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【科技报道】联合国报告:过去十年可能是有史以来最热门的十年 UN Report: Last 10 Years Likely the Hottest Decade on Record

The United Nations weather agency says the past 10 years were likely the hottest decade since scientists began keeping records.

In a new report, the World Meteorological Organization, or WMO, blames the rising temperatures mainly on greenhouse gases produced by human activities.




"Average temperatures for the five-year, 2015-to-2019 and 10-year, 2010-to-2019 periods are almost certain to be the highest on record," the WMO said.

The report predicted that 2019 would become the second- or third-warmest year on record. Final temperature measurements will not be available for several months.


该报告预测,2019年将成为有记录以来第二或第三高的年份。 最终温度测量将无法使用几个月。

Petteri Taalas is the Secretary-General of the WMO. He says severe heatwaves and floods that used to happen about once every hundred years have become "regular" events.

"Countries ranging from the Bahamas to Japan to Mozambique suffered the effect of devastating tropical cyclones. Wildfires swept through the Arctic and Australia," he noted.


佩特里·塔拉斯(Petteri Taalas)是WMO秘书长。 他说,过去每一百年发生一次的严重热浪和洪水已经成为“定期”事件。


Taalas said that one of the main effects of climate change is the lack of predictable rainfall. This presents a threat to successful harvests and will likely create food security problems in some countries in the future, he said.

The report said climate change was a main driver of a recent increase in world hunger after 10 years of decrease. It estimated that about 820 million people suffered from hunger in 2018.

塔拉斯说,气候变化的主要影响之一是缺乏可预测的降雨。 他说,这对成功的收成构成威胁,将来可能会在某些国家造成粮食安全问题。

该报告说,气候变化是减少饥饿10年后最近世界饥饿增加的主要驱动力。 据估计,2018年约有8.2亿人遭受饥饿之苦。

The WMO said that weather disasters have displaced millions of people this year and affected rainfall from India to northern Russia, to the central United States and other areas.


Oceans, which take in an estimated 90 percent of the extra heat produced by greenhouse gases, are now at their highest recorded temperatures. Sea water is also 25 percent more acidic than it was 150 years ago, the report said. This is threatening ocean environments that provide food and jobs for billions of people.

目前,海洋吸收了温室气体产生的额外热量的90%,目前处于记录的最高温度。 报告说,海水的酸性也比150年前高25%。 这正威胁着为数十亿人提供食物和就业机会的海洋环境。


Levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere reached a record 407.8 parts per million in 2018 and continued to rise in 2019. Experts say carbon dioxide can be damaging because it can remain in the atmosphere for hundreds of years and in the ocean for even longer.


On Monday, at the opening of a climate meeting in Spain, United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned that 400 parts per million had once been considered "unthinkable." The UN Climate Change Conference brings together representatives from around the world to seek solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


Last year, the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change set a goal for countries to limit temperature increases to 1.5 Celsius or below. The group said this target could be reached by reducing greenhouse gases and restructuring the world economy to expand renewable energy sources.

The UN reported last week that the world needed to cut carbon emissions by 7.6 percent each year, every year, until 2030, to reach the 1.5 Celsius temperature goal.



The WMO's Petteri Taalas urged the world to quickly launch steps aimed at reducing temperatures before it is too late. "If we do not take urgent climate action now, then we are heading for a temperature increase of more than 3°Celsius by the end of the century, with ever more harmful impacts on human wellbeing," he said.

WMO的Petteri Taalas敦促世界迅速采取旨在降低温度的步骤,以免为时已晚。他说:“如果我们现在不采取紧急的气候行动,那么我们将在本世纪末将温度升高超过摄氏3度,这将对人类的福祉造成更大的危害。”


Words in This Story:

decade – n.any period of 10 years

greenhouse gas – n.gases in the atmosphere that trap heat

certain – adj.completely sure of something

regular – adj.happening repeatedly

devastating – adj.causing a lot of damage or destruction

acidic – adj.containing acid

emission– n.the act of releasing something

renewable – adj.any naturally occurring kind of energy, such sunlight or wind

impact – n.the effect that a person, event, or situation has on someone or something


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