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[翻译]新闻传真 - 希腊极右翼“金色黎明党”惹上麻烦

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Hello, and welcome to As It Is -- the daily magazine show from VOA Learning English! I’m George Grow.

Today, we tell about a political party in Greece that some people have compared to the followers of former German leader Adolf Hitler.


And later, we have a report about some very, very, very rich people in Africa.


But first, to Greece and the Golden Dawn party…

Political observers are calling the Golden Dawn party in Greece “neo-Nazi” after the arrest of its leader and other members. They have compared it to the Nazi party of Germany’s Adolf Hitler before and during World War Two.


The Golden Dawn leader and other party members were arrested recently for suspected links to the murder of a popular singer. But in opinion studies, more than six percent of Greeks say they support the party. Jerilyn Watson has more.

金色黎明党首领及其他党派成员最近因涉嫌谋杀一位当红歌星被捕。但在民意调查中,超过 6%的希腊人表示支持该党派。

The party leader shouted as he was being led away on charges of belonging to a criminal organization. But party followers continued to come out to support him.


Spyros Economides is with the London School of Economics. He says that kind of support tells a lot about the depth of the economic problems in Greece.

Spyros Economides 来自伦敦经济学院。他说,这种支持说明了希腊经济问题的严重程度。

“The nature of the crisis, the scope of the crisis, has meant that a large number of people from all walks of life, of all ages, have decided that this is the kind of organization that best represents their prospects.”


Golden Dawn wants to reject the terms of an international plan to rescue Greece from financial failure. The party accuses other political parties of corruption and inability to govern. And, it blames immigrants for many of the country’s problems.


Golden Dawn has long been accused of using fear and violence. Dimitar Bechev is with the European Council on Foreign Relations. He says little has been done to control the party. He says Greek officials failed to react to earlier crimes by either party members or people connected to Golden Dawn.

金色黎明党长期以来被指控使用恐吓和暴力。Dimitar Bechev 在欧洲对外关系委员会工作。他说,几乎没办法控制这个党派。他说,希腊官方没能尽早对该党成员或与金色黎明有关的犯罪行为做出应对。

But that is changing. Last month, a man who claims to be a Golden Dawn supporter reportedly killed Pavlos Fissas, a popular rap singer. Mr. Fissas was a critic of Golden Dawn.

但这正在改变。上个月,一位宣称是金色黎明党支持者的男性被指杀害了著名说唱歌手 Pavlos Fissas。Fissas 是金色黎明党的批评者。

Party officials denied any connection with the killing. But a police raid on Golden Dawn offices found objects that appear to show the party was working with corrupt police officers. Since then, the party’s popularity has dropped in opinion surveys. It fell from a high of 13 percent to about 6.5 percent.

该党官员否认与谋杀有任何联系。但警方对金色黎明党办公地点的一次突袭发现了一些证据,似乎说明该党与腐败的警方人员有合作。从那时起,该党在民意调查中的人气开始下降,从最高的 13%跌至6.5%左右。

Professor Economides says Greeks who looked to Golden Dawn for help are starting to understand just who they have been supporting. In terms of the party’s ideology, he says, there is no doubt that it is a neo-Nazi party.

Economides 教授说,指望得到金色黎明党帮助的希腊人开始了解了他们所支持的这些人。说到政党的意识形态,毫无疑问这是个新纳粹党。

Opponents of Golden Dawn are making their opinions clear, especially after the killing of Pavlos Fissas. A huge crowd of mourners was present at his funeral. But Golden Dawn is promising to fight on. And with Greece’s economy still in crisis, the country’s problems are far from over. I’m Jerilyn Watson.

金色黎明党的反对派正在表明他们的立场,尤其是在 Pavlos Fissas 被杀以后。一大批哀悼者出现在他的葬礼上。但金色黎明党承诺要继续战斗。而希腊经济仍处困境,该国家的问题还远不能得以解决。

You are listening to As It Is, in VOA Learning English. I’m George Grow in Washington.

And now we turn our attention to billionaires, people who have a billion or more dollars.

现在我们把注意力转向亿万富翁——那些拥有 10 亿美元以上资产的人。

Africa had six out of ten of the fastest growing economies over the past 10 years. So it does not come as a big surprise that the number of billionaires in Africa has been growing.

