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[翻译字幕]In The News - Washington Navy Yard Shootings

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From VOA Learning English, this is In The News.


Americans are expressing anger and sadness at the latest shooting incident in the United States. This one took place last Monday in Washington, DC, just a short distance from the Capitol building.


Twelve people were killed and several others wounded in the attack at Washington’s Navy Yard. Police shot dead the gunman after a search at the base. He was identified as 34-year-old Aaron Alexis, a former Navy Reserve sailor. At the time of the shooting, he was an information technology specialist with a private company that worked for the Defense Department.

华盛顿海军基地的这次袭击造成了12人死亡,多人受伤。警方在基地搜查后击毙了这名枪手。他被确定为34岁的前海军预备役水兵亚伦·亚历克西斯(Aaron Alexis)。在枪击案发生时,他是一家为国防部服务的私营公司的信息技术专家。

His mental condition has become a central issue in the investigation. He had recently told police that he was hearing voices. Mr. Alexis was arrested in two separate shooting incidents in 2004 and 2010. Yet he held a security clearance, which enabled him to enter a secure military area.


This week, many Americans were remembering the victims of the attack. On Capitol Hill, lawmakers suspended debate for a few minutes. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said a few words.

本周,许多美国人在悼念这次袭击的受害者。在国会山,国会议员们暂停了几分钟的辩论,参议院多数党领袖哈里·里德(Harry Reid)说了几句话。

“My thoughts are with those who are suffering as a result of the loss of their loved ones and also those people recovering from the wounds.”


Navy Yard Shooting

Senator Chris Murphy represents Connecticut, where a gunman killed 26 people at an elementary school in Newtown last year. Since then, he has been the Senate’s leading supporter of gun control legislation. He says the Navy Yard shootings show why stronger laws are needed.

参议员克里斯·墨菲(Chris Murphy)代表的是康涅狄格州,去年一名枪手在该州纽敦(Newtown)的一所小学杀害了26人。从那时候起,他一直是参议院枪支管制立法的主要支持者。他说,这起海军基地枪击案表明了为什么需要更严格的立法。

“People out there do not understand why Congress does nothing as these shootings continue to mount. I think people in Newtown shake their heads when they see another shooting and further potential indifference from Congress.”


Like Mr. Murphy, Illinois Senator Richard Durbin is a member of the Democratic Party. Mr. Durbin notes that gun control legislation died in the Senate earlier this year. He says the failure was mainly the result of Republican opposition to new restrictions and requirements for gun purchases.

和墨菲先生一样,伊利诺伊州参议员理查德·德宾(Richard Durbin)是民主党成员。德宾先生指出,今年早些时候枪支管制立法在参议院胎死腹中。他说,这一失败主要是由于共和党反对购买枪支的新限制和要求。

“We have to do everything we can to keep guns out of the hands of those who would misuse them – felons who have a history of misusing firearms, the mentally unstable who cannot be trusted to have a firearm.”


Republican lawmakers have shown little interest in re-opening the gun control debate. But several say the Navy Yard shootings raise other important issues. Senator Lindsey Graham says the shooter never should have been cleared for duty as a military contract worker.

共和党议员对重启枪支管制辩论表示兴趣不大。但一些人说,这起海军基地枪击案提出了其它一些重要问题。参议员林赛·格雷厄姆(Lindsey Graham)说,枪手就不应该被准许担任军事合同雇员。

“To me, it is not about gun control. It is about what has happened with our contractor force. How could he pass a background check to get a job with the federal government after he had misused a weapon twice? When you shoot a guy’s tires out because you are mad at him, you are a good candidate not to work for the federal government.”


Another Republican senator, John McCain, had this to say:


“We also should focus our attention on people who show mental instability and whether they should have access to weapons or not. I think all Americans are in agreement on that.”


Congressional members say something should be done to prevent attacks like the one on Monday. But there is no solution acceptable to everyone.


And that’s In The News, from VOA Learning English. I’m Steve Ember.