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Introduction:"Yes, Captain Naaman!" " No, Captain Naaman!" " Right away, Captain!" All the servants would have scurried here and there when Captain Naaman came home from a battle. You see, he was the captain over the entire army of the king of Syria. Let's read about him right from II Kings 5:Now Naaman…was a great man with his master (the king), and honourable, because by him the LORD had given deliverance to Syria:he was a mighty man in valour (that means courage!).

But one day the servants were whispering here and there, and there were doctors coming and going from the wealthy home of Captain Naaman. What was wrong?Perhaps the little servant girl from Israel didn't know at first, but then she heard the dreadful news:Captain Naaman had leprosy!" Oh, no! Not leprosy, " she groaned. Leprosy was a terrible skin disease that caused a slow and painful death.

The little girl knew that even though Naaman was a very important and wealthy man, none of those things could cure the disease of leprosy. In her country of Israel the little girl knew that anyone who had the disease of leprosy would have to be separated from their loved ones. They could no longer live in their home with their family, but were separated and made to live apart. If anyone came near, they had to cover their mouth and cry ?Unclean!" so people would be warned to stay away.

Gospel (sin):Naaman's leprosy reminds me of the terrible problem that you and I have. In fact, we were born with it. That problem is sin. God, Who is perfectly pure and holy, says that sin causes us to be unclean in His sight. Sin is anything that breaks God's laws, like saying angry words, or being lazy to do our work, or even just thinking bad thoughts. In Psalm 53:2 & 3 we read that God looked down from heaven upon the children of men, to see if there were any that did understand, that did seek God. Every one of them is gone back:they are altogether become filthy (or unclean); there is none that doeth good, no, not one. That means God sees everyone as sinners, as unclean. And remember that leprosy caused separation from loved ones and home?God says the terrible punishment for sin is a FOREVER separation from Him and from His beautiful home in Heaven.
福音(罪):乃缦的大麻风使我想起一个有关你我的致命问题。事实上,我们生来就有这个问题。这个问题就是罪。纯全圣洁的神说罪使我们在他眼中看为不洁净的。罪是任何违背神律法的事,比如发怒气,懒于工作,或者仅仅思邪念。在诗篇53章第2,3节中,我们读到:神从天上垂看世人,要看有明白的没有,有寻求他的没有。 他们各人都退后,一同变为污秽,并没有行善的,连一个也没有。这就意味着神看每个人都是罪人,是不洁净的。并且,是否记得大麻风导致病人和所爱的人以及家庭分离?神说对罪的可怕处罚是人与他以及美丽天家永远的分离。 

Can you see how leprosy reminds us of sin?  The little maid from Israel could have been glad that Naaman had leprosy. After all, he led the armies that had kidnapped her from her country of Israel. She could have said, "That's what Naaman deserves for treating the people of Israel so badly!" Instead, she felt compassion and wanted to help. She went to her mistress, who was Captain Naaman's wife, and said, "If only my master would go to Samaria in Israel and see God's prophet there! I know he could cure Naaman's leprosy!" How could this little girl be so sure?Oh, no doubt she had heard much about this prophet of God, whose name was Elisha. She knew that the true and living God had given Elisha power to do many miracles, like raising a dead child to life! She could tell what she knew!

Main Teaching:Telling others what we know about Jesus is called WITNESSING. Do you think it was easy for this little girl to be a witness in an enemy country, among people who had been cruel to her and to her family?If you know the Lord Jesus as your Saviour from sin, God wants you to be a witness for Him. A witness for Jesus tells others how they can also come to believe on Jesus. Let's say our Bible verse, Isaiah 43:10 Ye are my witnesses, saith the Lord, and my servant whom I have chosen?" Where would it be easy to be a witness?Can you think of some places where it might be hard to witness?  It was probably not easy for the little servant girl from Israel to be a witness for the true and living God in a home where people worshipped idols.
重点:告诉别人我们所知道的耶稣基督叫做见证。你认为小女孩在敌国,向对她和她的家人做了那样残忍事的人做见证是件容易的事吗?那么如果你知道主耶稣是你罪的救主,神想你成为他的证人呢? 一个耶稣的证人会告诉别人他们也能来信靠耶稣。让我们用圣经的话,以塞亚书43章10节,耶和华说:”你们是我的见证,我所拣选的仆人。┉”在哪些地方容易作这样一个证人?你能想到某些地方是难于做见证的呢?对于从以色列来的小女仆来说,在崇拜偶像的家中为又真又活的神做见证也许并不容易。

As soon as that little girl told Naaman's wife about the prophet in Samaria, someone went and told the king. The king wasted no time in writing a letter to the king of Israel, and sending Naaman with gifts of gold and silver and rich clothing.

Soon Naaman was in his chariot and on his way to the land of Israel. Arriving with servants and gifts, the proud Captain probably created quite a stir in the palace of the king of Israel. What really upset the king, however, was the letter from the king of Syria! Let's you and I peek over the king's shoulder and read that letter! I am sending Captain Naaman to you, O king, that you may cure him of his leprosy. The king of Israel exploded! The Bible tells us that he tore his royal robes and said, " Am I God, to kill and to make alive?Why does the king send to me to cure this man's leprosy?! See now, he is just trying to start a quarrel with me."

