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【科技报道】2019年热门Google搜索:板球,Cameron Boyce,iPhone 11 Top Google Searches 2019: Cricket, Cameron Boyce, iPhone 11

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The most popular Google searches in 2019 included cricket competitions, the death of actor Cameron Boyce and the iPhone 11.

Google recently released its yearly rankingof worldwide search terms that had the highest growth compared to the year before.


2019年Google最受欢迎的搜索活动包括板球比赛,演员卡梅隆·博伊斯(Cameron Boyce)的去世和iPhone 11。


Three of the top 10 searches related to international cricket competition, including "India vs South Africa," which was number one. At number 4 was "Bangladesh vs India," while "ICC Cricket World Cup" came in 10th.

Searches about the Copa America soccer competition – which decides the champion of South America - came in at number 3.

与国际板球比赛相关的前10大搜索中有3个是排名第一的“印度与南非”。排名第四的是“孟加拉国vs印度”,而“ ICC板球世界杯”则排在第十位。


The second-highest search on the list was the name Cameron Boyce, a 20-year-old American actor who died in July. The Disney Channel star's death was connected to the disease epilepsy.

Apple's releaseof the iPhone 11 placed fifth in Google's worldwide search rankings.


名单上搜寻量第二高的名字是卡梅伦·博伊斯(Cameron Boyce),他是一位20岁的美国演员,于7月去世。迪士尼频道明星的死亡与疾病的癫痫病有关。

苹果发布的iPhone 11在Google的全球搜索排名中排名第五。

The next three searches were related to American-produced entertainment. The highly successful HBO television series Game of Thrones was the sixth most popular search on Google. Next was the superhero movie Avengers: Endgame, followed by the long-awaited film Joker.


The other search term to make Google's top ten list was "Notre Dame." It demonstrated great international interest after a fire in April severely damaged the famed Roman Catholic cathedral in Paris, France.

Google also released a videowith the rankings. The video centers on the year's searches for different kinds of heroes in entertainment, sports and news. "Throughout history, in times of uncertainty," the video says, "the world looks for heroes." The video continues: "In 2019, searches for heroes soared."




In the United States, the most popular 2019 search term was "Disney Plus." Disney Plus is a video streaming service launched last month. It is seen as a direct push by Disney to compete with existing services like Netflix, Hulu and Apple TV Plus.

Other top U.S. searches included Hurricane Dorian, Notre Dame Cathedral and the Women's World Cup soccer championship. Americans also searched for information about a gathering near the U.S. military base known as Area 51. Area 51 is known in popular culture as a research center for government studies of creatures from outer space and alien spaceships.

在美国,2019年最受欢迎的搜索词是“迪士尼加”。迪士尼Plus是上个月推出的视频流媒体服务。迪士尼认为这是迪士尼直接推动与Netflix,Hulu和Apple TV Plus等现有服务竞争的动力。

美国其他热门搜索包括飓风多利安(Dour),巴黎圣母院(Notre Dame Cathedral)和女子世界杯足球冠军。美国人还搜索有关美国军事基地51区附近聚集的信息。51区在流行文化中被称为是政府研究外层空间和外星飞船生物的研究中心。

Many of the search terms remained common across different parts of the world. For example, it was no surprise that the top searches in Britain involved Rugby and Cricket. This was also the case in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Australia.


The top vacation searches worldwide sought information about Maldives, Mexico, Japan, Bora Bora and Las Vegas, Nevada.

Under the subject "babies" Google reported that Baby Yodaand Baby Sharkranked ahead of royal baby, a search for information about the birth of a real baby to Britain's Prince Harry and his American wife Meghan Markle.


谷歌在“婴儿”这一主题下报告说,婴儿尤达(Yoda)和婴儿鲨鱼(Shark Shark)在皇家婴儿之前排名第一,这是有关英国王子哈里和他的美国妻子梅根·马克尔(Meghan Markle)出生的真实婴儿的信息。

In many nations, environmental activist Greta Thunbergtopped the search list.

In France, searches related to Notre Dame Cathedral were the most popular, followed by news about the country's elections.

在许多国家/地区,环保主义者Greta Thunberg居于搜索榜首。


In Germany, the most popular searches included news about the death of designer Karl Lagerfeld and the European Parliament election.

In Canada, a top search question was, "Who should I vote for?"

在德国,最受欢迎的搜索内容包括有关设计师卡尔·拉格斐(Karl Lagerfeld)逝世和欧洲议会选举的新闻。


While in South Africa, a top question searched was, "Why were cornflakes invented?"



Words in This Story:

cricket – n. a game in which two teams of eleven people try to score points by hitting a ball and running between two wickets

vs – prep.awritten abbreviation for versus used to say that one team or person is competing against another)

cathedral – n. the largest and most important church in a particular area

entertainment– n. shows, films, television, or other performances or activities that entertain people

uncertainty – n.not sure or not able to decide about something

soar – v.to increase to a high level very quickly

stream – n.listen or watch something on a computer or device

cornflakes – n.a food made from corn and usually eaten with milk for breakfast


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