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cet4历年真题参考范文 cet4真题下载

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  Facing the two options,I will choose to take a job in a company.There are mainly two reasons for my choice.

  On one hand,I am eager to apply what I’ve learned to practice since I have got so many years’schooling.Moreover,I am somewhat tired of the“ivory tower”life and ready for the“real world”life,for I assume that I can learn more from getting in touch with society.On the other hand,my family needs my financial support,because my parents are getting older and older and making less and less.Though it doesn’t take much to pursue my further study,I cannot support my parents financially if I choose to go to a graduate school.

  To sum up,to take a job in a company meets my desire of learning from practice and support my parents financially,which is a better choice for me.

  PartⅡListening Comprehension(25 minutes)

  Section A

  1.[A]It was dangerous to live in.

  2.<B>A storm.

  3.<B>They were trapped in an underground elevator.

  4.[C]They sent supplies to keep the miners warm.

  5.[D]Close some of its post office.

  6.[C]Stopping mail delivery on Saturdays.

  7.[A]Many post office staff will lose their jobs.

  Section B

  8.[D]He will lose part of his pay.

  9.<B>He is a trustworthy guy.

  10.[D]She is better at handling such matters.

  11.[C]He is always trying to stir up trouble.


  13.[A]They stay quiet.

  14.[C]She was never invited to a colleague’s home.

  15.<B>Houses provide more privacy.

  Section C

  16.[D]They will automatically be given hiring priority.

  17.[C]Visit the school careers service.

  18.<B>Supervising study spaces to ensure a quiet atmosphere.

  19.[C]It may be sold at a higher price.

  20.[A]It is healthier than green tee.

  21.[D]It does not have a stable market.

  22.<B>They prefer unique objects of high quality.

  23.<B>They could only try to create at night.

  24.[A]Make wise choices.

  25.[A]To boost the local economy.

  Part III Reading Comprehension(40 minutes)

  Section A



  空前主语为A new study,故此处应选一个动词第三人称单数作谓语,符合的词有E)challenges,M)suggests,和N)tastes,根据空后questioning,得出该空应填E)challenges挑战,质疑。


  search for为固定搭配,意为“寻找,搜索”,所给词汇中只有J)searched符合题意。




  根据空前的句子“there are some gender-based…”,该空应填入名词复数形式。浏览选项,E),K),N)符合。再根据句意及空格后的句子“不同类型的大脑并不一直由性别区分”,该空应填入K)similarities“相似之处”。




  空格前为形容词small,后为of people,因此应填入名词。结合文意可知,只有一小部分人具备“完全男性”或“完全女性”的特征。percentage意为“百分比”,a small percentage of…意为“一小部分”,所以应填入G)。




  该空考查短语regardless of的含义。根据“他警告不要轻易给出以下结论:所有的大脑都是一样的,不论性别”可知,该空应填入I)regardless,构成短语regardless of,意为“不管,不顾”。


  a mountain of evidence意为“大量的证据”,proving为现在分词作后置定语修饰evidence。


  该句中,the study为主语,that引导的宾语从句作宾语,故此空应填入一个动词来作谓语,结合上下文,应选suggests,意为“暗示,表明”。

  Section B

  36.<I>对应关键词jamming attacks,和equipment and skill在I段落中同时出现了两个关键词。

  37.[D]对应关键词wireless security system,和conversation在原文中有复现.

  38.[J]选项中wireless security system,和triggering the alarm可以在J选项中找到对应.

  39.[F]SimpliSafe,大写名词很好定位,在加上复现的distinguish,radio interference可以锁定选项F。

  40.<B>根据small proportion可以确定唯一的选项B

  41.[H]对应关键词keeps changing

  42.[C]对应关键词transmit signals,和activate.

  43.[K]根据选项different measures只在K段落中出现了。



  Section C

  Passage One

  46.<B>He intends to get rid of the tipping practice.

  根据题目中的Bill Perry这个专有名词,我们可以定位到文中的第一段话。在But后面有提到“我能告诉你我喜欢这个小伙子。因为他打算禁止付小费这种情况,而赞成给服务员实际的工资”。B选项和这句话的含义接近,get rid of意为“摆脱”,和ban“禁止”含义相近;plan to和intend to含义一样。所以正确答案为B.

  47.[C]It forces the customer to compensate the waiter.根据题干中的关键词the author hates tipping和main reason可以返回原文,定位到第三段。文中说“我讨厌它,因为它将义务伪装成一种选择。”既然是义务,那必然是强迫顾客去做的事情,这和C选项的含义较为接近。

  48.[D]They can have some say in how much their servers earn.

  根据关键词many people love tipping返回原文,我们可以定位至第四段。根据文中第二行的You like to feel that you have a voice in how much money your server makes.可知,这题应该选择D选项。

  49.[A]Services quality has little effect on tip size.


  50.[D]Waiters should be paid by employers instead of customers.

  本题问作者的观点,切记文中无人认领的观点便是作者的观点。在第六段的末尾有提到说,作者支持Bill Perry的观点,而Bill的观点就和D选项是近义表达。

  Passage Two

  51.[C]The impact of cheap oil on global economic growth.


  52.[D]Consumers will spend their savings from cheap oil on other commodities.

  解析:根据原文第二段“some experts say there are still good reasons to...They spend that money on other things,which stimulates the economy”,可以看出是D正确选项。

  53.[C]They use their money reserves to back up consumption.

  解析:根据原文第三段中“draw on their reserves to support government spending and subsidies for their consumers”,可以看出C是正确选项。

  54.<B>Its negative effects more than cancel out its positive effects.

  解析:根据原文第五段中“the negative effects of plunging oil prices are overwhelming the positive effects of cheaper oil”可以看出B是正确选项。

  55.[C]Oil importers account for a larger portion of the global economy.

  解析:根据原文第六段中“so the nations suffering from the price drop account for a larger share of the global economy”,可以看出是C正确选项。

  Part IV Translation(30 minutes)


  In Chinese culture,yellow is an important color because of its unique symbolic meaning.In feudal society,it symbolizes the rulers’power and authority.At that time,yellow was designed to use for the emperor—the royal palace was painted yellow and the imperial robe was always yellow too.However,the ordinary people were not allowed to wear yellow clothes.In China,yellow also signifies harvest.The fields grow golden yellow in autumn when the crops mature.People celebrate the harvest cheerfully.