Does that sound easy?How much would a cure like this cost Naaman?But the Bible says Naaman was SO ANGRY! He turned away in a rage!" I thought the prophet would come out and call on the name of the Lord His God and strike his hand over me and recover me. Aren't the rivers of Syria much better than this muddy Jordan in Israel?

Couldn't I just wash in them and be clean?" Naaman was turning to go back to Syria, still dying of his leprosy because he wanted to be cured HIS WAY, not God's way. But his servants came up gently to plead with their proud master."Sir, if the prophet had asked you to do some hard, expensive thing, wouldn't you have done it?How much rather then something so easy, so free?. just wash and be clean?" Perhaps Naaman had to calm down and think a minute. While he does, Let's you and I think too.

Gospel (way):Do you remember that we said leprosy is a lot like sin?Just as God had ONE way for Naaman to be clean from his leprosy, even so God has made ONE way for us to be clean from our sins. That ONE way was through the suffering and death of ONE person, the Lord Jesus Christ, God's perfect Son. Revelation l:5 says, Unto him that loved us, and washed us from our sins in his own blood. Jesus came down to earth and willingly allowed His enemies to nail His hands and feet to a cross.

They thought they were killing Jesus to get rid of Him. Jesus knew He was giving His life to save us from the punishment of sin. He died, was buried and came alive in 3 days. Now the Lord Jesus is in Heaven again with His Father God. Acts l6:3l says Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved. That is God's ONE way for you to made clean from your sin. We cannot be made clean OUR way.
他们认为他们正在杀死除去耶稣基督。但耶稣知道他正在用他的生命来救我们免于罪刑。他死了,葬了,并在第3天复活了。主耶稣又回到了天堂和他父神在一起。使徒行传16章31节说当信主耶稣,你和你一家都必得救。 这就是神预备的唯一的方法来帮助我们脱离罪。我们是不能靠自己的方法让我们得洁净的。

And Naaman could not be made clean HIS way. As he put aside his pride and thought about it, he realized his servants were right. Then Naaman went to the Jordan River. Did you know, boys and girls, if you went over to the Middle East today to the land of Israel, you could also see the Jordan River?It is still a muddy river, not really the kind of water you would want for a bath. But in stepped Captain Naaman, for he realized it wasn't the water that would make him clean. It was believing and obeying God's Word!

Oh, I'm sure there were many joyful shouts from Naaman and his servants as they helped him out of the water!Quickly Naaman and his servants returned to Elisha's house. This time the prophet himself came out. Behold, now I know that there is no God in all the earth, but in Israel:  Naaman declared, right in front of all his servants! Naaman realized that the gods of Syria were nothing but idols, they had not been able to help him. The God of Israel was the true and living God!

Gospel (God's love):That is the same true and living God Who made the world and all things. He is the same God Who made you and loves you so much! Ephesians 2:4 & 5 says But God, who is rich in mercy, for his great love wherewith he loved us, Even when we were dead in sins?God loves you and wants to make you clean from your sin so you can live with Him in His wonderful home in Heaven someday. His love for you is the same yesterday (or many years ago when Naaman lived), today, and forever. He is the true and living God!

And Naaman was declaring that very thing right in front of all his servants and to Elisha. Then Naaman began to bring out all the gifts from the king of Syria. He was so glad to be able to give them all to Elisha. But to his surprise, Elisha would not take even one piece of silver, nothing. Naaman insisted, but Elisha still refused. Why?Probably because Elisha knew God had done the miracle, and only God should have the glory and thanks.

Naaman returned to the land of Syria. Can you just hear the shouts of joy and see the happy tears of Captain Naaman's wife and family?How do you think the little maid from Israel felt?Now there were two WITNESSES in that home, both telling what they knew about the true and living God.be made clean from their sin!

Invitation:If you have never yet believed on the Lord Jesus and asked Him to make you clean from your sin, remember God's Word tells us there is only ONE WAY. Acts l6:3l says Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved. God says our sin causes us to face the terrible punishment of being separated from Him forever. But Jesus died on the cross to save you from that punishment. He's alive now in Heaven and ready to save you. Believing on the Lord Jesus means A-we ADMIT to Him that we have sinned,

B- we BELIEVE that He died as the perfect Son of God for our sins, C- we CALL on the Lord Jesus in prayer, asking Him to save us and make us clean from our sin.Would you bow your heads and close your eyes right now, please?  If you have never believed on the Lord Jesus that you might be saved, and you want to do that right now, would you say this prayer after me, and mean it with all your heart?Jesus is listening. Dear Lord Jesus, I admit that I have sinned. I realize my sin makes me unclean in the eyes of God.
A- 我们向他承认我们犯罪了;B- 我们相信他是神无瑕疵的儿子并且是为我们死的;C- 我们在祷告中呼叫主耶稣,请他救我们并使我们得从罪中洁净。你愿意现在就低头并闭上你的眼睛吗?

But I believe that You are the perfect Son of God. You never sinned. And yet because You loved me, You died and gave Your precious blood to pay for my sin. Please come into my life and save me and make me clean from my sin. Thank You, Jesus. Amen.