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[翻译字幕]In the News - US Election Results May Help Predict Future Voting

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From VOA Learning English, this is In the News.


Two American states elected governors this week, while several big cities chose mayors. The elections were the first since the troubled launch of the new federal health-care website and the 16-day partial shutdown of the government. Conservative Republicans in Congress, including Tea Party members, supported the shutdown as part of their opposition to the program known as Obamacare.


Political experts looked at the governors’ races for clues to how Americans may vote in congressional elections next year. Voters will choose all 435 members of the House of Representatives and one-third of the 100 senators.


Observers think the government shutdown helped Democrat Terry McAuliffe win the governor’s race in Virginia. Many federal workers live there and federal spending is important to the state economy.

观察人士们认为,政府停摆帮助民主党人特里·麦考利夫(Terry McAuliffe)赢得了弗吉尼亚州的州长竞选。许多联邦工作人员住在那里,联邦支出对该州经济非常重要。

Mr. McAuliffe defeated Ken Cuccinelli, a Republican with strong Tea Party ties. Mr. Cuccinelli stayed close in the race by attacking President Barack Obama and the health care law.

麦考利夫先生打败了和茶党有着密切关系的共和党人肯·库奇内利(Ken Cuccinelli)。库奇内利先生通过攻击奥巴马总统及医保法在竞选中紧紧尾随。

“Virginia understands that Obamacare is a failure and that you want to be in charge of your health care, and not the government.”


But voters chose Mr. McAuliffe in his second try for public office.


“Just think about what Virginia has been able to accomplish when we work together.”


New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie celebrates his election victory in Asbury Park, Nov. 5, 2013.

The newly elected governor has close ties to former president Bill Clinton and former secretary of state Hillary Clinton.


In the other governor’s race, voters in New Jersey re-elected Republican Chris Christie. He won 60 percent of the vote with the support of many Democrats.

在另一场州长竞选中,新泽西州选民再次选举了共和党人克里斯·克里斯蒂(Chris Christie)。他在许多民主党人的支持下,赢得了60%的选票。

“Leadership is much less about talking than it is about listening. About bringing people around the table, listening to each other, showing them respect.”


Mr. Christie received much praise for his leadership after Superstorm Sandy hit the state a year ago. Many people see him as a possible 2016 candidate for president.


Tad Devine, an adviser to Democrats, says Governor Christie’s re-election offers an important lesson.

民主党顾问泰德·迪瓦恩(Tad Devine)表示,克里斯蒂州长的连任给出一个重要的教训。

“He has been able to take a very Democratic state – Obama won New Jersey by 17 points in the last two elections – and become a governor who could not only win a close election as he did the first time, but win a landslide election.”

迪瓦恩表示,“他抢占了一个非常民主党的州并成为州长,他不但在首次州长竞选中赢得了一场势均力敌的选举,还在这次选举中获得压倒性胜利。要知道,在最近的两次(总统)选举中,奥巴马可是以17个百分比的优势赢得了新泽西州的选举。” 注:新泽西州是民主党的传统票仓,一直支持民主党,但最近两次州长选举都让共和党人克里斯蒂获胜。

Ford O’Connell is a Republican strategist. He says Tea Party Republicans need to learn from the winning candidates.

福特·奥康内尔(Ford O'Connell)是一位共和党战略家。他说,茶党共和党人需要学学这位获胜的候选人。

“Well, it leaves the Tea Party really in an echo chamber, just talking to the base. The real problem for the Tea Party is how do they expand their appeal beyond the Republican base.”


Democratic Mayor-elect of New York, Bill de Blasio, embraces his son Dante, left, and daughter Chiara, center, after he was elected.

Some people predict a battle for the heart and soul of the party. Will the Republicans move toward the conservatism of the Tea Party movement or away from it? Ford O’Connell is not sure.


“Depending on how this battle turns out, it could lead to more dysfunction and government shutdowns. And that’s something that people all over the world have an eye on because America is still the most robust economy in the world.”


In New York City, voters on Tuesday elected Bill de Blasio as mayor. His election put the city under Democratic Party control for the first time in 20 years. He replaces Michael Bloomberg. Voters in other cities, including Atlanta, Boston and Miami, also elected mayors.

纽约选民周二选举白思豪(Bill de Blasio)当选市长。他的当选将该市20年来首次置于民主党的控制之下。他将接替迈克尔·布隆伯格(Michael Bloomberg)的位置。其它城市的选民,包括亚特兰大,波士顿和迈阿密,也都选出了市长。

And that’s In the News, from VOA Learning English. I’m Christopher Cruise.