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[翻译字幕]Technology Report - Could Waste Plastic Reduce Our Need for Oil?

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科技报道 - 塑料制油技术是否可以减少美国的石油需求

From VOA Learning English, this is the Technology Report in Special English.


The United States Environmental Protection Agency says only seven percent of plastic waste in the United States is recycled each year. A new company in northern New York says it can increase that percentage. It also says it can help the United States reduce the amount of oil it imports.


The company has a machine it calls the “plastic-eating monster.” Every hour, thousands of kilograms of milk jugs, water bottles, and grocery bags are fed into the machine. The plastic waste comes from landfills across the United States. John Bordnyniuk runs the company, called JBI.

该公司有一台所谓“塑食怪物”的机器。每小时有数千公斤的牛奶壶、矿泉水瓶和购物袋被送入这台机器。这些塑料垃圾来自美国各地的垃圾填埋场。John Bordnyniuk经营着这家名为JBI的公司。

“Basically they’ve been mining their own piles for us and sending them here.”


Mr. Bordyniuk has invented a new process for turning plastic into fuel. First, many different kinds of unwashed plastics are melted together.


“The viscosity is close to what milk would be like. Almost like when you’re heating milk on the stove. Looks exactly like that, except its black.”


Mr. Bordyniuk uses a special chemical to turn the fluid into a vapor. This reduces the plastic to its most basic elements.


“Plastics are just long hydrocarbon chains. What we’re doing is re-forming them into links and chains that we want so they have a high fuel value.”


A man uses a forklift to move containers of plastic bottles at the recycling center

Eight percent of the recycled plastic is used to run the system. Independent testers say eighty-six percent of what goes in comes out as fuel.


Bob Molodynia helps run the company. He watches as the plastic-eating machine pours a thin, brown liquid into an oil barrel.

Bob Molodynia协助经营这家公司。他看着这台“塑食机器”将棕色小细流注入油桶。

“You could tap this right now and this is ready to go. That’s a number six fuel, that’s what a lot of like US Steel uses, a lot of major companies, that’s what they pay the big bucks for, right there.”


JBI produces several thousand liters of fuel a day. It creates different grades of fuel for different industries. It sells the fuel for up to one hundred dollars a barrel. Each barrel costs about ten dollars to produce.


John Bordyniuk believes plastics will become an important source of fuel for the United States. He says this will reduce the country’s dependence on foreign oil and reduce the amount of plastic waste in its landfills.


Scientists say plastic-to-oil technology is still new and developing. They say it is not yet known if the process is environmentally friendly. And some question whether turning plastic into oil can even be considered “recycling.”


Carson Maxted is with the publication Resource Recycling, a magazine that reports on the plastic recycling industry. He says because there is a lot of plastic waste and a great demand for oil, JBI’s recycling technology may create great changes in both industries.

Carson Maxted就职于《资源回收》杂志,这是一家报道塑料回收行业的出版物。他说,由于目前有大量塑料垃圾,对石油的需求量也很大。JBI公司的回收技术可能给这两个行业带来巨大改变。

“So they’re getting value from something that would otherwise go to the landfill, things that wouldn’t be accepted into a recycler.”