen won the Breakthrough Junior Challenge prize in science earlier this month. The prize comes with $250,000 that Chen can use for college.

The aim of the Breakthrough Junior Challenge is to influence young people so they will think creatively in science and mathematics. Students ages 13-18 produce short videos which explain a complex science or math subject in an interesting way.



杰弗里·陈在本月初获得了“科学突破青年挑战赛”奖。 奖金包括25万美元,陈可用于大学。

突破青年挑战赛的目的是影响年轻人,使他们在科学和数学方面具有创造性思维。 13至18岁的学生制作简短的视频,以有趣的方式讲解复杂的科学或数学主题。

The 17-year-old Chen was chosen over 14 other finalists from the United States, Canada and India.

The judges included several well-known scientists and educators. Among them were Salman Khan, founder of Khan Academy, writer Lucy Hawking and former astronaut Scott Kelly.

Branko Malaver-Vojvodic, 18, of Peru, won the challenge's "Popular Vote" contest. He received more than 16,000 likes, shares and positive reactions for his video on cryptography. You can watch it and the other videos on the Breakthrough Facebook page.


评委包括几位著名的科学家和教育家。 其中包括汗学院的创始人萨尔曼·汗,作家露西·霍金和前宇航员斯科特·凯利。

秘鲁18岁的Branko Malaver-Vojvodic赢得了挑战赛的“大众投票”比赛。 他的密码学视频获得了16,000多次喜欢、分享和评论。 您可以在Breakthrough Facebook页面上观看它以及其他视频。

In his prize-winning video, on YouTube, Jeffrey Chen talks about neutrinos.

"This is a neutrino, you can't see or feel them, but every second each of us are bombarded with trillions of them."

Chen explains neutrinos are particles that are smaller than an atom. He talks about how they can be used in astronomy. Chen says they can help astronomers look at cosmic events.

在YouTube上的获奖视频中,Jeffrey Chen谈到了中微子。


Chen解释说,中微子是小于原子的粒子。 他谈到了如何在天文学中使用它们。 陈说,他们可以帮助天文学家观察宇宙事件。


"Neutrino astronomy is the next step in human discovery and who knows what we'll find next."

He says the small particles may provide information about the earliest days of the universe.

"It's definitely really incredible to have won and I have a hard time believing it," Chen told San Francisco television station KGO. "I'm really grateful to be in an environment that promotes science. I think our school does a really good job of that."



陈对旧金山电视台KGO说:“获胜绝对是不可思议的,我很难相信。” “我非常感谢能在一个促进科学的环境中工作。我认为我们学校在这方面做得很好。”

Chen is in his final year at Burlingame High School. He will share prizes, worth a total of $400,000, with his school and science teacher. While he gets the $250,000 for college, his teacher, Heather Johnson, will receive $50,000. She helped him launch an environmental science club for students. His school will get a new science laboratory, valued at $100,000.

The competition was open to students from around the world. More than 11,000 students competed in the 2019 competition.

Chen在Burlingame高中的最后一年。 他将与他的学校和科学老师分享奖品,总价值达40万美元。 当他获得25万美元的大学学费时,他的老师希瑟·约翰逊将获得5万美元。 她帮助他为学生建立了一个环境科学俱乐部。 他的学校将建立一个价值10万美元的新科学实验室。


There were then two rounds of judging -- the first by fellow students, followed by decisions made by a group of judges.

The 30 semifinalists competed in the Popular Vote contest on Facebook. People were invited to vote for their favorite semifinalist's work by "liking," "sharing," or posting a positive reaction.

During the 15-day competition, the 30 videos reached more than 500,000 people on the Breakthrough Prize Facebook page.


30名准决赛选手在Facebook上参加了“大众投票”竞赛。 邀请人们通过“喜欢”,“分享”或发表评论来投票选出他们最喜欢的准决赛者的作品。

在为期15天的比赛中,“突破奖” Facebook页面上的30个视频覆盖了500,000多人。


Sal Khan, the founder of Khan Academy, partnered with the Breakthrough Prize Foundation. He praised Chen's science video.

"Jeffery is a natural science communicator," Khan said. "He artfully explains a complex topic and makes it easier to understand. We're proud to support Jeffery and all the other bright minds who participated [in the contest]."

A California newspaper, The Daily Journal, said the competition combined Chen's two great interests -- astronomy and film-making. The high school senior told the paper that film-making is "one of the most interesting ways to give an idea to an audience."

可汗学院的创始人Sal Khan与突破奖基金会合作。 他赞扬了陈的科学视频。

汗说:“杰弗里是自然科学的传播者。” “他巧妙地解释了一个复杂的主题,并使它更容易理解。我们很荣幸支持Jeffery和所有参加[比赛]的聪明人。”

加利福尼亚一家报纸《每日日报》表示,竞赛将陈的两个重大兴趣结合在一起:天文学和电影摄制。 高中生对报纸说,电影制作是“向观众表达想法的最有趣的方式之一”。

Chen also said he hopes to continue combining his interests as he studies environmental technology in college. He wants to work on climate change.

Videos made by the Breakthrough Junior Challenge finalists have been added to the Khan Academy website.




Words in This Story:

cryptography – n. the art of writing or solving codes

trillion - n.the number 1,000,000,000,000 : one thousand billion

cosmic – adj.always used before a noun: of or relating to the universe or outer space

incredible – adj.difficult or impossible to believe

grateful – adj.feeling or showing thanks

promote – v.to make people aware of (something, such as a new product) through advertising : to make (something) more popular, well-known

round – n.one in a series of similar events

semifinalist – n.a person who wins in either one of two matches, games, or contests to decide which people or teams will be in the final part of a competition


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