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【美国故事】《白色圆圈》 "White Circle"

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Our story today is called"The White Circle".It was written by John Bell Coliton.Here is Shep O'Neal to tell you the story.As soon as I saw Anvol sitting in the apple tree,I knew we would fight.I also knew he would win.But winning or losing was not important,at least not so important as getting him down from the tree.The tree was mine.It was a young tree.And it had 13 beautiful apples on it.Now my beautiful apples were under Anvol's shirt.The tree became mine the day I was 12 years old.Father called me to come to the barn to see the new young horses.When I got there,father lit a cigarette and placed one foot on the fence.He looked pleased and proud."Toker",he finally said,"This is a big day.There,before you,are five of the finest horses in our Virginia.Now I would give you a gift for your birthday.Could you make a choice?""Yes,"I said."Which one?"he asked."I would like to have an apple tree across the road."


Father looked at me for a long time.You would have to know how much he loved horses to understand the look on his face.But I was 12 years old.How could I explain my choice?It was something about the apple tree.The color of the red apples as they hung among the green leaves.But it was more than this.It had something to do with being proud.I can give one of the apples to my friend Jenny."Jenny,"I would say,"I want to give you this apple.It came from my tree.The tree grows on my father's land."Before my father had the land,it belonged to his father.And before that,to his father.Now I owned the tree.Because of this,I am a tie to all my people of long ago way back to Moses and all of bible people.Father finally answered,"Now,right,son.If you want a tree more than a horse,the tree is yours."I thanked him for the tree and he left.I picked up a stone and ran across the fields to protect my tree."All right,Anvol.Climb down."Anvol looked at me as if I wasn't there."Yah..."he said,"You lead on nothing.Throw that stone at me and see what happens.""Anvol,"I said again,"come down.They are my apples."Anvol stopped eating and smiled at me with evil in his heart."You want an apple?I'll give you one."


And he threw one with all his strength and hit me in the head.I threw the stone at him,but missed and hit the tree.Anvol's face turned red."Boy,you are going to get a hit."I began to pull his feet.Down he came along with parts of the tree and young fresh leaves.He hit me as he fell.We both hit the ground.He jumped on top of me,and placed his knees on my arms.I could not move."Stop kicking,"he said.And then calmly looked at the sky,and began to eat another one of my beautiful apples."You,smelly cow,"I said to him,"I wish you were never born.I'm gonna tell my father."I said."Father,"Anvol said,trying to make his voice sound like mine,"Father,say,oh,man.You think your old man is very important,don't you?You think your old man is a king,don't you?Say,oh,man,go to hell.Say,oh,man,oh man,I wish you were dead."He let me get up and stood over me."Stop crying."he said."I am not crying."I was lying on the ground with murder in my heart.There were times when I did not hate Anvol.I remembered the day his father came to school.He told the teacher he was going to hit Anvol to make him a good boy.His father was a bitter cruel man.He had a big stick.Anvol saw the stick,and hid under a table.He lay there,frightened until the teacher made his father go away.



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