This week, United States President Donald Trump signed an executive order aimed at fighting anti-Semitism at universities and colleges across the country.The measure interprets part of a U.S. civil rights law to include
International flags hang outside Valencia Newcomer School in Phoenix, Arizona. The school offers programs for more than 200 children from around the world. They are learning English skills and classroom customs that the
Moving from one place to another is always an adventure. No amount of research can prepare you for the surprises you will find in the new place.This is often the case with international students in the United States. Arou
Technology is widely available to students in classrooms across the United States,a new study shows.一项新的研究显示,美国各地的学生都可以广泛使用科技。The study comes from the non-profit NewSchools Venture Fund and Gallup,a company best know
For the past 10 years,the number of Chinese students at U.S.universities has been rising.But university officials are starting to see a sharp drop in Chinese students.过去10年来,美国大学的中国学生人数一直在上升。但是大学官员开始看到中国学生的锐减。Several u
The college years in the United States are a time for students to experiment.Many U.S.colleges and universities urge their students to explore a variety of ideas,interests and even ways of thinking that may be different
In some ways,higher education is a self-serving experience.在某些方面,高等教育是一种自我服务的体验。People often seek a college education because they want to improve their lives.Or,they want to increase their chances at gaining well-pay
The New Mexico high desert is known for its beauty.The area enjoys sunny skies,and even snow in winter.新墨西哥沙漠以其美丽著称。这个地区的天空晴朗,冬天甚至下雪。One thing missing has been teachers.缺少的一件事是教师。The Aztec Municipal School District s
Students around the world wanting help with the TOEFL English test have a new tool:a mobile app.全世界想要托福英语考试帮助的学生都有了一个新的工具:移动应用程序。The"TOEFL official app"became available last week.Users can download it from the Apple A
For generations,the United States has enjoyed one of the strongest higher education systems in the world.But conditions at U.S.colleges and universities are changing,and that system now faces challenges.几代人以来,美国一直享有世界
Students from China and Singapore came out on top in an international survey of educational achievement.来自中国和新加坡的学生在一项国际教育成就调查中名列前茅。Results of the 2018 Program for International Student Assessment,or PISA,were releas
Students from China and Singapore came out on top in an international survey of educational achievement.Results of the 2018 Program for International Student Assessment, or PISA, were released Tuesday. The test is given e
More college students are turning to their schools for help with anxiety, depression and other mental health problems.越来越多的大学生转向学校寻求有关焦虑、抑郁和其他心理健康问题的帮助。The Associated Press, or AP, reports that many students must wai
California high school student recently took top honors at a worldwide science competition.Jeffrey Chen won the Breakthrough Junior Challenge prize in science earlier this month. The prize comes with $250,000 that Chen ca
Wofford College president Nayef Samhat knows the future of his school is at risk. The 1,600-student school based in Spartanburg, South Carolina is similar to many small, private colleges that have closed in recent years.Th
A new report says the number of international students coming to American colleges and universities fell last year, for the third straight year.The report, from the Institute of International Education, found that the n
When it comes to U.S. middle school science and engineering, girls rule. Girls took the top five prizes at the 2019 Broadcom MASTERS, a competition for middle school students across the country.The winners were announced la
Student loan debt is a worldwide problem. In the United States, the country’s overall student debt reached a record $1.6 trillion this year. The average person with student loan debt in the U.S. owes between $20,000 and nearly
A new report shows that most American fourth and eighth graders did not do well on math and reading tests. The latest so-called "Nation’s Report Card" was released last week.There were some exceptions. Students in Washing
A U.S. federal judge ruled Tuesday that Harvard University’s admission policy does not discriminate against Asian-American students. Judge Allison Burroughs said that although Harvard’s admission program is “not perf
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