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[翻译]新闻传真 - 医保法案如何影响 2014 年选举?

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From VOA Learning English, welcome to As It Is! I’m Mario Ritter.

Today, we hear about a warning that natural disasters stand in the way of efforts to end extreme poverty. But first, we talk to VOA’s National correspondent Jim Malone about politics and the recent government shutdown in the United States. We hear how the Tea Party movement is affecting the Republican Party. And we discuss how the new health care law, widely called Obamacare, could affect elections in 2014.

今天,我们将了解自然灾害正在阻碍人们摆脱极度贫困。不过首先,我们和 VOA 国家通讯员 Jim Malone 谈论一些政治问题,以及美国近期的政府停摆。我们会了解到茶叶党运动对共和党的影响。我们将讨论通常被称作“奥巴马医改”的新医保法案如何影响 2014 年的选举。

Will Health Care Reform Reappear as a Big Issue in the 2014 Elections?

医保改革会重新成为 2014 年选举的重大议题吗?

“Welcome again, Jim. Thank you for joining us.”

“Thank you, Mario.”

“Now that the government shutdown is over. The question moves to: are Republicans going to be willing to threaten another shutdown in January when funding runs out again?”

“现在政府停摆已经结束了,问题转向共和党会不会威胁在明年 1 月份资金再次用完后再来一次停摆?”

“There has been some talk already by a few Republicans who might be interested in risking another shutdown. Mainly, they feel very strongly about the president’s health care law. It’s called the Affordable Care Act, but even the president is known to call it Obamacare.


“Particularly people like Senator Ted Cruz of Texas a well-known conservative with support from Tea Party supporters around the country. They are going to try to find a way to defeat, to defund, to somehow undermine the health care law. But I think one of the main lessons for the Republicans was that it was a risky strategy and that it probably hurt them in the end.


"So, I believe that the next confrontation between the two parties actually the Republicans, most of them, would be less supportive of shutting down the government to get their way. The poll numbers show Republicans were hurt by the role in the shutdown. And with elections coming up a year from now for Congress they need to be a bit more careful.”


“Now going to the Democrats, the beginning, the implementation of the Obamacare marketplace has not gone as planned. And there have been problems. How is that going to affect Democrats going forward? Is that going to be a problem for them in the future?”


“It could be a problem for them. The president’s signature achievement so far while in the White House was the health care law. There’s no doubt about that. He has politically everything invested in that. He has a lot riding on that. It’s very important that it succeed. And it’s not just for the president that this should go well, but for his Democratic allies in Congress.


"You’ll remember that when the law was passed by the Congress. It received the support of only Democrats. No Republicans supported the law. So if the implementation, the practical beginning of the law has problems, that is a problem not just for the president, but for the members of the House of Representatives, Democrats who will have to run in 2014 in the next election, and members of the Senate as well…So, they have time to fix this. But politically speaking they need to do it quickly because the public, according to the opinion polls, is already slightly against the law. They don’t like it, even though they like some parts of it, so if it continues to roll out badly then support will only weaken and it could help Republicans in Congress who keep wanting to either repeal the law or change it.”

你应该记得该法案被国会通过的时候。它仅得到了民主党的支持,没有共和党支持该法案。所以如果法律一开始的实施就有问题,这就不仅仅是总统的问题了,还是那些要参与 2014 年下届选举的众议院民主党成员的问题,还包括参议院的成员。所以他们有时间解决这个问题。但是从政治上来说他们需要更快,因为根据民意调查来看,公众已经有点反对该法案了。他们不喜欢它,虽然他们喜欢其中的部分内容。因此如果一直这么下去的话,支持就会变得更弱,就会有利于国会中那些一直想要废除或者改变该法案的共和党人。

“So is health care reform shaping up to be the main issue of the 2014 mid-term election?”

“那么医保改革是否正在变成 2014 年中期选举的主要议题呢?”

“I think many Republicans want to make it the key issue…As always though, in our national elections, the economy will play a big factor. If the American economy is improving, President Obama may get some credit for that and Democrats in Congress may benefit from that. So it usually is very important as to who wins elections, what the election is about.


"So if Republicans can keep democrats in a defensive way on the health care law they probably will try to make it the most important issue in the election. But, Democrats are hoping the implementation goes smoother, so that takes away an issue from the Republicans and they can talk about something else.”


VOA Correspondent Jim Malone, thank you for joining us today.

