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[翻译字幕]Health Report - People With Chronic Hepatitis B Often Do Not Know It

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健康报道 - 乙肝的传播和防治

This is the VOA Special English Health Report.


Today we answer a question. Vu Quang Hien from Vietnam wants to know more about hepatitis B. Hepatitis is the name for a group of viral infections that attack the liver. These are called A, B, C and so on.

今天我们来回答一个问题。来自越南的Vu Quang Hien想了解更多关于乙肝的知识。肝炎是攻击肝脏的一系列病毒感染的总称,分为甲肝、乙肝、丙肝等等。

An estimated two billion people are infected with hepatitis B. The rates are highest in China and other parts of Asia. The World Health Organization says most of these infections happen during childhood.


Hepatitis B is spread through contact with infected blood or other body fluids. Mothers can infect babies at birth. Unsafe injections and sexual contact can also spread the virus. Experts say it can survive outside the body for at least a week.


There are two forms of hepatitis B -- acute and chronic. Acute cases last for several weeks, although recovery can take months. Chronic cases can lead to death from cirrhosis or scarring of the liver and liver cancer.

A testing campaign for hepatitis B

Yet people with long-term liver infections can live for years and not even know they are infected. The ones most likely to develop chronic hepatitis B are young children.


In the United States, experts at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention urge medical providers to test Asian-American patients.


DR. JOHN WARD: "The bottom line -- since most people of Asian heritage came to the US from endemic countries or were born to parents from these countries, they should be screened for chronic hepatitis B."


For acute hepatitis B, patients may receive care to replace lost fluids, but there are no treatments. Doctors can treat chronic cases with interferon and antiviral drugs. But these medicines cost too much for most of the world's poor.


A vaccine to prevent hepatitis B has been available for thirty years. The researcher who discovered this vaccine -- and hepatitis B itself -- was an American named Baruch Blumberg. Dr. Blumberg also showed that the virus could cause liver cancer.

预防乙肝的疫苗已经问世三十年。发现乙肝并研制出疫苗的是美国人巴鲁克·布隆伯格(Baruch Blumberg)。布隆伯格医生还指出这种病毒可能导致肝癌。

Dr. Baruch Blumberg

He and another researcher at the Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia, Irving Millman, invented the vaccine in nineteen sixty-nine. But Dr. Blumberg said it took some time to find a drug company willing to produce it.

1969年,他和费城福克斯蔡斯癌症中心的另一位研究员欧文·米尔曼(Irving Millman)研制出乙肝疫苗。但布隆伯格医生表示,他们花了不少时间才找到一家愿意生产这种疫苗的制药公司。

He first became interested in studying infectious disease when he volunteered in Surinam during his medical training.


His discoveries with hepatitis B saved many lives and earned him a Nobel Prize in medicine. But he also had other interests -- including the search for life in outer space.


In the late nineties, he helped launch the Astrobiology Institute at NASA. He was at a space agency conference in California in April when he died, apparently of a heart attack. Baruch Blumberg was eighty-five years old.


And that’s the VOA Special English Health Report, written by Caty Weaver. I’m Steve Ember.