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[翻译]新闻传真 - 国会因医保法案产生分歧,面临预算时间限制

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From VOA Learning English, welcome to As It Is! I’m Mario Ritter. Today, we hear about the budget debate in Washington.


"The first order of business must be to pass a sensible budget…”


President Obama is urging Congress not to delay action on legislation to finance government operations. But some lawmakers oppose America’s new health care law enough to do just that.


This week also marks five years since the worst financial crisis in a generation. Later we lighten up. Young business owners are making a profit with stores on wheels. We will hear about the upside of going mobile.

本周还是这代人最严重金融危机爆发以来的第 5 年。然后我们放松一下,年轻的生意人正通过车轮上的商店盈利。我们来了解一下这种移动的生意。

The Budget Debate Marches Toward Another Time Limit


In Washington, financial and economic issues are gaining urgency as October 1st nears. That is when the federal government begins its new fiscal, or financial, year. On Monday, President Obama called for a budget agreement between Democratic and Republican Party lawmakers. Yet budget cuts and political disputes over the new health care law threaten delays.

在华盛顿,随着 10 月 1 日的临近,财政和经济问题越来越紧迫。那是联邦政府开始新的财政年度的日期。周一,奥巴马总统呼吁民主党和共和党立法者达成预算协议。然而,针对新医保法案的预算削减和政治争论却预示着拖延。

Currently, the government is operating under automatically enacted budget cuts, known as sequestration. In addition, the government may not have enough to pay for all government operations in the new fiscal year unless Congress approves more money.


Lawmakers extended earlier time limits for reaching a budget agreement in the past. However, on Monday, the president linked passage of a budget to economic growth and job creation.


“If Congress is serious about wanting to grow the economy faster and creating jobs faster, the first order of business must be to pass a sensible budget that replaces the sequester with a balanced plan that is both fiscally sound and funds the investments like education and basic research and infrastructure that we need to grow.”


One of the main disputes involves the Affordable Care Act of 2010. Many Republicans are seeking to cancel the law, which some Americans have called Obamacare. The legislation is meant to reduce health care costs. The president and Democrats support the law. Republicans, however, say it hurts job creation and the economy. House Speaker John Boehner, a Republican from Ohio, says efforts to cancel the law are continuing.

其中一项主要的争论涉及到 2010 年的平价医保法案。很多共和党人正在寻求废除这项被一些美国人称为奥巴马医改的法案。这项立法意在降低医保费用。总统和民主党支持该法案。不过,共和党称它对提供就业机会和经济不利。众议院议长约翰•博纳是俄亥俄州的共和党人,他表示取消该法案的行动还在继续。

“We are again taking steps to dismantle the president health care law, which is driving up the costs of health care, and making it harder for businesses to hire new workers.”


Some Democrats says the business of Congress is being blocked because of the narrow political causes of a few conservative lawmakers. They say the health care law was a major issue during the 2012 presidential elections, and that President Obama was the winner.

一些民主党人说,由于少数保守立法者的狭隘政治原因,国会的事务受到了阻碍。他们说,医保法案是 2012 年总统选举期间的主要议题,而奥巴马总统是获胜者。

The October 1st deadline has brought attention to the budget battle in Congress. But this week also offers a chance to look back at hard economic times. Monday was the fifth anniversary of the collapse of a huge investment bank, Lehman Brothers. Many people consider the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers the beginning of the world financial crisis.

10 月 1 日的期限在国会引起了对于预算之争的重视。但这个星期还提供了一次回顾艰难经济时期的机会。周一是大型投资银行雷曼兄弟倒闭 5 周年。很多人将莱曼兄弟的破产视作世界金融危机的开始。

Late Sunday, the Obama administration released a report on the crisis. It presented the administration’s steps to answer the collapse of financial markets and institutions. At one time, job losses reached a monthly average of 800,000. And, at the worst point of the crisis, the economy was shrinking at a yearly rate of over eight percent.

周日晚些时候,奥巴马政府发布了一项针对该危机的报告。它显示了政府回应金融市场与体系的崩塌所采取的措施。当时,失业数一度达到月均 80 万人,而在危机最严重之时,每年的经济缩水率超过 8%。

Congress passed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 during President Obama’s first 30 days in office. That law offered almost $800 billion dollars in loans and aid to businesses and individuals.

国会在奥巴马总统上任的前 30 天通过了 2009 年美国复苏与再投资法案。该法案提供了将近 8000 亿美元的贷款,帮助企业和个人。

The government also moved to offer emergency loans to major banks and two of the three major American carmakers: General Motors and Chrysler.


