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【娱乐艺术】亚洲选手在英语文字游戏“ Scrabble”中大获全胜 Asian Players Win Big in English Word Game 'Scrabble'

One of the most popular board games in the United States is now becoming very popular across parts of Asia.


Young people from countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Pakistan have taken up the game and are winning Scrabble tournaments.


Tengku Ariff Shah is a teenager who can spell more English words than most native English speakers. He says he may not know what every word means, but that is not important.

Tengku Ariff Shah是个少年,与大多数以英语为母语的人相比,他的英语单词拼写更多。他说他可能不知道每个单词的含义,但这并不重要。

"It's a puzzle. It stimulates my mind," he told the Reuters news agency recently.


Ariff says he loves unusual words. In a recent tournament, he played the word "S-E-N-V-Y," an old word for mustard plants or seeds. He says one day he would love to get the letters to play "C-W-T-C-H-I-N-G" -- a Welsh word for cuddling.

Ariff说他喜欢不寻常的话。在最近的一次比赛中,他演奏了“ S-E-N-V-Y”一词,这是芥末植物或种子的旧词。他说,有一天他很想得到字母来玩“ C-W-T-C-H-I-N-G”,这是威尔士语中的拥抱之词。

For those who haven't heard of Scrabble ...


Scrabble is a board game played with small, square pieces called tiles. Every tile has a letter on it. Players get seven tiles to start with and then take turns making words.


Each tile is worth a certain number of points. When all the tiles are placed on the board, the players add up their points. The player with the most points wins.



The building designer Alfred M. Butts is said to have invented the game in the 1930s. At the time, he called it Criss Cross Words. Later, the game was redesigned and renamed Scrabble and its popularity grew.

据说建筑设计师阿尔弗雷德·M·巴茨(Alfred M. Butts)于1930年代发明了这款游戏。当时,他称其为Criss Cross Words。后来,对游戏进行了重新设计,并将其重新命名为Scrabble,并且其受欢迎程度不断提高。

Scrabble tournaments have been held in the United States since at least the 1970s.


However, the last three youth Scrabble champions have come from Asia. The last three adult champions have come from New Zealand, Australia and Britain.


The popularity of Scrabble in Asia has not gone unnoticed by governments. Many officials in Asian countries support after-school Scrabble clubs for young people to build English language skills. Many parents see it as a fun way for kids to learn.


Malaysia's Ganesh Asirvatham is currently the top-ranked adult player. He says Scrabble is becoming "a development tool in Asia, a continent of more than 2,000 languages."

马来西亚的Ganesh Asirvatham目前是排名最高的成年选手。他说,Scrabble正在成为“在拥有2000多种语言的非洲大陆的开发工具”。

He told reporters that "Asian players are conquering the Scrabble world."


Some say Scrabble became more popular in Asia after a world-famous player moved there 20 years ago. New Zealander Nigel Richards is a five-time world Scrabble champion. He is widely considered the game's greatest player.

有人说,在20年前举世闻名的Scrabble在亚洲流行起来之后。新西兰人奈杰尔·理查兹(Nigel Richards)是五届拼字游戏世界冠军。他被广泛认为是游戏中最伟大的球员。

In 2015 and 2018, Richards even won Scrabble's French tournament although he cannot speak French. He studied the French dictionary for nine weeks.


The winner of this year's Scrabble youth tournament -- Thailand's Tarin Pairor -- calls Richards one of his Scrabble heroes. The teen once beat Richards during a tournament in India.

今年的Scrabble青年锦标赛的冠军-泰国的Tarin Pairor-将Richards称为他的Scrabble英雄之一。这位青少年曾经在印度的一场比赛中击败理查兹。

Tarin told Reuters, "Everyone wants to be world champion at least once."


"Even if I get world champion," he said, "I don't think I would ever stop playing."



Words in This Story:

teenager – n. a person aged between 13 and 19 years.

tournament – n. a series of contests played for a championship

puzzle – n. a question or problem that requires thought, skill, or cleverness to be answered or solved

stimulate – v. to cause or encourage (something) to happen or develop: to make (a person) excited or interested in something

cuddle – v. to hold close for warmth or comfort or in affection

conquer – v. to gain control of (a problem or difficulty) through great effort


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