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[翻译]新闻传真 - 菲律宾致命风暴灾后救援工作进展

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Welcome to As It Is from VOA Learning English! I’m Mario Ritter.

Today we turn to the Philippines, where a powerful storm left a path of destruction. Typhoon Haiyan left hundreds of thousands of people in need of food, water, shelter and medical care.


Also today, we hear about conflicting territorial claims to the South China Sea. And later, we report on changes in the housing market in the United States.


Relief Efforts Develop For Victims of Typhoon Haiyan


But first, more on Typhoon Haiyan. As you may know, the typhoon struck the central Philippines last Friday. Haiyan has been called the most powerful storm ever to strike land. As many as 10,000 people are missing and feared dead.

不过首先,更多关于台风海燕的消息。正如大家所了解的,这场台风在上周五侵袭了菲律宾中部。海燕被称作史上最强陆上风暴。失踪者和预计受害人数多达 1 万人。

The United Nations says 660,000 others were displaced The UN is asking for 300 million dollars in aid for recovery efforts. American President Barack Obama has promised “significant” humanitarian aid. The United States and Australia have deployed workers and supplies to the city of Tacloban in Leyte Province.The US Defense Department says the aircraft carrier USS George Washington has been sent to the area to support recovery efforts. For more on the story, listen to VOA news at the top of the hour, Universal Time.

联合国称,还有 66 万人被转移。联合国正在呼吁 3000 万美元的重建援助资金。美国总统巴拉克•奥巴马承诺了“重大的”人道主义救援。美国和澳大利亚在雷伊泰省的塔克洛班市部署了工作人员和供应物资。美国国防部表示,乔治•华盛顿号航空母舰已被派往该区域支援重建工作。

South China Sea Dispute Between China and the Philippines Continues


The Philippines and China have developed an openly unfriendly relationship over their territorial disputes in the South China Sea. But while top officials trade accusations, other people are looking for ways to compromise. Some groups say such a compromise could lead the two sides to explore jointly for oil and natural gas.


Christopher Cruise has more on the story from reporter Simone Orendain from Manila.

The Philippines’ only productive deep-water natural gas project is expected to run dry by 2024. The country badly needs to develop new oil and gas wells in the South China Sea. Philippines Energy Secretary Jericho Petilla says he is hopeful about the possibility for an unlikely collaboration. He says this partnership might take place between Forum Energy, based in Britain, and the China National Offshore Oil Corporation, or CNOOC. He says exploration is necessary.

菲律宾唯一盛产深水天然气的项目预期会在 2024 年之前枯竭。这个国家急需在南海开发新的油田和气井。菲律宾能源部长杰利克•皮堤拉说,他对于这种看似不可能的合作还是有希望的。他说,这种合作关系可能出现在英国论坛能源公司和中国海洋石油总公司(CNOOC)之间。他说,勘探是必要的。

“The alternative is not to drill, probably forever…You have to look at the alternatives. You want to preserve your sovereign rights but at the same time, without actually compromising your sovereign rights, can you come up with commercial [exploration], because we need it?”


Both the Philippines and China need the energy trapped underneath the sea floor. But they cannot agree on how to divide it because each country claims the area as its own.


That larger issue remains unsettled. But energy companies tied to the two countries are seeking a way forward. Forum Energy is mainly owned by the Philippine-based Philex Petroleum. That company has been trying to form a partnership with CNOOC to help it meet an agreement to drill two gas wells. The proposal calls for the work to take place at Reed Bank, just west of Palawan Province in the western Philippines.


China claims control over almost all of the South China Sea, which China says includes Reed Bank. The Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei and Taiwan also make partial or total claims to those busy waters.


Philippines officials say they hope to find a way forward by learning from an agreement between Vietnam and China. The two nations agreed to explore waters in the Gulf of Tonkin in the South China Sea. But it is not clear how they would divide the gains from a productive well.


Yang Fang is a researcher at the Center for Asia and Globalization at Singapore’s National University. She says the two nations are depending on the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea. Under the UN treaty, competing sides are permitted to make a provisional agreement on water borders. Any final decision on who owns what would not affect this provisional agreement.

