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【AS IT IS】气候变化使北非成为焦点 Climate Change Puts North Africa in a Hot Spot

Many areas of North Africa, including Tunisia and Algeria, have seen a sharp decrease in rainfall over the last 50 years. Some experts say the lack of rainfall will worsen in the future.

The German research organization, the Max Planck Institute, reports that parts of North Africa and the Middle East might become unlivable in the next 100 years.


在过去的50年中,包括突尼斯和阿尔及利亚在内的北非许多地区的降雨急剧减少。 一些专家说,降雨不足将在未来加剧。


Essia Guezzi is a climate and energy project officer for World Wildlife Fund North Africa, a conservation group. She told VOA, "We're seeing higher temperatures and increasing water stress [in the area]." She noted that rising sea levels also threaten people living near the coast.

World leaders will discuss these and other issues during next month's United Nations climate conference in Madrid, Spain.

Morocco has earned praise as a leader in fighting the effects of climate change. But experts say North Africa, as a whole, needs to do much more. Some countries are dealing with conflict and civil unrest. Others, such as Algeria and Libya, have economies that depend on oil.


Essia Guezzi是世界自然保护基金会北非保护组织的气候和能源项目官员。 她告诉美国之音:“我们看到(该地区)气温升高,水资源压力增加。” 她指出,海平面上升也威胁着沿海地区的人们。


摩洛哥作为抗击气候变化影响的领导者而赢得赞誉。 但是专家说,整个北非还需要做更多的工作。 一些国家正在处理冲突和内乱。 其他国家,例如阿尔及利亚和利比亚,则具有依赖石油的经济。

Trying to turn the tide

In Tunisia, fresh groundwater supplies are decreasing quickly. About two-thirds of the land is threatened by a lack of rain and loss of trees. A report by the Netherlands Foreign Ministry from 2018 says that the effects of climate change may slow Tunisia's growth in its two main industries - tourism and agriculture.

Tunisian officials plan to cut the amount of carbon dioxide the country produces to 41 percent of levels measured in 2010 by the 2030s. Carbon dioxide gas is linked to warming of the Earth's atmosphere. However, critics say Tunisia has been slow to match words with action.

在突尼斯,新鲜的地下水供应正在迅速减少。 大约三分之二的土地受到降雨和树木损失的威胁。 荷兰外交部2018年的一份报告称,气候变化的影响可能会减缓突尼斯在其旅游和农业两大主要产业中的增长。

突尼斯官员计划到2030年代将该国排放的二氧化碳量减少到2010年的41%。 二氧化碳气体与地球大气变暖有关。 但是,批评家说突尼斯在将言语与行动相匹配方面一直很慢。

In one village, Samira Sghaier is trying to help change things, at least in her community. She and other area farmers began planting acacia trees to help reduce soil erosion. They also are planting moringa, a fast-growing plant valued for its nutritional and medicinal qualities.

The aim was to help fight climate change, while also earning money. The reality has not been so easy. She told VOA, "Everyone likes new products. The problem is selling them. It's hard to find a market."


Samira Sghaier在一个村庄里,至少在她的社区中,正在努力进行改变。 她和其他地区的农民开始种植相思树,以帮助减少水土流失。 他们还种植辣木,一种生长迅速的植物,以其营养和药用价值而受到重视。

目的是帮助人们应对气候变化,同时也能赚钱。 现实并非如此容易。 她告诉美国之音:“每个人都喜欢新产品,问题在于销售它们,很难找到市场。”

Northern African countries try new measures

The African Union is leading an effort called the ‘Great Green Wall' initiative. The project aims to restore damaged land across areas south of the Sahara, commonly called the Sahel.

Gilles Boetsch is director of a French scientific team working with Senegalese researchers in the area. He said, "The goal is to replant trees, to return the Sahel to what it was about 60 years ago, when there was a lot more forest cover."

Boetsch added that many trees die and need to be replaced. And conflict in some Sahel countries makes some areas difficult to reach.

非洲联盟正在领导一项名为“绿色长城”的工作。 该项目旨在恢复撒哈拉以南地区(通常称为萨赫勒地区)的受损土地。

Gilles Boetsch是法国科学团队的负责人,与该地区的塞内加尔研究人员合作。 他说:“目标是重新植树,使萨赫勒地区恢复到大约60年前的森林覆盖率。”

Boetsch补充说,许多树木死亡,需要更换。 一些萨赫勒国家的冲突使某些地区难以进行这个计划。

In North Africa, some national projects to fight climate change are making a difference. Tunisia will reportedly present an oases protection project at the Madrid climate conference.

Local farmers in northern Algeria are seeking help from Mexican experts to plant prickly pear cactus. The desert plant needs little rainfall, and provides nutrients and a way to make money. Algeria is also trying to renew efforts for a reforestation project that did not have good results.

在北非,一些应对气候变化的国家项目正在发挥作用。 据报道,突尼斯将在马德里气候会议上提出一项绿洲保护项目。

阿尔及利亚北部的当地农民正在寻求墨西哥专家的帮助,以种植花椒仙人掌。 沙漠植物几乎不需要降雨,就能提供养分和赚钱的途径。 阿尔及利亚还试图为未取得良好结果的造林项目重新努力。


Words in This Story:

erosionn.the gradual destruction of something by natural forces (such as water, wind, or ice) : the process by which something is eroded or worn away

initiative – n.a plan or program that is intended to solve a problem

oasis (pl. oases)n. an area in a desert where there is water and plants


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