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BBC英语新闻 - 阿富汗洲际酒店遭遇袭击

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BBC News with David Legge

One of the top hotels in the Afghan capital Kabul, the Intercontinental, has come under attack. At least 10 people have been killed. Bilal Sarwary in Kabul has the latest details.

阿富汗首都喀布尔高级酒店洲际酒店(Intercontinental)遭遇袭击,造成至少10人遇难。Bilal Sarwary在喀布尔报道最新详细内容。

An Afghan intelligence official in the hotel also told me that three of the attackers have managed to detonate their suicide vests, the first one in the second floor, where the rooms are. The second one has(have口误) detonated his explosive vest on the front gate, and the third one at the backside of the hotel. The Afghan intelligence official also said that the insurgents had chosen a late hour in the night when rear guards were relaxed. He also said that the electricity at the hotel had gone and that he had advised all guests not to open their room[s] to anyone.


The International Monetary Fund has appointed a new managing director. She is Christine Lagarde, who's currently the French finance minister and was chosen by consensus among the IMF board. Ms Lagarde becomes the first female head of one of the world's top financial bodies. Her appointment became almost certain earlier in the day when the United States, the IMF's biggest contributor, publicly announced its support. Her predecessor Dominique Strauss-Kahn resigned after facing serious sex charges. The British Chancellor George Osborne says he's delighted at Christine Lagarde's appointment.

国际货币基金组织委任了新的总裁。此人就是法国财长拉加德,受到IMF委员会全票支持。拉加德将成为世界最高金融机构的首位女性领导人。选举当天早些时候,IMF的最大贡献者美国公开表明立场之后,她的获胜几乎已成定局。她的前任卡恩因性侵犯指控而辞职。英国财政大臣奥斯本(George Osborne)称他为拉加德的任命感到高兴。

"Well, I think Christine Lagarde was the best person for the job. That's why Britain proposed her. I'm delighted she's won. She's smart, she's intelligent, she's tough, and she knows how to get people together to fix a problem. And at the moment, there are lots of countries with problems because they can't pay their debts, so the world is, I think, going to be well served by having Christine Lagarde at the head of the IMF."


In her first statement after being appointed, Christine Lagarde has called on the opposition in Greece to back the Greek government's tough austerity plan. A peaceful rally by tens of thousands of protesters in central Athens turned violent, and police used tear gas against small groups of youths in the streets around parliament. Our Europe editor Gavin Hewitt has been at the scene of the day's events.

在接受委任后发表的首次声明中,拉加德呼吁希腊反对派支持希腊政府严厉的紧缩计划。雅典中部数万名抗议者举行的集会演变为暴力活动,警方使用催泪弹驱散议会周围街道上的年轻人。我们的欧洲编辑Gavin Hewitt在现场报道。

The protest almost immediately turned violent. The unions had called a 48-hour general strike. For hours, there were running battles in the square outside parliament. Satellite trucks were attacked and set on fire. The police fired hundreds of volleys of stun grenades and tear gas to try and clear the area in front of parliament. One of them landed around us and in the face of a BBC camera. Away from the square, large parts of the Greek economy were brought to a halt by strikes.


Rebels in Libya have captured a major complex of underground weapons bunkers near the town of Zintan, 160km southwest of Tripoli. The area came under Nato jet attacks several days ago. A BBC correspondent who visited the site said one bunker was still burning.


World News from the BBC

A framework peace accord has been reached to end the conflict in the South Kordofan and Blue Nile regions of northern Sudan. The African Union-backed accord was signed between the Sudanese government and the SPLM North party. Tens of thousands of Nuba have been displaced in South Kordofan following aerial bombardments by the Sudanese military, which says some Nuba remain allied to former rebels in southern Sudan.


Reports (from Saudi Arabia) say Saudi Arabia will begin withdrawing most of its security forces from neighbouring Bahrain from next week because it views the situation there as calmer. About 1,000 troops were deployed there in mid-March at the height of the pro-democracy unrest which swept Bahrain, but it's unclear exactly what role they played in the security operation to quell the demonstrations.


A court in Ecuador has found six police officers guilty of crimes against security of the state during a protest last September in which the president was forcibly detained. President Rafael Correa had to be rescued by the military after being tear-gassed and held for several hours in a hospital by police angry about plans to cut their bonuses. He described the events as an attempted coup.

厄瓜多尔一家法庭发现,在去年9月份总统被强制拘留的动乱中,六名警察危害国家安全。当时,一些警察对削减他们奖金的计划不满,施放催泪弹,并将总统拉斐尔·科雷亚(Rafael Correa)带到一家医院将其拘留,后来军方实施了营救行动。他称这是图谋武装政变的行为。

A piece of flying debris has narrowly missed the International Space Station, forcing six members of the crew to rush to their rescue shuttle and prepare for an emergency evacuation back to Earth. Here's Jonathan Amos.

一枚高速飞行的碎片几乎与国际空间站相撞,迫使六名工作人员迅速进入救生航天飞机,准备紧急撤回地球。Jonathan Amos报道。

There are thousands of pieces of debris floating around in orbit, bits of old satellite or rocket even tools dropped in the past by space-walking astronauts. The speed at which this debris moves means any sort of impact with the space station would be catastrophic. Normally, mission control can move the station out of the way, but today's alert was raised too late for such a manoeuvre. Instead, the astronauts were ordered into two Soyuz space capsules that are attached to the station as lifeboats. They came out after the debris whizzed past at the uncomfortably close distance of just 250 metres.


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