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【健康报道】改变美国的器官移植系统 Changing America’s System for Organ Transplants

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The United States government recently proposed new rules designed to improve transplant operations.


The goal is to ease a severe shortage of kidneys and other organs. The shortage is so severe that more than 113,000 Americans are on the transplant waiting list — and about 20 die each day.


Part of the problem is this. An Associated Press study recently found some organ collections agencies miss opportunities that could have saved lives. Some of these groups secure donors at half the rate of others.


The U.S. government currently has little way to directly compare organ collection agencies and force poor performers to improve.


The rules come after President Donald Trump ordered a reworking of care for kidney disease.


Crackdown on OPO's


Under the proposed rules, Medicare, the national health insurance program, would rate the performance of organ procurement organizations, or OPOs.


"No life-saving organ should go to waste," Medicare chief Seema Verma said while announcing the proposals.

Medicare首席执行长西玛·维尔玛(Seema Verma)在宣布这些建议时说:“任何拯救生命的器官都不应浪费。”

Organ transplant activists praised the move.



"Patients are dying, and they deserve better," said Jennifer Erickson about the government campaign targeting OPOs. Erickson worked on transplant policy for the administration of former president Barack Obama.

詹妮弗·埃里克森(Jennifer Erickson)在谈到针对OPO的政府运动时说:“患者正在垂死,他们应该得到更好的待遇。”埃里克森(Erickson)为前总统巴拉克·奥巴马(Barack Obama)的政府制定了移植政策。

The association that represents the organ collection groups promised to work with Medicare to put the stronger rules into action.


The new measures are "an opportunity to drive meaningful changes that will increase the availability of organs for transplant and save more lives," said Kelly Ranum, the association's president. Ranum also heads the state of Louisiana's OPO.

该协会主席凯利·拉纳姆(Kelly Ranum)表示,新措施“是推动有意义的变革的机会,它将改变器官移植的可用性并挽救更多生命。”拉纳姆还领导路易斯安那州的OPO。

A 2017 study by University of Pennsylvania researchers estimated that an improved transplant system could get as many as 28,000 more organs for patients.


How to Increase the numbers of living donors?


The Trump administration also aims to increase the numbers of living donors. The idea is that living donors should be reimbursed for lost wages and other costs during their hospital stay and recovery.


Currently, the transplant recipient's insurance company pays the donor's medical costs. But donors are out of work for weeks while they recover. And not all employers permit some form of paid time off.


Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar's father received a kidney transplant from a living donor. "When an American wishes to become a living donor, we don't believe their financial situation should limit their generosity," he said.

卫生和公共服务部长亚历克斯·阿扎尔(Alex Azar)的父亲从一位活着的捐助者那里接受了肾脏移植。他说:“当美国人希望成为活体捐助者时,我们认为他们的财务状况不会限制他们的慷慨。”

Most transplant organs come from deceased donors. But people lucky enough to receive an organ from a living donor often cut their wait time.


Yet fewer than 7,000 of the 36,529 transplants performed nationwide last year were from living donors.



Words in This Story:

opportunity – n. chance; a series of events that makes it possible to do something

insurance – n. a system by which a company or government agency provides a guarantee of payment for damage, sickness or death

deserve – v. to do something or show qualities worthy of praise or recognition

procurement – n. the act or process of getting something

reimburse – v. to pay someone an amount of money equal to an amount that person has spent — often + for

generosity – n. the quality of being kind, understanding, and not selfish

deceased – adj. no longer living


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