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【AS IT IS】阿根廷新总统上台,面对通货膨胀和债务 Argentina’s New President Takes Office, Facing Inflation and Debt

Argentina's new president took office Tuesday as the country faces high inflation, concerns over the government's ability to pay its debts and rising poverty.

Alberto Fernandez was sworn-in as president in front of cheering lawmakers in Congress. In an hour-long speech, he promised a "new, fraternal and caring social contract."



阿尔贝托·费尔南德斯(Alberto Fernandez)在国会欢呼的议员面前宣誓就职。在长达一个小时的演讲中,他许诺了“新的,兄弟的和关怀的社会契约”。

Fernandez is considered part of the Peronist movement, which supports the political and social policies of the former general and President Juan Peron. Peron led Argentina from 1946 to 1955, and for two more years in the 1970s.

The 60-year-old Fernandez heads a large coalition known as the Front for All. He is expected to support policies meant to increase economic growth.

Fernandez follows outgoing president Mauricio Macri, whose austerity policies aimed at cutting costs and paying debt were unpopular. It is unclear how new policies will affect the country's creditors and farmers, whose grain exports are important to the economy.




Supporters of Fernandez hope he can beat down Argentina's high inflation rate, which is near 50 percent. Poverty also is increasing as the economy remains in a recession.

Economic experts say his administration will need to hold talks with the International Monetary Fund to restructure more than $100 billion in loans.

费尔南德斯紧随即将离任的总统毛里西奥·马克里(Mauricio Macri),其旨在削减成本和偿还债务的紧缩政策并不受欢迎。目前尚不清楚新政策将如何影响该国的债权人和农民,他们的谷物出口对经济至关重要。


Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel traveled to Buenos Aires for the inauguration ceremony. Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro did not attend, however. Bolsonaro has disagreed with Fernandez publicly. This marks the first time since 2002 that a Brazilian president has not attended an inauguration in Argentina.

Fernandez named several members of his cabinet on Friday. Economy minister Martin Guzman is one person everyone will watch. Guzman is considered an expert in debt restructuring. But he has little experience in government. He is a follower of Joseph Stiglitz, the Nobel Prize-winning economist from Columbia University in New York. Stiglitz is known for his studies of markets and globalization.


古巴总统米格尔·迪亚兹·卡内尔(Miguel Diaz-Canel)前往布宜诺斯艾利斯举行就职典礼。但是,巴西总统贾尔·博尔索纳罗(Jair Bolsonaro)没有出席。博尔索纳罗公开反对费尔南德斯。这是自2002年以来巴西总统首次没有在阿根廷出席就职典礼。

Many investors have been worried that Fernandez will support more government influence in the economy. Critics consider his vice president a divisive former leader. Vice President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner served as president from 2007 to 2015. During her years in office, Argentina failed to make payments on its foreign debt, continuing deep economic troubles for South America's second largest economy.


费尔南德斯在星期五任命了几位内阁成员。经济部长马丁·古兹曼(Martin Guzman)是每个人都会关注的人。古兹曼被认为是债务重组的专家。但是他在政府方面经验很少。他是纽约哥伦比亚大学诺贝尔经济学奖得主约瑟夫·斯蒂格利茨的追随者。斯蒂格利茨以对市场和全球化的研究而闻名。

Political expert Julio Burdman told the Reuters news agency that Alberto Fernandez can expect to face many difficulties as president. "He needs to...get the economy started again, which will all depend on how he is able to handle the debt," Burdman said.

许多投资者一直担心费尔南德斯将支持政府在经济中的更大影响力。评论家认为他的副总统是前分裂的领导人。副总统克里斯蒂娜·费尔南德斯·德·基希纳(Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner)从2007年至2015年担任总裁。在她任职期间,阿根廷未能偿还其外债,这继续给南美第二大经济体带来深重的经济麻烦。

Because of high inflation, Argentine workers are seeing wages increase, while humanitarian groups are calling for more aid for the poor.

Recently, Fernandez spoke to a Buenos Aires radio station. "First thing we are going to do is start working on the issue of hunger. At the same time, we will get to work on the issue of debt," he said.

政治专家朱利奥·伯德曼(Julio Burdman)告诉路透社,阿尔贝托·费尔南德斯(Alberto Fernandez)担任总统可能会面临许多困难。伯德曼说:“他需要……重新开始经济,这完全取决于他如何处理债务。”




Words in This Story:

fraternal –adj. friendly, brotherly, made up of members who share an interest or purpose

austerity –n. a situation in which less money is available and it is spent only on necessary things

globalization– n.the process by which companies and other organizations start operating in more than their home country


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