Yang Fang 是新加坡国立大学亚洲和全球化中心的研究人员。她说,这两个国家遵循的是联合国海洋法公约。这项联合国条约允许竞争双方在海域边界上达成临时协议。对于谁拥有哪里的最终决定不会影响这项临时协议。

Yang Fang says Vietnam has very open, continuing communication with China. She says this takes place both through meetings of higher-level officials and communication between the countries.

Yang Fang 说,越南与中国有非常开放和持续的交流。她说,这是在两国之间的高层官员会晤和交流中建立的。

“The political will is strong.  And also, they can bring [it] down to the practical level.”


Carl Thayer of the Australia Defense Force Academy is expert on South China Sea disputes. He says the agreement between China and Vietnam makes it seem that both parties are cooperating. But he says the central arguments remain unsettled.

澳大利亚国防大学的 Carl Thayer 是南海争端方面的专家。他说,中国和越南之间的协议使双方看起来是在合作。但他表示,核心争议仍没有解决。

Mr. Thayer says China has publicly expressed a lot of support for the agreements. But he says if you look at them carefully, they represent only very minor steps ahead. And they do not yet reach joint development.

Thayer 先生说,中国公开表明对这项协议的大力支持。但他说,如果你仔细观察的话,它们仅代表着向前的很小一步,它们还没有达到共同开发。

Philippines energy officials have been hopeful about making a deal. But President Benigno Aquino has made his policy clear about any partnership between Forum Energy and CNOOC. He says that means the area Forum Energy explores is clearly within the Philippines exclusive economic area. And he says the CNOOC would have to honor the Philippine position in the dispute.


“Any exploitation of the same has to be in conformity with our laws.”


In January, the Philippines brought the issue to the International Tribunal on the Law of the Sea. A ruling in the case could come as soon as next year.

1 月份,菲律宾将这一问题带到了国际海洋法法庭。该案件的判决最快将在明年到来。

I’m Christopher Cruise.

Multi-Generation Homes Become More Popular


In the United States, homebuilders and developers are seeing growing demand for homes designed to house families of three or more generations. Kelly Jean Kelly has more on the story in this report from Elizabeth Lee.

在美国,住宅建筑商和开发商发现 3 代或更多代家庭生活在一起的房屋设计需求正在增加。

Alicia Byassee is house hunting in Irvine, California. She went to look for her dream home in a newly built neighborhood. But the house she visited has a different floor plan, or design, from a normal single family home. The house has enough space for her mother to stay and care for her grandparents.

Alicia Byassee 正在加利福尼亚州的尔湾市寻找房子。她在一个新建成的街区寻找自己梦想中的房屋。但她要找的房子和普通独户房屋的楼层设计不同,这所房屋要有她母亲居住和照顾祖父母的足够空间。

“She’s driving over an hour every day to come see them or to come stay with them and it would just be a lot easier on her and her family if there was something like that they can live in.”

“她每天要开车 1 个多小时去照看他们,或和他们待在一起。所以如果有一个能让他们住在一起的房子,对她和她的家庭来说会方便得多。”

Alicia Byassee is looking at homes equipped with what is commonly called a “mother-in-law suite.” That is a part of the house with a separate living space, cooking area, bedroom and restroom.

Alicia Byassee 正在看一种配有通常称作“继母套间”的房屋。它是房屋内的一部分,有独立的生活空间、烹饪间、卧室和休息室。

The United States Census Bureau has found an increase in the number of families with three or more generations living together. Many of these families are Hispanic, African American or Asian.

美国人口调查局发现 3 代或更多代一起生活的家庭在增多。这些家庭有很多是西班牙裔、非裔美国人或亚裔。

Victor Reigner is a professor of architecture and gerontology at the University of Southern California. He specializes in designing living spaces that meet the needs of older adults. He says the increase in multi-generational homes is driven by economics, not customs.

Victor Reigner 是南加州大学建筑学和老年医学教授。他专门设计那些满足老年人需求的居住空间。他说,多代同堂的增加是被经济驱使的,而非习俗。

“A lot of third world countries have had this kind of housing arrangement partly because they didn’t have enough income to be able to purchase additional space and so everybody lives together in a communal way.”


I’m Kelly Jean Kelly.

And that’s our show for today. And for the latest news, be listening to VOA at the top of the hour, Universal Time.