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introduction:"Servants! Servants!" A very nervous king was calling out, perhaps in the middle of the night. King Nebuchadnezzar had just waked from a very perplexing dream. It troubled him so much he couldn't go back to sleep."Call all my magicians, astrologers, the sorcerers, and the Chaldeans to come at once!I need them to tell me about this dream!"
引子:"仆人! 仆人!" 在半夜的时候, 一个受了惊的国王叫喊起来。尼布甲尼撒王从一个非常奇怪的梦里醒来。他心里很是烦乱, 连觉也睡不着了。"快 把我的术士、用法术的、行邪术的, 和迦勒底人都叫来! 我要他们把我的梦讲给我听。!"

Magicians and sorcerers were people who used witchcraft, and power from Satan. Astrologers are those who believe the stars cause things to happen in people's lives. They use horoscopes to try to tell what is going to happen. Have you ever played with horoscopes or Ouija boards?Maybe someone you know has tried to tell your future with a crystal ball, or the lines in your palm, or tea leaves. There are even games for children to call up spirits or to work a spell. In the Bible, God gives strict warning against these things. Leviticus 19:26 says, " ...neither shall you use enchantment or observing of times."
术士和行邪术的是些用巫术的人, 他们的能力是从撒旦来的。用法术的是那些相信天上星星可以让地上的事发生的人。他们看看天宫图就想告诉别人将会发生什么事。你玩过天宫图或通灵 游戏吗?也许你的小伙伴想用水晶球, 或看你手掌的纹路, 也许是茶的叶子, 来设法 告诉你的未来。还有游戏要小伙伴召呼精灵来, 要么就是念咒语。在圣经里, 神警告不要去做这些事。利未记19:26 说, "你们不可吃带血的物, 不可用法术, 也不可观兆。"

Deuteronomy 4:19 says, " ...when you see the sun, the moon, and the stars, do not worship them." Deuteronomy 18:10-12 says "There shall not be found among you anyone who uses divination (or fortune telling), or an observer of times (horoscopes) or an enchanter (charms or spells), ...all that do so are an abomination to the Lord." An abomination is something God hates.
申命记4:19:"又恐怕你向天举目观看, 见耶和华你的神为天下万民所摆列的日月星, 就是天上的万象, 自己便被勾引敬拜事奉它。"申命记18:10-12认为"你们中间不可有人使儿女经火, 也不可有占卜的, 观兆的, 用法术的, 行邪术的, "可憎之事就是神恨恶的事情。

When the king called for all his magicians, astrologers, sorcerers, and Chaldeans, there were 4 young men who stayed in their rooms. Yes, Daniel, Hananiah, Azariah and Mishael were not present with those who appeared before the king because they were very different from them. Daniel and his 3 friends knew that their wisdom came from the Lord, not Satan's tricks or charms or spells. 
当这个国王把他的术士、用法术的、行邪术的, 和迦勒底人叫到王宫的时候, 还有四个年轻人留在他们的屋子里。他们是:但以理, 哈拿尼雅、米沙利和亚撒利雅。这四个人没有到国王的跟前, 因为他们和那些人非常不同。但以理书和他的三个朋友知道他们的智慧从神来,不是撒旦的把戏和咒语。

Main Teaching:If you know the Lord Jesus as your Savior from sin, you should ask God for wisdom. Wisdom is knowing the right thing to do. Colossians 2:3 says that all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge are hidden in one person, and that person is the Lord Jesus Christ! God's Word strictly forbids us to use Satan's evil tricks to try to find out the future, or hidden information. Some children play around with tarot cards, or seances "just for fun." But God warns us against having anything at all to do with Satan's ways. We are to hate them as God hates them. What does our memory verse say we should do when we need wisdom?
主要教训:如果你知道主耶稣是你的救主, 你应该向神求智慧。智慧是知道什么是正确的事。歌罗西书2:3 "所积蓄的一切智慧知识, 都在他里面藏着。"他就是主耶稣基督。神的话严格地禁止 我们使用撒旦的把戏去发现未来, 或暗藏的信息。有 些小朋友爱从算命或通灵的游戏找乐趣。"神警告我们不要跟这些撒旦的把戏有任何关系。我们恨这些就象 同神恨这些一样。当我们需要智慧时, 我们想起的经文是什么呢?

