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【健康报道】分享家庭餐食可以帮助痴呆症患者建立联系 Sharing Family Meals Can Help Those With Dementia Connect

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Many Americans gather together as families and spend time with each other over the winter holidays. It can be difficult when a family member suffers from memory loss.

Tim Hollingsworth knows. The well-known American chef learned to cook at his mother's side when he was growing up. Hollingsworth would measure ingredients to help her make dinner. He would talk with his mother and taste the food as they cooked.


蒂姆·霍林斯沃思(Tim Hollingsworth)知道。这位著名的美国厨师长大后学会了在母亲身边做饭。霍林斯沃思会测量食材以帮助她做晚饭。他将与母亲交谈,并在煮熟时品尝食物。

Today, he is the winner of "The Final Table" competition on Netflix, the media production company. He also is the owner of Otium, a restaurant in Los Angeles, California.

Hollingsworth still cooks with his mother, but it is different now. She struggles with memory loss. She sits with him as he prepares meals from her favorite recipes. These include recipes for "comfort foods"— ones that fill your stomach and warm your heart with happy memories, while filling a home with a pleasant smell.



His mother does not cook anymore. But being present at the cooking and eating foods she may remember helps close the distance that dementia can create.

Dementia and Alzheimer's disease affect older people's memories. Over time, patients lose their memories, piece by piece. The first to go are usually the newer memories. The older memories, from when they were young, can be the last to disappear.




Being with family and doing things together can help.

When we make and share food with others, "we feel a sense of usefulness and belonging," says Sheila Molony. She studies the aging process and is a professor of nursing at Quinnipiac University in Hamden, Connecticut.


希拉·莫洛尼(Sheila Molony)说:“当我们与他人一起制作和分享食物时,我们会感到有用和归属感。”她研究衰老过程,是康涅狄格州哈姆登的昆尼皮亚克大学的护理学教授。

Family members with dementia can be involved in meal preparation or setting the table. That may give them some sense of peace and what Molony calls "at-homeness." It helps them feel like part of a family or community.

Kim Borghoff and her family kept their tradition of Sunday meals together as her husband and his father were both struggling with Alzheimer's disease at the same time.


金·博格霍夫(Kim Borghoff)和她的家人将他们星期天吃饭的传统保持在一起,因为她的丈夫和父亲都同时患有阿尔茨海默氏病。

Both men were found to have Alzheimer's several years ago. That is when she began making sure that every other Sunday, the whole family had dinner together -- just like they did when their children were growing up.

What they ate was not important. It was instead the familiar and comforting experience of sitting around the table together, even after the family had finished eating. It helped both men regain some of their old personalities, even if just for a short time.



This year, the Alzheimer's Associationhas been spreading the word about the connecting power of mealtime through their Around the Tableprogram. Along with Hollingsworth, the group asked other chefs to help. They include Hugh Acheson, chef and owner of two restaurants in the state of Georgia.

Acheson's father, a former professor, developed Alzheimer's about five years ago. Sharing meals was always a part of their relationship, but it is different for Hugh Acheson as his father's memory slowly disappears.


艾奇逊的父亲是一位前教授,大约在五年前发展了老年痴呆症。吃饭一直是他们关系的一部分,但休·阿奇森(Hugh Acheson)则有所不同,因为父亲的记忆逐渐消失。

His father was a single parent, raising four children alone, while working full-time. Acheson says his father did not have much time to cook complicated meals. Now, the son might cook a good steak and simply add a fresh, green salad as a side dish.


Acheson says a good meal made with love can bring out a person with dementia and bring them real joy.

"We make memories over good food that's been cared for," he says, food that has been made with "thought and love."




Words in This Story:

chef – n. a professional cook who usually is in charge of a kitchen in a restaurant

ingredient – n.one of the things that are used to make a food, product, etc.

recipe – n.a set of instructions for making food

familiar – adj.frequently seen, heard, or experienced

complicated – adj.hard to understand, explain or deal with

steak – n. a thick, flat piece of meat and especially beef


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