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[翻译字幕]Technology Report - Event Aims to Build Interest in Science, Engineering

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科技报道 - 创新杯竞赛试图提高人们在科学、工程领域的兴趣

This is the VOA Special English Technology Report.


Last week we reported on Microsoft Corporation’s Imagine Cup finals in the United States. Team FlashFood from Arizona State University won top honors at the event. Its mobile application and website lets hotels, restaurants and farmers markets donate food to people who need it.


The FlashFood project grew out of the Engineering Projects in Community Service program at Arizona State. The director of the program, Richard Filley, says the project has far-reaching possibilities. Mr. Filley plans to work with the team to decide what changes are necessary to make the project successful in other countries. For example, he notes a method of saving uneaten food, commonly called a doggie bag.

FlashFood项目出自亚利桑那州立大学社区服务课程的工程项目。该课程总监理查德·费尔雷(Richard Filley)表示,该项目可能性极其广泛。费尔雷先生计划与该团队一起决定需要做出什么样的改变使得该项目在其它国家获得成功。例如,他注意到一种节约吃剩饭菜的方法,通常称为食物打包。

RICHARD FILLEY: “After you’ve gone to a restaurant, if you don’t eat all the food you take what’s left over and put it in what’s called a doggie bag. You take it home. You may feed it to the dog or you may eat it. Would those cultures in those different countries be open to the idea of taking leftover food and using FlashFood to connect with people who are hungry? We don’t know the answer to that yet.”


The Microsoft Imagine Cup competition is now in its tenth year. Mark Hindsbo is a vice president with Microsoft. He says students today have a lot of technology available to help with their projects.

微软创新杯竞赛现在迎来了第十个年头。Mark Hindsbo是微软公司副总裁。他表示,学生们现在拥有众多能够有助于他们项目的科学技术。

MARK HINDSBO: “In the beginning people were building almost everything from scratch. We have built a lot of things in the industry over those ten years.”

Mark Hindsbo说:“最初人们几乎从零开始创建了一切。这十年,我们已经在该行业创建了很多东西。”

Mr. Hindsbo says many of the software applications needed to complete such projects already exist. He offers Team FlashFood as a good example.


MARK HINDSBO: “The fact that they can build on the assumption that there are smartphones in the hands of most of the people that they need to coordinate with, there’s an online service with mapping and turn by turn direction.”

Mark Hindsbo说:“事实上,他们创建项目可以基于大多数他们需要协调的人手中有智能手机,可以提供在线导航服务这样一种假设。”

The Microsoft official says solving world problems is a major goal of the Imagine Cup competition. But, he adds, there is another goal that is equally important.


MARK HINDSBO: “In the U.S. alone we have probably around a million jobs that risk being unfilled over the next five years within the software and tech sector because we don’t have enough students. So when you look at the pipeline in science, technology engineering and math we come up way short.”

Mark Hindsbo说:“仅仅是在美国,由于我们没有足够的学生,未来五年里我们在软件和高科技领域,可能有近百万个岗位存在空缺的风险。如果你看一看科学、技术工程和数学领域的后备军,我们面临短缺。”

Mark Hindbro says he welcomes any efforts to increase interest in these areas of study.

Mark Hindbro表示,他欢迎任何试图提高这一研究领域兴趣的努力。

A team from Drexel University also was a winner at the Imagine Cup finals in the United States. The Drexel Dragons designed a game to help students better understand mathematics. The Dr. Fishbowl team from Carnegie Melon University designed a game that teaches about sustainability, byproducts and waste.

来自德雷克塞尔大学的Drexel Dragons队也是创新杯美国赛区决赛的优胜者。该团队设计了一个游戏来帮助学生们更好地理解数学。来自卡耐基梅隆大学的Dr. Fishbowl队设计了一个游戏讲述可持续发展,副产品和废弃物。

Team FlashFood will represent the United States at the Imagine Cup worldwide finals in Sydney, Australia. The event takes place July sixth through the tenth. And that's the VOA Special English Technology Report. I'm Faith Lapidus.


Contributing: June Simms