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[翻译字幕]Health Report - In Rural India, Medical Myths Spread

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健康报道 - 印度农村地区巫医盛行 俄罗斯替代治疗师数量超医生

This is the VOA Special English Health Report.


Rural areas of India may have few doctors or other health resources. Instead, many people use traditional healers. These faith-based healers, or witch doctors, sometimes have strange theories about how the body works.


In West Bengal, for example, some people have long believed that getting bitten by a dog leads to the birth of puppies. Dr. Kumar Kanti Ghosh is a psychiatrist. He helped document this belief in so-called puppy pregnancy syndrome for an article. It appeared in the Lancet medical journal in two thousand three.

例如在西孟加拉邦,一些人长期以来一直认为被狗咬伤会生出幼犬。库马尔·坎蒂·戈什(Kumar Kanti Ghosh)博士是一名心理医生。他帮助把这个被称为小狗妊娠综合症的信念记录到一篇文章中。该文章2003年发表在《柳叶刀》医学杂志上。

His interest started when a nine-year-old boy came to his health clinic about ten days after being bitten by a dog.


KUMAR KANTI GHOSH: "He believes that he had developed a pregnancy with a puppy inside his abdomen. And sometimes also his parents have said that sometimes the boy is barking like a dog."


A healer named Budheswar Singh says his mixture of yogurt and herbs has cured many people. "If the man is brought to me on time, I can give him my medicine and he will be all right."

一个名为辛格(Budheswar Singh)的巫医称,他的酸奶草药混合物已经治愈了很多人。“如果他被及时带来找我,我可以给他药,他就会完全康复。”

Sanjay Samui is a medical doctor who wishes people would stop believing ideas like this. "They are uneducated village people -- they still hold on to such superstitions," he says. He tells everyone that in no situation can a puppy be born inside a human body.


The national government spends about one and a half percent of India's gross domestic product on health care. This is among the lowest rates in the world. It means faith healers are the only choice in some places. The healers spread medical myths and even build distrust against doctors.


But in some countries, doctors may seek help from traditional healers.


Officials in Russia have counted at least eight hundred thousand alternative healers -- more than the number of medical doctors. Daria Minerova, a healer in Moscow, told a reporter last year that doctors often called on her to either cast spells or clear spells for patients. She said they ask her for help when they have a difficult case in trying to cure a patient.

俄罗斯有关官员已经统计到至少80万替代治疗师,其数量超过医生。去年,莫斯科一名治疗师达里亚·密涅瓦(Daria Minerova)告诉记者,医生经常找她为病人施法或解除法术。她表示,他们在治疗中遇到困难时就会寻求她的帮助。
注:替代医学(alternative medicine),也叫替代疗法,是由西方国家划定的常规西医治疗以外的补充疗法。包括草药、针灸疗法、按摩疗法、冥想疗法等等。替代治疗师就是指替代医学从业者,例如中医。

Health care in Russia is basically free. So cost does not explain why people seek alternative healers. Marina Belorysova, a college-educated English teacher in Moscow, told a reporter last year that people avoid western medical care in Russia for a different reason.

俄罗斯医疗基本上免费的。因此医疗费用无法解释人们为什么选择替代治疗师。去年,莫斯科一名受过大学教育的英语教师玛丽娜(Marina Belorysova)告诉记者,人们出于不同原因避免接受俄罗斯西医治疗。

MARINA BELORYSOVA: "Medicine is very poor in Russia. It is very bad. At least they know when they use alternative medicine, nothing really bad will happen, right?"


And that's the VOA Special English Health Report. You can find a video about medical myths in rural India at voanews.cn. I'm Steve Ember.

Contributing: Kurt Achin and Jessica Golloher