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[翻译字幕]IN THE NEWS - Just What Happened in the Trayvon Martin Shooting?

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新闻报道 - 黑人青年马丁遭枪击致死引发抗议

This is IN THE NEWS in VOA Special English.


"Tragedy." That word appears again and again in comments about the Trayvon Martin shooting in Sanford, Florida. Trayvon Martin was seventeen years old and unarmed. A twenty-eight-year-old neighborhood watch volunteer shot and killed him on a rainy night in February. He says he acted in self-defense. He says the teenager attacked him.

“悲剧。”在谈及佛罗里达州桑福德发生的特雷文·马丁(Trayvon Martin)枪杀事件时,这个词一次又一次的出现。马丁年方17岁,并且手无寸铁。二月份,一名28岁的邻里志愿守望员(相当于社区治安志愿者)在一个雨夜开枪打死了他,并称马丁攻击了他,而自己是自卫。

Trayvon Martin was black. The crime watch organizer, George Zimmerman, is white and Hispanic. Many accused him of racism. Many more denounced law enforcement officials for not bringing criminal charges. The United States Justice Department opened its own investigation.

马丁是黑人。而这名犯罪的守望员发起人乔治·齐默曼(George Zimmerman)是拉美裔白人。许多人指责他种族主义,更多人谴责执法官员未对其进行刑事指控。美国司法部对此展开了自己的调查。

This week, a Florida prosecutor, State Attorney Angela Corey, charged Mr. Zimmerman with murder.

本周,佛罗里达检察官,州检察长安吉拉·克里(Angela Corey)以谋杀罪控告齐默曼。

ANGELA COREY: "Let me emphasize that we do not prosecute by public pressure or by petition. We prosecute based on the facts of any given case as well as the laws of the state of Florida."


On Thursday Mr. Zimmerman appeared before Seminole County Judge Mark Herr.

周四,齐默曼先生出现在塞米诺尔县法官马克·赫尔(Mark Herr)面前。

An undated family picture of Trayvon Martin.

MARK HERR: "Mr. Zimmerman, you are here for your first appearances, a first appearance at this time for a charge of murder in the second degree. And you are represented by Mr. O'Mara? "




MARK HERR: "Remember your right to remain silent."


The judge said there was enough evidence to move forward with the case. He told Mr. Zimmerman that he will be officially charged during an arraignment hearing on May twenty-ninth. A hearing is set for next Friday on the possibility of releasing him from jail on bond.


Defense lawyer Mark O'Mara said Mr. Zimmerman would plead not guilty but he worries about getting a fair trial.

辩护律师马克·奥玛拉(Mark O'Mara)表示,齐默曼先生不会认罪,但他担心得不到公正审判。”

MARK O'MARA: "We need to calm this down and this case needs to be tried in a courtroom."


The shooting happened in the gated community where the girlfriend of Trayvon Martin's father lives. Tracy Martin and Trayvon’s mother, Sybrina Fulton, accuse Mr. Zimmerman of targeting their son because he was black. They led the protests to have him arrested.

这起枪杀事件发生在马丁父亲的女友居住的封闭式社区。马丁父亲特雷西·马丁(Tracy Martin)及母亲富尔顿(Sybrina Fulton)指责齐默曼先生针对他们的儿子,因为他是黑人。他们发起了逮捕齐默曼的抗议。

SYBRINA FULTON: "We just wanted an arrest and we got it."


Police did not charge Mr. Zimmerman earlier because of a Florida law known as "Stand Your Ground.” It says people have a right to meet force with force, to stand their ground and not turn and run. The Florida legislature passed the law in two thousand five.

此前警方没有逮捕齐默曼是由于佛罗里达州的“永不后退法”(Stand Your Ground Law)。该法律称,人们有权以暴制暴,坚守原地而不是转身逃跑。佛罗里达立法机关于2005年通过了这条法律。

Many other states have similar laws. Supporters say these laws can reduce violent crime and protect citizens who are trying to defend themselves. But Daniel Gross with the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence told members of Congress that the Florida law needs to be examined closer.

其它许多州也有类似法律。支持者称,这些法律可以减少暴力犯罪,保护试图自卫的公民。但布雷迪预防枪支暴力中心(Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence)的丹尼尔·格罗斯(Daniel Gross)对国会议员表示,必须对这条佛罗里达州法律进行严密审查。

DANIEL GROSS: "In Florida, law enforcement authorities do not have the discretion to take away licenses to carry concealed weapons even from those who have killed unarmed people."


Jeb Bush signed the law when he was Florida governor. He says it was not meant for cases like this one.

杰布·布什(Jeb Bush)时任佛罗里达州州长时签署了这项法律。他表示,该法律并非针对这类案件。

JEB BUSH: "'Stand Your Ground' means 'Stand Your Ground.' It doesn't mean chase after somebody who's turned their back."


George Zimmerman had called the 911 emergency services number to report a suspicious person.


911 OPERATOR: "Are you following him?"




911 OPERATOR: "We don't need you to do that."


Mr. Zimmerman later told police that he shot Mr. Martin after the teen struck him and hit his head on the ground.


President Obama commented on the case last month. He said when he thinks about Trayvon Martin, he thinks about his own children.


BARACK OBAMA: "If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon."


Samantha Nolan is a neighborhood watch trainer in Washington. She tells volunteers never to chase anyone. In fact, she says the best way to fight crime is to just know your neighbors.

萨曼莎·诺兰(Samantha Nolan)是华盛顿的一名邻里守望者教练。她告诉志愿者不要跟踪任何人。事实上,打击犯罪的最好办法是熟悉你的邻居。

And that's IN THE NEWS in VOA Special English. I'm Steve Ember.

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