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[翻译]Technology Report - Uganda Looks to Outsourcing to Creat Jobs

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From VOA Learning English, this is the Technology Report.


For years, many western companies have sent important business services to India, where they can be done at lower cost. This is called outsourcing, and it has brought jobs to India. Other countries have seen the economic benefit of outsourcing and are seeking to copy the Indian model.


For example, officials in Uganda have opened an outsourcing centre to train people in Internet technology. Their aim is to create jobs for Ugandans.


26-year-old Flavia Aliteesa studied information technology in school. Today, she is happy to have a job but does not perform high level IT work. She says, many of her former classmates have been unemployed for years.

26岁的Flavia Aliteesa在学校学习了信息技术。如今,她很高兴拥有一份工作,虽然不是从事高层次的IT工作。她说,她以前的很多同学都已经失业多年。

"First of all, I was given an opportunity to start working, otherwise I would have been seated back home doing nothing. At least it has given me a sense of independence, since I earn and I can do something on my own," said Aliteesa.


Flavia Aliteesa works for a company called Techno Brain, it offers business process outsourcing, or BPO, to foreign companies. The Ugandan government hopes more companies like Techno Brain will begin operating in the country.

Flavia Aliteesa就职于一家名为Techno Brain的公司,该公司面向外国公司提供业务流程外包。乌干达政府希望更多类似Techno Brain的公司开始在该国经营。

Uganda supports its small but growing BPO industry by giving free office space and Internet service in Kampala. The government has trained hundreds of people in the skills that BPO companies need, and plans to train thousands more.


Many people in Eastern Africa speak English, and the area is in the same time-zone as Europe. So countries there could be good places for call centers and data processing. And says Rogers Karebi, the head of the Uganda BPO Association, labor costs in other countries are growing.

东非的很多人都讲英语,并且该地区和欧洲位于同一时区。所以这些国家可能是建立呼叫中心和数据处理中心的好地方。同时乌干达业务流程外包联盟负责人Rogers Karebi表示,其它国家的劳动力成本正在上涨。

"Quite a number of firms in India, Asia and the Middle East have stepped up their prices, so the cost of outsourcing to the initially indigenous BPO destinations is on the rise. So, quite a number of firms in the demand markets are actually looking for alternative places to outsource to," said Karebi.


But there are big differences between Uganda and India, one of the most important is the cost of Internet service. Most experts agreed that the cost of Internet service in East Africa would eventually be lowered, but even this might not be enough.


Stephan Manning is an outsourcing expert at the University of Massachusetts. He says, East Africa might not have anything special to offer.

斯蒂芬·曼宁(Stephan Manning)是美国马萨诸塞大学的外包专家。他说,东非可能没有特别吸引人之处。

"These services need to be distinct enough so that they don't enter price competition. And that's exactly the problem. In Kenya, if you provide English-speaking call center operations, then you do nothing different than the Filipinos or India, and there's no way you can compete on costs," said Manning.


He says it might be better for African countries to offer their services to neighboring countries. That way, he says, they would not being competition with Asia.


And that's the VOA Special English Technology Report. I'm June Simms.