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[翻译字幕]IN THE NEWS - France and West African Countries Intervene in Mali

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新闻报道 - 法国和西非国家介入马里

From VOA Learning English, this is IN THE NEWS in Special English.


France joined African forces this week in an effort to oust Islamic militants in northern Mali. The militants have progressively moved south. At the request of the Malian government, France earlier launched an air offensive against the militants. France is Mali’s former colonial ruler.


Then France launched a ground offensive, along with forces of Mali and the Economic Community of West African States, called ECOWAS. Islamic extremists seized control of northern Mali after Malian soldiers ousted the government last March.


French troops have faced strong resistance from the Islamic force, said to be a well-organized coalition of militant groups. One of the Islamist groups leading the coalition is Ansar Dine, which means “Defenders of Faith.” The group follows a form of Islam known as Salafism. It seeks to rule Mali under a severe form of Sharia law.

法国军队遭遇了伊斯兰力量的顽强抵抗,据说这是一个组织严密的武装组织联盟。领导该联盟的伊斯兰组织之一是伊斯兰卫士(Ansar Dine),意为信仰的捍卫者。该组织信奉一种被称为沙拉菲主义的伊斯兰教,寻求依据一种严厉的伊斯兰教法来统治马里。

Ansar Dine had joined with ethnic Tuareg rebels last April to oust government forces in northern Mali. In June, Ansar Dine turned its weapons against the lesser-armed Tuareg fighters and seized control of the area.


Since taking over the north, the group has joined forces with two area militant groups. They are al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb and the Movement for Unity and Jihad in West Africa.


French helicopters are towed to the military side of Bamako's airport, Mali, January 16, 2013.

The Islamists have used several methods to develop into a fighting force that surprised French officials with its skills. An expert at the Washington-based Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, Bill Roggio, said the militants secured their weapons from neighboring Libya.

这些伊斯兰教徒使用数种方法发展成为战斗力量,其本事惊住了法国官员。总部位于华盛顿的保卫民主基金会的专家比尔·罗吉奥(Bill Roggio)表示,这些武装分子从邻国利比亚获得了他们的武器。

Mister Roggio also said the militants seized rocket launchers and armed vehicles from the Malian army. The militants have earned millions of dollars by kidnapping foreigners and taking part in the drug trade.


In November the African Union approved plans for a West African military force to deploy to Mali. The plans were approved in December by the United Nations Security Council. France says 1,400 French soldiers were deployed to Mali. More than 1,000 more are expected in the next few days.


Armed vehicles arrived earlier this week from Ivory Coast. On Thursday, 100 soldiers from Togo also arrived. The Togolese were the first of the West African forces to come to Mali. ECOWAS plans to send as many as 3,300 troops into the nation.


Islamic militants made gains by capturing the southern and central towns of Diabaly and Konna. On Friday, the Malian army and French officials reported that Malian troops regained control of the town of Konna.


The U.N. refugee agency says it expects up to 700,000 more people to flee their homes in Mali because of the fighting. Helene Caux, a spokeswoman for the U.N. refugee agency UNHCR in West Africa says she hears reports that many people are fleeing the conflict.

联合国难民机构表示,他们估计会有70多万人因为战争逃离自己在马里的家园。联合国难民署(UNHCR)西非办事处发言人Helene Caux表示,她听到很多报道称,许多人正在逃离这次冲突。

"What we have at the moment are testimonies from people who are crossing to Burkina (Faso), to Niger, to Mauritania and what they are telling us is that more people are on their way. Actually, more people are on their way by foot."


THE U.N. refugee agency says it is working hard to increase help for the growing numbers of refugees and people displaced inside the country.