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【科技报道】太阳能为缺电的也门提供生命线 Solar Energy Offers Lifeline in Power-Starved Yemen

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Yemen's civil war has resulted in widespread power outages across the country.

The United Nations estimates that about 90 percent of the country's population lost electricity after the war broke out in 2015.




The severe power shortage has led some Yemenis to buy solar energy equipment to produce their own electricity.

Ebrahim al-Faqih recognized this need four years ago and started selling solar panels. The demand for solar equipment has continued to rise, leading more people to get into the business.


易卜拉欣·法基(Ebrahim al-Faqih)四年前意识到了这一需求,并开始销售太阳能电池板。 对太阳能设备的需求持续增长,导致更多的人涉足这一行业。

"Even people who used to work selling food moved to work in solar energy because of the high demand," Faqih told the Reuters news agency. He runs a store in the capital Sanaa which sells solar water heaters and panels imported from India and China.


Solar energy systems are providing answers to people struggling to meet their personal power needs. The availability of electricity was already extremely limited in Yemen's rural areas even before the conflict began.

法齐赫对路透社说:“由于需求量大,以前那些用来卖粮食的人也转而从事太阳能工作。” 他在首都萨那开了一家商店,出售从印度和中国进口的太阳能热水器和面板。

太阳能系统正在为那些努力满足其个人电力需求的人们提供答案。 即使在冲突开始之前,也门农村地区的电力供应已经极为有限。

In many areas, electricity is needed to provide one of life's main necessities, water. Pumps are used to bring water to the surface for drinking and farming.

Muhammad Yahya bought solar panels to power his home in the capital. He told Reuters that solar energy has become an important lifeline for many. "Electricity these days isn't just for lighting, electricity is life," he said.

在许多地区,电力是提供生活的主要必需品之一的水。 泵用于将水带到地表以供饮用和耕种。

穆罕默德·亚希亚(Muhammad Yahya)购买了太阳能电池板,为他在首都的房屋供电。 他告诉路透社,太阳能已经成为许多人的重要生命线。 他说:“如今,电力不仅仅是照明,电力是生命。

Yahya said solar energy is clearly being used by many as a way to help them get through the conflict. But he hopes people will keep using it as a main source of electricity when the war ends.

Yahya说,太阳能显然被许多人用来帮助他们度过冲突的一种方式。 但他希望战争结束后人们会继续将其用作主要电力来源。

Sanaa is controlled by the Houthi movement, which ousted internationally-recognized President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi from power in 2014. A Saudi-led coalition has been fighting a ground and air campaign in support of the government of Hadi, who fled to exile in Saudi Arabia. Iran supports the Houthi rebels.


萨那(Sanaa)由胡特运动控制,该运动于2014年将国际公认的总统阿卜杜勒·拉布布·曼苏尔·哈迪(Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi)赶下台。沙特领导的一个联盟一直在进行地面和空中运动,以支持哈迪政府逃亡到哈迪。沙特阿拉伯。伊朗支持胡塞叛军。

Some Yemenis use diesel fuel generators to produce electricity. But such equipment pollutes the air and is too costly for many people.


"Alternative energy is better, it changed my lifedramatically," said Akram Noman, who lives in Sanaa. He says he now has very little use for traditional electrical power. Noman said the government should offer tax breaks for people to use solar energy and should help farmers buy solar equipment.

“替代能源更好,它极大地改变了我的生活,”住在萨那的阿克兰·诺曼(Akram Noman)说。他说,他现在很少使用传统电源。诺曼说,政府应为人们使用太阳能提供税收减免,并应帮助农民购买太阳能设备。

Omar Homadi has a farm south of the capital in the Houthi-controlled rural area of Dhamar. He told Reuters he could not cover the cost of running a diesel generator to water his land, so he bought a solar-powered pump. "Our land had dried up but now it has come back to life thanks to the solar energy," he said.

奥马尔·霍马迪(Omar Homadi)在胡塞控制的达马尔(Dhamar)农村地区,在首都以南设有一个农场。他告诉路透社,他负担不起用柴油发电机为自己的土地浇水的费用,因此他购买了太阳能泵。他说:“我们的土地已经干dried了,但现在有了太阳能,它已经复活了。”

Dhamar's water production had fallen to 30 percent of pre-war levels, said local water official Muhammad Ali al-Habshi. But production has now returned to 70 to 80 percent of levels before the war because of solar projects supported by international donors.

"People used to get water every 10-12 days," Homadi said. "Now it is every three days...Solar energy was like a dream."

当地水务官员穆罕默德·阿里·哈布西(Muhammad Ali al-Habshi)说,达玛的水产量已降至战前水平的30%。 但是由于国际捐助者支持的太阳能项目,现在的产量已恢复到战前水平的70%至80%。

霍马迪说:“人们过去每10-12天就会取水一次。” “现在是每三天一次……太阳能就像一个梦。”


Words in This Story:

panel – n.piece of equipment that attaches to the surface of something

generator – n.a machine that produces electricity

alternative – adj.different from what is usual or traditional

dramatically –adv. suddenly and to an extreme extent


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