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There’s no trees, no grass in my community. It's very bare. So I have decided to give several hours each month to plant trees and grass in my community. After several years, there will be a lot of trees and grass in my community. It's very charming environment. You can imagine how comfortable it can be, just relax yourself on the grass, when sun is setting down and birds in the trees are singing. Second, Air pollution and noisy pollution are serious in my community. Planting trees and grass can reduce pollution.

我所在的社区没有树木,没有草。 太裸了 因此,我决定每月在社区中花几个小时种些树木。 几年后,我的社区将有很多树木和草丛。 这是一个非常迷人的环境。 您可以想象它会多么舒适,只要太阳下山,树上的鸟儿在唱歌,就可以在草地上放松自己。 第二,空气污染和嘈杂污染在我的社区中很严重。 植树种草可以减少污染。


Doing exercise every day is helpful to students' health. I think health will go with us for a long life if we insist on exercising everyday. It is helpful for us to focus the energy on study and work. Second, doing exercise is the best way to relax. It helps us to reduce stress and release tension.

每天做运动对学生的健康很有帮助。 我认为,如果我们坚持每天锻炼,健康将与我们长寿。 将精力集中在学习和工作上对我们很有帮助。 其次,锻炼是放松的最佳方式。 它有助于我们减轻压力并释放紧张感。


Music is also the best way to help me escape stress and trouble. You know, stress is the biggest enemy of the health. Music can bring me lots of pleasure and turn my blue mood to a bright one. When I am listening music, I can forget all the difficulties of stress life.

音乐也是帮助我摆脱压力和麻烦的最好方法。 要知道,压力是健康的最大敌人。 音乐可以带给我很多乐趣,并使我的忧郁情绪变成一种明亮的心情。 当我听音乐时,我会忘记压力生活的所有困难。


To succeed in the world, we should cooperate with others. The ability and the knowledge of one person are limited. How to cooperate with others is important to our success.

为了在世界上取得成功,我们应该与他人合作。 一个人的能力和知识是有限的。 如何与他人合作对我们的成功至关重要。



1、XXX can also reduce the stress and pressure of the adults. Great pressure may cause lots of illness, for example, high blood pressure, physiological problem, and so on.Through xxx, the adults can feel easy and happy.

2、Besides, …is my way of releasing my pressure. I mean, nowadays people are under a lot of pressure from work and life. So they have to do something to relax their mind. When I under much pressure, I read the travelling guide. I regard it as relaxation, for it’s amusing and attractive pictures……I will feel very relaxed and comfortable while reading it.

1,XXX还可以减轻成年人的压力和压力。 巨大的压力可能会导致许多疾病,例如高血压,生理问题等。通过xxx,成年人可以感到轻松愉快。

2,此外,……是我释放压力的方式。 我的意思是,当今人们承受着工作和生活的巨大压力。 因此,他们必须采取一些措施来放松自己的思想。 当我承受很大压力时,我会阅读旅行指南。 我把它看作是放松,因为它有趣且吸引人的图片……阅读时,我会感到非常放松和舒适。


Playing games can be helpful to develop some skills, such as how to cooperate with partners, how to get along with others and so on. All of the skills are the key qualities needed in our daily lives.

玩游戏有助于发展某些技能,例如如何与合作伙伴合作,如何与他人相处等等。 所有技能都是我们日常生活中所需的关键素质。


We can help each other. We I fall in trouble, I can get help from my companion in time. The most important is that my companion can provide me some useful advice to avoid some accidents.

我们可以互相帮助。 我们遇到麻烦了,我可以及时得到同伴的帮助。 最重要的是,我的同伴可以为我提供一些有用的建议,以免发生意外。


1、If I could create a new holiday to honor a person, I would honor Edison. He is one of the greatest inventors that I respect. He is very brilliant. You know, he invented thousands of useful products, such as light bulb, phonograph, storage battery, telegraph system and so on. Without light bulb, we maybe live in a dark world at night. He has done great contribution to human.

2、If I could meet a famous athlete, I would choose to meet Yao Ming. Firstly, he is an excellent angel for china. In a sense, he brings the beautiful aspects of China into the world. Second, he is very nice and funny. in interviews you can see his good characteristics. He is always good temper. He seldom was angry for little thing. Furthermore, recently, he subscribes amount of money for SARS research. He has set a perfect example for all young people, both in china and the rest of the world.

1,如果我可以创建一个新的假期来纪念一个人,我将纪念爱迪生。 他是我尊敬的最伟大的发明家之一。 他非常聪明。 要知道,他发明了数千种有用的产品,例如灯泡,留声机,蓄电池,电报系统等。 没有灯泡,我们可能会在夜晚生活在黑暗的世界中。 他为人类做出了巨大贡献。

2,如果我可以遇到一位著名的运动员,我会选择认识姚明。 首先,他是中国的杰出天使。 从某种意义上说,他将中国的美丽面貌带入了世界。 其次,他非常好笑。 在面试中,您可以看到他的良好品质。 他总是脾气好。 他很少为小事生气。 此外,最近,他为SARS研究投入了大量资金。 他为中国乃至世界其他所有年轻人树立了完美的榜样。


1、I think, he should go Su Zhou Park. It has very beautiful environment. There are lots of trees, grass and fresh air. You can imagine how comfortable it can be, just relax yourself on the grass, when you are tired. Around the park, there are many famous restaurants that offer the best food in the China. The most important, is that the people in city are very nice and friendly. When the foreigner needs help, they would like to help him. Thus, I strongly recommend that foreign visitors should visit Su Zhou Park.

2、XX is a full of breathtaking views. There’re verdant trees, blooming flowers and carpets of green grass. Take a casual walk, start some sweet chat and fresh air will get us refreshed. roam on the sidewalk, watch the water ripples in the lake, frolic near the artificial hill, sit on bench and enjoy the cool in summer. I can relax myself, and breath the flesh air or clear my mind。

1,我认为,他应该去苏州公园。 它的环境非常优美。 有很多树木,草木和新鲜的空气。 您可以想像它会多么舒适,只要累了就在草地上放松自己。 公园周围有许多著名的餐馆,提供中国最好的食物。 最重要的是,城市中的人们非常友好和友善。 当外国人需要帮助时,他们想帮助他。 因此,我强烈建议外国游客参观苏州公园。

2,XX风景秀丽。 那里有翠绿的树木,盛开的花朵和绿草如茵的地毯。 散散步,开始一些甜蜜的聊天,新鲜的空气会让我们精神焕发。 在人行道上漫游,观看湖水涟漪,在人工丘陵附近嬉戏,坐在长椅上,享受夏日凉爽的时光。 我可以放松自己,呼吸肉体的空气或清醒头脑。