Yet, the effects of the financial crisis remain. The administration’s report notes that the value of Americans’ property and investments fell by $19 trillion during the recession after the crisis. It says 91 percent of that has been regained.

然而,经济危机的影响依然存在。这份政府报告指出,美国财产和投资的价值在危机后的衰退期间下降了 19 万亿美元。它指出,其中 91%已经恢复。

The United States central bank has kept the interest rates it controls low and bought bonds in an effort to support the economy since 2008. Earlier this year, the Federal Reserve suggested that the economy may be strong enough to permit a reduction in its support activities.

从 2008 年以来,美国中央银行将它所控制的利率维持得很低,并且购买证券来支援经济。今年早些时候,美联储暗示经济可能已经恢复得足以让它减少它所支援的活动。

Stores on Wheels


The cost of opening a store in New York and other American cities is too high for many people who would like to start a business. But, across the country, a new way of launching a business is taking shape -- on four wheels. Jim Tedder has our story.

在纽约和其他美国城市开店的花费对于很多想要创业的人来说太高了。但是,在整个国家,一种新的创业方式正在逐渐成形——在 4 个轮子上。

Jessie Goldenberg borrowed money to create a fashionable store in the back of an old delivery truck. She says being able to drive her store from place to place helps to keep business costs down. Most of all, she avoids having to make costly rental payments.

Jessie Goldenberg 贷款在一辆旧货车的后面建了个时尚店。她说,能够驾驶着她的商店到处跑,这使她的生意成本更低。最重要的是,她避免了支付昂贵的租金。

Goldenberg: “It’s all, it’s skyrocketing. It was unaffordable for me as a young business owner to start a boutique that was in a brick and mortar store in the city and pay the rents.”


Her business, ‘Nomad Boutique’, sells clothing and jewelry, mostly from local designers who make one-of-a-kind products. This year, Jessie Goldenberg earned a profit. She explains the increase in business to having created a new experience for shoppers.

她的生意 Nomad Boutique 出售衣服和珠宝,大部分来自于当地的设计师,他们专门制作独一无二的作品。今年,Jessie Goldenberg 盈利了。她将生意的增加解释为给顾客创造新的体验。

“Oh, that looks great on you!”


“I think the intimacy is different, you know, the experience, you know, we’re here, it’s their lunch break. We’re right outside their door they can come in”.


She is part of a growing number of young business owners who bring their products to buyers. Sometimes the shopper has more than two legs. With Love Ivan is traveling shop for dogs. It is named after Dina Del Russo’s pet dog, Ivan. Her store is filled with treats for dogs. It travels between New York and New Jersey every day.

她是把自己的商品带给顾客的越来越多的年轻创业者之一。有时这些商店的顾客不是两条腿的。With Love Ivan 是一家为小狗而开的移动商店。它是以 Dina Del Russo 的宠物狗 Ivan 命名的。她的商店满是小狗的食粮。它每天在纽约和新泽西之间穿梭。

She says her business got started because of a stomach problem.


“My dog had some sensitivities to chicken. So I started making my own treats for him. My neighbor, who is a dog walker, asked me if I could make some pupcakes for a dog she walked and have a birthday party for him. So I did. And then from there I just started making different treats for different people and, I thought why not get a truck and be like the ice cream man for dogs”. 


Dina Del Russo says her best-selling treat is called Pupcakes.

Dina Del Russo 说 ,她卖的最好的是Pupcake。

“I made them with human grade organic ingredients.”


She keeps costs down by having only a small number of products.


“I thought why not be mobile. I can be anywhere. If it doesn’t work in one spot, I can easily move to another.  That’s kind of how it started”.


Ivan is her taste tester.

Ivan 是她的口味测试师。

“So this is carrot and oat, and this has a beef liver treat on top. This is peanut butter and bacon cookie”.


Ms. Del Russo adds that, in the near future, there will be more With Love, Ivan trucks on the road.

Del Russo 女士补充道,在不久的将来,路上会有更多 With Love Ivan 的卡车。

Jessie Goldenberg is also thinking big: more trucks, perhaps a traditional store and a brand name for her line of clothing. I’m Jim Tedder.

Jessie Goldenberg 也在考虑大目标:更多的卡车,也许一个传统的商店,一个以她的衣服生产线命名的品牌。

And that’s our show for today. Join us tomorrow for another As It Is from VOA Learning English.