过去 10 年经济增长最快的 10 个国家有 6 个来非洲。因此,非洲亿万富翁数量的增加是情理之中的。

There are at least 55 billionaires on the African continent. So says the Africa’s Richest survey from the business magazine Venture Africa.

非洲大陆至少有 55 位亿万富翁。这是商业杂志《Venture Africa》非洲首富调查的结果。

There are 10 countries named on the list. Nigeria leads the way with 20 billionaires. South Africa is second with nine, and Egypt has eight.

榜单上有 19 个国家。尼日利亚以 20 位亿万富翁名列榜首,南非的 9 位占第二,而埃及是 8 位。

The combined wealth of the 55 billionaires is $143.88 billion. The richest man on the list is Aliko Dangote. He started investing in manufacturing 30 years ago. Since then, his investments have grown to more than $20 billion. Second on the list is South African investor Allan Gray. Nigerian businessman Mike Adenuga was third.

这 55 位亿万富翁的财富总值为 1438.8 亿美元。榜上最富有的是阿里科•丹格特。他在 30 年前开始投资制造业。从此以后,他的投资增长到了超过 200 亿美元。榜上第二是南非投资家艾伦•格雷。尼日利亚商人迈克•阿登努加第三。

Of Nigeria’s billionaires, 13 have large or total investments in the oil business. Mining is another major source of wealth across the continent.

在尼日利亚的亿万富翁中,有 13 位在石油业有大型投资。采矿是非洲大陆的另一个主要财富来源。

The Venture Africa survey has more than three times the number of billionaires reported on earlier lists. Forbes magazine noted only 16 billionaires in Africa last year.

《Venture Africa》调查的亿万富翁数量比以前公布的榜单上多 3 倍。去年的福布斯排行榜仅有非洲的 16 为亿万富翁。

Chi Chi Okonjo publishes Venture Africa. He says his magazine’s Nigerian and South African base is helpful, providing more information than some lists.

Chi Chi Okonjo 是《Venture Africa》的出版商。他说,他的杂志在尼日利亚和南非的分部起了很大作用,比其他榜单提供了更多的信息。

“We know, because we have people on (the) ground, some of these people are actually people we know personally. So we know their assets. That’s the difference. So we’re able to provide much more detailed information.”


His employees estimated wealth through publicly held stock shares, privately held companies, investment bankers, business experts and other measures.


Chi Chi Okonjo says Africans are generally quiet about their wealth.

Chi Chi Okonjo 说,非洲人对自己的财富普遍比较沉默。

“Wealth is still somewhat taboo in Africa. People prefer to discuss what they are doing for their communities rather than how much money they have. It’s just a cultural thing. So people don’t like to discuss how much money they have or how much they’ve amassed.”


Azar Jammine is the director of Econometrix, an economic advisory service in Johannesburg. He says the growing number of billionaires might not be a great sign for the general economic health of Africa.

Azar Jammine 是约翰内斯堡一家经济咨询服务公司 Econometrix 的主管。他说,亿万富翁数量的增加对非洲总体的经济健康可能不是好的信号。

“It seems to be going hand in hand, with growing inequality around the world. Not everyone is getting rich at the same pace. The rich appear to be getting richer, faster than the poor are getting richer.”


He says the economic growth comes from fast and large population growth and an increase in commodity prices such as oil. Another influence is economic growth in China, which has heavily invested in Africa.


Chi Chi Okonjo says he is not surprised at all by the findings. He says the magazine was conservative with its estimates of wealth, just to be safe.

Chi Chi Okonjo 说,他对于这些结果一点都不意外。他说,该杂志对财富的估价是保守的,只是为了可靠。

“I do think the number is a whole lot more than the 55 that we have, so we’re not surprised. And I believe that we have a few more entrepreneurs who at some point in time will list their assets or make their business a bit more transparent.”

“我不认为这个数字代表全部,我们有的远比 55 个要多,因此我们并不意外。而且我相信,有更多的企业家在某些时间会被列出他们的资产,或让他们的产业更透明一点。”

And, he expects the list of billionaires will be even larger next year.


And that’s our program for today. I’m George Grow. Join us again tomorrow for another As It Is from VOA Learning English. Also, stay with VOA for world news at the beginning of every hour, Universal Time.