Natural Disasters Are a Barrier to Ending Extreme Poverty


From American politics, we turn our attention to fighting poverty around the world. A new report says natural disasters will stand in the way of ending extreme poverty unless more is done to prepare for such events. Jim Tedder has more on the story.


Britain’s Overseas Development Institute, or ODI, prepared the new report. It says that droughts, floods and other natural disasters are barriers to ending extreme poverty. The ODI report defined extreme poverty as living on less than one dollar and 25 cents a day.

英国海外发展研究所(ODI)拟定了这项新的报告。它指出,干旱、洪水和其他自然灾害是摆脱极度贫困的障碍。这份 ODI 报告把极度贫困定义为每天收入不足 1.25美元。

The report warns that governments must deal with the increased risk of disasters in some of the world’s poorest areas. That means that taking steps to reduce the risk should be part of any poverty prevention program. The report predicts that, by 2030, up to 325 million extremely poor people will live in the 49 countries threatened most by natural disaster. Most of those countries are in South Asia or in Africa, south of the Sahara Desert.

该报告警告称,政府必须要应对世界上最贫困地区不断增加的灾害。这意味着采取减少风险的措施应该成为任何贫困预防项目的一部分。该报告预测,2030 年以前自然灾害最严重的 49 个国家会有多达 3.25 亿极度贫困人口。这些国家大多数在南亚或撒哈拉以南非洲。

Tom Mitchell is with the Overseas Development Institute. He says there is a relationship between poverty and natural disasters – or what he calls natural hazards.

Tom Mitchell 在海外发展研究所工作。他说,贫困和自然灾害之间有某种关系。

“What we found is there’s a very close overlap between the countries that we expect to have very high levels of poverty still in 2030 and the countries most exposed to natural hazards. And now this shouldn’t really come as a surprise because we know that the poorest and most vulnerable people get hit hardest by extreme events. So there really is a very close link between poverty and disasters.”

“我们发现,那些我们预期 2030 年仍会极度贫困的国家和那些自然灾害最多的国家之间的重叠度很高。现在看来这应该不是什么意外了,因为我们知道最贫困、最脆弱的人群遭受极端天气事件的打击最严重。因此,贫困和灾害之间确实存在很紧密的联系。”

The report says 11 countries are most at risk for poverty resulting from disasters. Eight of the 11 are in Africa. They include the Democratic Republic of Congo, Sudan, South Sudan and Uganda. The Asian nations are Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan. The report identified India as a country that would have large numbers of poor people at risk.

该报告称,灾害造成的贫困最严重的有 11 个国家,其中 8 个在非洲。它们包括刚果共和国、苏丹、南苏丹和乌干达。而在南亚的国家是孟加拉国、尼泊尔和巴基斯坦。该报告将印度定性为可能出现的穷人数量极大的国家。

“In 2030, we expect there to still be very significant numbers of poor people living in India - possibly above a hundred million. In addition, this is a country that’s going to be extremely exposed natural hazards. It’s got very good central capacity to manage the problem. But at state level - some of which are as big as countries by themselves - the capacity is much more variable.”

“到 2030 年,我们预期仍会有大量的穷人居住在印度——可能超过 1 亿。另外,这个国家是一个极端自然灾害严重的国家。它的核心地区对这个问题的处理能力很好。但是从各州的情况来看——有些相当于一个国家那么大——这种能力还很不均衡。”

Tom Mitchell says countries that need to prepare for possible disasters are getting less than $2 million each in international aid to do so.

Tom Mitchell 说,对于可能出现灾害的国家,他们所得到的用作准备的国际援助不足 200 万美元。

“Look, if you’re serious in ending extreme poverty - and that you’re serious in protecting your economic growth - then disaster risk management needs to be at the heart of your policies - needs to be at the heart of your economic growth policies - and needs to be a part of your social development and poverty reduction policies.”


The ODI report adds that disaster risk management should “focus on livelihoods as well as lives.” And the report estimates that less than one percent of official development aid is currently spent on reducing the risk of disaster.

这份 ODI 报告补充道,灾害风险管理应该“关注生计和生活”。该报告估计,目前花费在减少灾害风险方面的官方发展资助还不足 1%。

I’m Jim Tedder.

And I’m Mario Ritter. That is As It Is for today. We welcome your comment on this program. Or go to our website, www.voanews.cn.