James l:5, "If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God...and it shall be given him." If you know the Lord Jesus as your Savior from sin, you should ask God for wisdom.Daniel and his 3 friends did not spend their time with the king's astrologers and magicians, so probably they were not even called to help the king understand his dream."I have dreamed a very troubling dream. Tell me what it was, and what it means, " the king demanded of all his wisemen. "O King, live forever, tell us the dream, and we will show you the meaning."
雅各书 l:5, " 你们中间若有缺少智慧的, 应当求那厚赐与众人, 也不斥责人的神, 主就必赐给他。"如果你知道主耶稣是你的救主, 你应该向神求智慧。但以理和他的三个朋友并不和国王的术士和用法术的在一块儿。所以他们也没有被叫去给国王解梦。"我作了一梦, 心里烦乱, 要知道这是什么梦。"国王告诉所有他的哲士。"愿王万岁!请将那梦告诉仆人, 仆人就可以讲解。

But the king answered, "That's just the point, I can't remember the dream! The thing is gone from me, and if you will not make known unto me my dream, and the meaning of it, then you shall be cut in pieces, and your houses shall be destroyed! But if you will show me my dream, and the meaning, then you shall receive of me gifts and rewards, and great honor."
但这个国王回答, "这就是我的难题。我已经忘了梦, 你们若不将梦和梦的讲解告诉我, 就必被凌迟, 你们的房屋必成为粪堆!你们若将梦和梦的讲解告诉我, 就必从我这里得奖品和荣誉。"
Imagine the large group of well-dressed, important looking men standing around whispering to each other. Can you imagine how serious and frightened they must have looked as they realized not one of them had the answer! "Let the king tell us the dream, and we will tell him what it means." The king was growing angrier and more impatient by the moment and he blasted out at them, "I know for sure that you are just trying to gain the time because you know I can't tell you the dream. You are trying to think of some smooth lies to tell me, but listen to me! There is but one decree for you, and I have already said it! Tell me the dream and its meaning, or else!"
想想, 一大群穿得整整齐齐, 有头有脸的人站立在那儿交头接耳。你能想象他们找不到答案时焦头烂额的样子吗?"请王将梦告诉仆人, 仆人就可以讲解。"国王越来越不耐烦, 他生气的咆哮着, "我准知道你们是故意拖延, 因为你们知道那梦我已经忘了!你们向我说谎言乱语, 告诉你们, 只有一法对你们, 我已经说过!告诉我这个梦和它的意 , 要不…."

The men were probably sweating by now! But they had only one answer they could give:"There is not a man upon the earth that can show the king's dream, and there is also no king, lord nor ruler who has ever asked such a thing of his magicians and astrologers!"
这些人开始冒汗! 但他们只有一个回答:"世上没有人能将王所问的事说出来, 因为没有君王、大臣、掌权的, 向术士、或用法术的、问过这样的事。"

The king's anger exploded! No doubt the palace halls thundered with the king's loud command:"Destroy ALL the wisemen of Babylon!" Arioch, the captain of the king's guard, went rapidly to work gathering all the wisemen. A loud knock came at Daniel's door. When Daniel asked what this was all about, Arioch explained what had happened. Daniel immediately asked to see the king to request time, and promised the king that he would show him the dream and its meaning. King Nebuchadnezzar must have sensed the wisdom and truth in Daniel, for he granted Daniel time. In fact, he held up the entire execution until Daniel came back to him. Meanwhile, can you guess what Daniel did? 
王的怒气爆发!他的声音在宫殿大厅里就象打雷一样:"灭绝巴比伦所有的哲士!"王的护卫长亚略, 迅速地去会集所有哲士。他大声敲来但以理的门。但以理问他这是怎么回事, 亚略就将情节告诉了但以理。但以理立刻要求去看国王, 请求宽延时就可以将梦的讲解告诉王。和许诺这个国王他显示他这个梦想和它的意思。尼布甲尼撒王一定了解但以理的智慧和真实, 所以准许但以理书 时间。实际上, 他暂停止整个灭绝计划, 等到但以理回来。同时, 你猜但以理在做了什么吗?

He went straight to his house and told Hananiah, Azariah, and Mishael the whole story and asked them to pray with him that God would show mercy and reveal this secret thing to them. These young men knew there was only One Who could know the answer to this mystery.
他径直回到他的住所, 将这事告诉他的同伴哈拿尼雅、米沙利、亚撒利雅。请求他们祈求天上的神施伶悯, 将这奥秘的事指明。他们知道只有神知道这个秘密。

Main Teaching:If you know the Lord Jesus as your Savior, ask God for wisdom! There is no secret hidden from the Lord! In fact, God's Word says that the secret things belong to the Lord. (Deuteronomy 29:29). God already knows everything in your future, the person you are going to marry, the day you will die, and every detail of your life. He knows the very best decision for you to make in any situation. He has the very best solution to every problem. But you may ask, "How does God show the answer?"
主要教训:如果你接受耶稣为你的救主, 要向神求智慧! 在他没有秘密!实际上, 神的话说, "隐秘的事是属耶和华我们神的。" (申命记29:29)。神已经知道你未来的一切, 你会和谁结婚, 你哪天将会去世的, 以及你生活的每个细节。他知道任一个情况下对你最佳的决定。他对每个难题有最佳的解法。但你可能会问, "神怎么样告诉我答案?"

