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[翻译]Health Report - Food Market Becomes Hub for Deaf Community

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From VOA Learning English, this is the Health Report.


Almost 8 million Americans are deaf, or have 'difficulty hearing'. A food market in Washington makes a special effort to serve the needs of deaf people in the local community.


Thadeus Suggs is a cook at Union Market. He has no trouble taking an order from deaf customers. Communication is easy, because the 23-year-old is himself deaf and knows American Sign Language.


He began working at Union Market soon after it opened last year. He took a break from studying at Gallaudet University, just across the street from the market. Gallaudet is a university for deaf and hard of hearing students. It's programs are known around the world.


Mr Suggs explains, with the help of Gallaudet interpreter Carolyn Ressler, what he likes about his job at Union Market.

萨格斯在加劳德特大学手语翻译卡罗琳·雷斯勒(Carolyn Ressler)的帮助下,解释了他喜欢联合超市工作的哪点。

"One nice thing is it is so close to Gallaudet, which by the way is the 'Deaf Mecca'. And with that, we are providing services to the Gallaudet community as well as the community at large."


Thadeus Suggs can read lips and speak with people as well. His boss, Ross Mayhood, says that makes Mr Suggs a valuable communicator.

萨格斯能够阅读唇语,并和人们对话。他的老板罗斯(Ross Mayhood)表示,这使得萨格斯成为最有价值的沟通者。

"He is probably the most valuable member of our staff. And he has been a big part of how popular we are with the Gallaudet crew."


Mr Suggs is not alone, about 10 percent of the employees at the market are deaf.


Another deaf employee, Alena Francis, says dealing with some hearing customers can be difficult.

另一位聋人员工阿莲娜·弗朗西斯(Alena Francis)表示,和一些听力无碍的客户打交道可能会很困难。

"When they find out that I am deaf, it kind of throws them off a little bit. And sometimes they will ignore me and just walk away."


Cary Barbin is a deaf customer at Union Market. He explains through a interpreter what he likes about it.

卡里·巴宾(Cary Barbin)是联合超市的一位聋人顾客。他通过手语翻译解释了他喜欢这家超市什么。

"I love the fact that this is a sign language environment. Many of the employees sign, so I can order my food in American Sign Language."


The market's user-friendly design also appeals to the deaf community.


Gallaudet planning director Hansel Bauman urged the developer to build a 'deaf space', a space design to meet the needs of Deaf people.

加劳德特大学策划总监汉塞尔·鲍曼(Hansel Bauman)呼吁开发者建造一个聋人空间,即一种满足聋人需求的空间设计。

"In terms of visual language, [they want] to be able to see one another and communicate clearly while they are walking. What that means is, you're not looking at the path forward. So you need a little bit more room."


Union Market has lots of light, all the food sellers are in one big space, and the walkways between them are wider than you would find in many other stores.


Developer Steve Boyle says those features also have a wider objective.

开发者史蒂夫·博伊尔(Steve Boyle)表示,这些特征还有一个更大的目标。

"The market itself really was meant to be an anchor for the community."


And that's the Health Report from VOA Learning English.