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[翻译字幕]Agriculture Report - How Overfishing Threatens Asia's Wild Fish Stocks

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农业报道 - 过度捕捞威胁亚洲鱼类资源

This is the VOA Special English Agriculture Report.


The pressure to feed Asia's growing population has led to dangerous levels of overfishing near Pacific coastlines.


An example can be found in Sindangan, a fishing town in the southern Philippines. Wild catches are falling while prices are rising.


This fisherman says the area's once healthy fish stocks are in danger because of an increase in the number of fishing boats.


Across the South China Sea, fish catches near shore have dropped since the nineteen eighties. That drop has pushed fishermen to go offshore with bigger boats.


Benjamin Francisco is an official with the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization. He says some of the methods they use to increase their catches are destructive.

本杰明·弗朗西斯科(Benjamin Francisco)是联合国粮农组织官员。他说,渔民用来增加渔获的一些方法是破坏性的。

"The use of fine mesh net, the use of dynamite explosives for fishing, and other fishing gear, that catches juveniles or those that harvest maturing spawning stocks."


Bluefin tuna being cut up on board a Japanese fishing vessel

Fishing methods like these harm the ability of some species to reproduce. The fish warden in Sindangan, Julie Buot, says most of the local fishermen use fine mesh nets. Such nets have been banned for years because they catch very young fish.

这类捕鱼法伤害了一些物种的繁殖能力。Sindangan的鱼类督导员Julie Buot表示,多数本地渔民使用细孔渔网。这种网因为捕捉小鱼苗,已被禁用多年。

To deal with problems like this, Benjamin Francisco has been promoting the idea of licensing systems. The aim is to limit the number of boats on the water.


Asia has the world's largest fishing fleets. They represent nearly three million of the world's four million fishing vessels. And most estimates show that the numbers are increasing.


In Hong Kong, there are increased efforts to regulate fleets and to ban trawling for fish near shore. More than two hundred million dollars is being spent in an effort to increase catches by small fishing operations. So Ping-man of the Hong Kong Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department is hopeful about the efforts. He expects catch values to increase.

香港加大了监管船队和禁止近案拖网捕鱼的力度。超过2亿美元投入到增加小型渔业作业渔获量的努力中。香港农业渔业自然资源保护署的So Ping-man非常看好这些努力。他预计捕捞值会上升。

But Hong Kong's measures are costly. Benjamin Francisco says a lot of governments in Asia are not in a position to copy them.


"The issues are deeply rooted in poverty, the inability of local government to respond immediately, insufficiency of funds."


In Sindangan, Wilfredo Ortega feeds a family of nine children from small-scale fishing. On a recent day, he caught only half a dollar's worth of fish. He had to return to shore early because of monsoon winds.

Sindangan的维尔弗雷多·奥尔特加(Wilfredo Ortega)通过小规模捕鱼养活了九个孩子的家庭。最近他只能捕到价值半美元的鱼。因为季风,他不得不提前回到岸边。

"In these months, it's quite tight," he says, talking about the difficulty of saving money. "We can only save during the months of November, December, January. We can save by catching young sardines."


The young sardines may feed Mr. Ortega's family for now. But the catches today mean fewer mature fish tomorrow. And they mean an even riskier future for those who depend on fishing when no other work is available.


And that's the Agriculture Report in Special English. I'm Christopher Cruise.