Many times God shows you His wise answer in the Bible. Don't forget to read your Bible every day! So many times we miss God's wise answer by not taking time to read His Word. Another way God reveals His wisdom is when we pray. His Holy Spirit can direct us right in the middle of our prayer time! Another way children can find God's wisdom is through asking godly counselors, like your Christian parents, Bible teachers, and pastor. If you know the Lord Jesus, as your Savior, ask God for wisdom!
神常常通过圣经 显明他智慧的答案。别忘记每天读你的圣经!许多次我们不花时间读他的话就错过了神的解答。当我们祷告时, 神也会显示他的智慧。当我们祷告时, 他的圣灵会指引我们!小孩子还可以询问一些敬虔的长辈来来明白神的智慧, 例如你信主的父母, 圣经的老师和牧师。如果你接受耶稣为你的救 主, 要向神求智慧!

Daniel and his three friends wasted no time in crying out to God for His wisdom in this life-threatening situation. They knew only God had the power to reveal the secret of the king's dream. How long did they continue in prayer?We don't know, but Daniel 2:19 says, "Then was the secret revealed to Daniel in a night vision."
性命攸关的时候, 但以理和他的三个同伴马上向神呼求智慧。他们知道只有神有能力解开王作梦的秘密。他们祷告了多久?我们不知道, 不过但以理书 2:19 说, "这奥秘的事, 就在夜间异象中, 给但以理显明; "

What do you think was the first thing Daniel did?Verse 19 ends, "Then Daniel blessed the God of heaven." Daniel remembered to praise and thank God for His answer! He prayed, "Blessed be the name of God for ever and ever:for wisdom and might are his:  ...He reveals the deep and secret things..." Then Daniel went to Arioch and asked to be brought to the king. "Are you really able to make known the dream and its meaning?" the king asked. Daniel answered, "The secret which the king has demanded could not the wisemen, the astrologers, the magicians, nor the sorcerers show the king.
你知道但以理的反应是什么吗?19节说, "但以理便称颂天上的神。" 但以理记得称赞和感谢神给他的答案! 他祷告说, "神的名是应当称颂的! 从亘古直到永远, 因为智慧能力都属乎他。他显明深奥隐秘的事" 然后但以理找亚略要求见国王。"你真能将我所作的梦和梦的讲解, 告诉我吗?"国王问。但以理回答, " 王所问的那奥秘事, 哲士、用法术的、术士、观兆的, 都不能告诉王。

But there is a God in heaven that reveals secrets, and He wants you to know what is going to happen in the last days." Then Daniel began to explain the dream and its meaning. "You saw an awesome statue, huge and dazzling. The head was gold, the chest was silver, the belly and thighs of bronze. The legs were of iron, and the feet were iron mixed with clay. Then suddenly you saw a big rock strike the statue and smash it into pieces and the rock grew and filled the whole earth." The king's attention was riveted!
只有一位在天上的神, 能显明奥秘的事, 他要你知道已将日后必有的事。"然后但以理开始解释这个梦和它的意思。"你梦见一个大像, 这像极高很光亮。这像的头是精金的, 胸膛和膀臂是银的, 肚腹和腰是铜的, 腿是铁的, 脚是半铁半泥的。你观看, 见有一块大石头打在这像半铁半泥的脚上, 把脚砸碎, 充满天下。"

No doubt the dream was coming back to him now and he realized Daniel was telling him not only the dream but the profound meaning of it! Daniel went on, "You, O King Nebuchadnezzar, are the head of gold. The God of heaven has given you great power. But you will not rule forever. The other parts of the statue represent other kings that will come after you. The big rock stands for the kingdom God will set up. It will destroy all other kingdoms and it will last forever!"
国王聚精会神地听着, 毫无疑问, 他又回想起这个梦并且知道但以理正在解开这个梦的深意。但以理继续, "尼布甲尼撒王, 你就是那金头。天上的神给你巨大的权力。但你不会永远统治。这个雕像的其它部分代表在你以后的国王。大石头是神最后要立的国, 要打碎灭绝那一切国并且它永远持续!"

Gospel:Did you know that you and I live in the part of world history that has seen most of that vision come true! Now we are just waiting for that "big rock!" Who is that big rock?It's the Lord Jesus Christ, God's perfect Son! Remember that we celebrate Christmas as the time Jesus came into the world. I Timothy 1:15 tells us the reason for His first coming:"Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners." Because we were all born as sinners, we are all under the curse of death. Driving by a cemetery, reading the daily paper, all remind us of the Bible verse, "The wages of sin is death." (Romans 6:23) Does everyone have to die?
福音:你知道你和我所处的时代已经验证了大部分预言的实现! 现在我们是正等着那块" 大石头!" 那块大石头是谁 ?就是主耶稣基督, 神的儿子! 记得我们庆祝的圣诞节就是耶稣来到这个世界的时候。提摩太前书1:15 告诉我们他第一次来到这个世界的原因:"基督耶稣降世, 为要拯救罪人。"因为我们生下来就是罪人, 我们都在死亡诅咒之下。开车路过公墓, 读每天的报纸, 都提醒我们圣经的经句, " 罪的工价是死。"(罗马书 6:23) 每个人都会死吗?

The reason is because everyone has sinned. Sin is breaking God's laws, like disobeying parents, hating someone, wanting our own way. God says the punishment is death forever in a place called hell. Aren't you glad that God sent Jesus to save us from that punishment?Do you remember how Jesus saved us?By coming into the world as a baby, growing up, and allowing wicked men to nail Him to the cross. Jesus hung bleeding and dying, taking our punishment for sin. The Bible says, "how that Christ died for our sins...and was buried..and rose again the third day..." I Corinthians 15:3 & 4. Now Jesus is alive, in Heaven, and He is preparing for the time when He will return to earth, not as a Savior, but as the King, the big rock! The Bible tells us much about how Jesus will come and destroy all His enemies and set up His everlasting kingdom!
原因是因为每个人都犯了罪。罪就是违背了神的律法, 例如违背父母, 仇恨某人, 任意而行。神说惩罚就是在地狱里永远的死亡。神派耶稣来拯救我们, 你开心吗?你记得耶 稣是怎么拯救我们吗?他降世成为一个婴孩, 渐渐长大, 最后让邪恶的人钉死在十字架上。耶稣被挂, 流血死亡承担了罪的代价。圣经说" 基督为我们的罪死了, 而且埋葬了;第三天复活了。"哥林多前书15:3、4说耶稣现在正活着, 在天堂, 并且他准备要再来地上, 但不是作为救主, 而是作为国王, 大基石! 圣经告诉我们关于怎样耶稣将来会毁坏他所有的敌人和建立他永恒的王国!

When Daniel finished revealing the king's dream and all its wonderful meaning, King Nebuchadnezzar did an incredible thing! He fell down on the floor on his face before Daniel, saying, "It is true that your God is a God of gods, and a Lord of kings, and a revealer of secrets!" The Bible says, "Then the king made Daniel a great man, and gave him many gifts, and made him ruler over the whole province of Babylon, and chief over all the wise men of Babylon." Daniel asked and received promotions for his 3 friends and they too served as rulers in the kingdom. Do you think they ruled wisely?Yes! Because no doubt daily they were asking God for His wisdom.
当但以理解释完了王的梦和梦所有的意思, 尼布甲尼撒王做了难以置信的事! 他俯伏在地, 向但以理下拜, 说, " 你们的神诚然是万神之神、万王之主, 又是显明奥秘事的。"圣经记着, " 于是王高抬但以理, 赏赐他许多礼物, 派他管理巴比伦全省, 又立他为总理, 掌管巴比伦的一切哲士。但以理请求王高升他的三个同伴, 他们也管理王国的事务。他们会有智慧来治理吗?是! 当然会, 他们每天都会向神求智慧。

Challenge:If you know the Lord Jesus, will you remember to ask God for His wisdom?This week you will face problems, decisions, and have questions about things people tell you. Maybe someone else will even ask your advice about something. Don't try to figure out your own answers, or listen to ungodly friends. Especially remember God's warnings to stay away from any occultic things. This week will you remember to ask God for the wisdom you need?Remember James 1:5, "If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God...and it shall be given him."
挑战:如果你认识耶稣, 你会记得每天向神求他的智慧吗?这个星期你将面对种种难题, 决定, 或者对别人告诉你的事有疑问。可能别人来征求你的建议。不要自己寻找答案或听取不敬虔朋友的意见。特别是记住神的 警告, 远离那些召鬼的事。这个星期, 你要记住向神求你需要的智慧?记住雅各书1:5, " 你们中间若有缺少智慧的, 应当求那厚赐与众人、也不斥责人的神, 主就必赐给他。"

If you have never believed on the Lord Jesus, won't you make the wisest decision you could ever make, by believing on Him today?He will save you and make you His child forever! Go now to "How to Be a Child of God."
如果你从未相信在耶稣, 你愿意做出你能能做的最明智的决定, 今天就相信他吗?他将拯救你和你永远都是他的孩子! 请现在就去听"怎样成为神的孩子"。