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[翻译]新闻传真 - 美国胡须造型越来越流行

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Hello again, and welcome back.  I’m Jim Tedder in Washington.  For today’s program …something a little different. We will travel across the United States to Los Angeles, California, to examine the latest in men’s fashions.  But we’re not looking for new shirts or coats.  We will be talking about something that more and more men seem to be doing to improve their looks.

今天的节目,来点不一样的东西。我们将横跨美国来到加州洛杉矶,了解男性的一种最新时尚。但我们不是要找新款 T 恤或外衣,我们将谈论一种越来越多男人喜欢的改变相貌的方式。

And a little later, we’ll leave the noisy big city in search of the quietest place on earth.  Our guide is a man who thinks he may have only a short time to find what he is looking, and listening, for.  The program is As It Is, a way to learn and improve your American English, courtesy of the Voice of America.


More American men these days are growing facial hair – beards and mustaches.  For some of them, hair on their faces is more than a statement of fashion and style.  Let’s ask an expert.


Daniel Winter cuts hair for a living in California.  He says the rugged, hairy look is growing in Los Angeles and other major cities.  He says that look sometimes includes even body art.

Daniel Winter 在加州以理发为生。他说,在洛杉矶和其他大城市,粗犷和毛茸茸的相貌越来越流行。他说,这种相貌有时候甚至包括人体艺术。

“Bigger corporations, like huge companies, that are geared more towards fashion are now hiring models with beards and tattoos -- writings and drawings on the skin. They are going for a bit of a more alternative look.  And it’s really starting to spill over into the general public.”


Mr. Winter has worn a beard for 10 years.  He says that the growth of beards and mustaches is rooted in history.

Winter 留胡须有 10 年了。他说,蓄胡须是有历史渊源的。

“Facial hair was associated with masculinity, sexual vitality and overall awesomeness.  You look at Greek mythology and almost every god had some sort of facial hair, whether it had been a full beard or some sort of goatee.”


Styling facial hair also has become popular.  Just ask Nicholas Watsford.  He manufactures a beard and mustache wax called Dubs Stache wax.

为胡须做造型也越来越流行。来问问 Nicholas Watsford,他专门给胡须上蜡,这种蜡叫做“Dubs Stache”。

“If I want to do full curls or what not, I can do full curls.”


Mr. Watsford decided to create an organic wax after other products on the market harmed his skin.  He says growing a beard in Los Angeles is not just a temporary happening.  He says it is a lifestyle – a way of living.

在他的皮肤被市场上别的产品伤害之后,Watsford 决定制造一种有机蜡。他说,在洛杉矶,留胡子不仅仅是一时之举。他说,这是一种生活方式。

“Your appearance and everything now…Just how you’re representing yourself, like a mane for a lion.  It’s really in full effect.”


Thousands of men around the world were growing facial hair during November to bring attention to men’s health issues.  But some people in Los Angeles take facial hair-awareness very seriously the year round.  Nathan “Chops” Johnson has a huge handlebar mustache that reaches to his waist.

11 月,来自全世界的数千位男性留起长须,呼吁人们关注男性的健康问题。但是,洛杉矶有一些人整年都会认真警觉地照顾自己的胡子。Nathan Chops Johnson 就留着长可及腰的八字胡。

“I take care of this guy by myself.  I don’t let anybody near it.”


The Los Angeles Facial Hair Society was started by two men and two women.  Their goal was to unify California’s community of people with beards and mustaches and those who love them.  Alana Beck helped establish the organization.

洛杉矶胡须协会由两男两女创建。他们的目标是将加州留胡须、爱胡须的群体联合起来。Alana Beck 参与创建了该组织。

“I only date guys that have beards.  I don’t do mustaches.  There’s a manliness to it that’s very attractive.”


Hair Society member Roberto Campos says facial hair brings people together.”

胡须协会成员 Roberto Campos 说,是胡须让人们走到一起。

“All of a sudden your Facebook friend number jumps to the thousands after meeting all these people.”

“和这些人见面之后,你的 Facebook 好友数就会突然长到数千人。”

Members like Roberto Campos and “Chops” Johnson like the friendly competition.  They enjoy seeing who can grow the best beard and mustache.  But they say the unique – the extremely unusual – family that they have formed is what is most important.

Roberto Campos 和 Chops Johnson 这样的成员喜欢这种友好竞争。他们乐于见到有人留出最好的胡须。但他们表示,他们所建立的这种独一无二、与众不同的大家庭才是最重要的。

What? I Can’t Hear You! There Is Too Much Noise!


Our world is a noisy place, filled with the sounds of traffic, airplanes, machines and people. But quiet places remain, if you know where to look. Eight years ago, audio engineer Gordon Hempton identified the quietest place in the continental United States. He calls the place “One Square Inch of Silence.” He has used this symbolic spot in a northwestern rain forest to campaign against noise pollution. But the self-described “Sound Tracker” is now going deaf. Steve Ember continues our story.

我们的世界非常喧嚣,充斥着交通、飞机、机器和人群的声音。但如果你懂得寻找,安静的地方还是存在的。8 年前,录音师 Gordon Hempton 发现了美国本土最安静的地方。他称这个地方为“一平方英寸的寂静”。他用西北雨林的这片标志性的土地发起了反对噪声污染的运动。但这位自称“声音追寻者”的人现在却失聪了。

For Gordon Hempton, it started with an experience known to many people. He had to repeatedly ask “What? What did you say?” Then his hearing got worse.

对 Gordon Hempton 来说,最开始是一种很多人都有的经历。他不得不问“什么?你说什么?”后来,他的听力越来越差。

“I was laying in bed in the springtime about a year ago. The sun was shining. The birds could be singing. They should be singing. And I was hearing none.”

“1 年前的春天,我躺在床上。阳光明媚,鸟儿歌唱。它们应该是在歌唱,但我什么也听不见。”

Hempton leaned over to his partner at their home in a wooded, rural neighborhood on Washington’s Puget Sound.

在这个华盛顿普吉特海湾树木茂密的乡下,Hempton 在家里俯身朝向他的妻子。

“And I said, 'Kate, do you hear birdsong?' And she said yes. I knew my life was going to be different.”


Hempton's eyes get watery as he describes the cruel irony of his situation. More than twenty years ago he trademarked his nickname as “The Sound Tracker.” Sharp hearing defined his career as an Emmy award winning sound recordist. It also led to his activism against noise pollution.

Hempton 讲述自己境况的残酷讽刺时眼眶湿润。多年前,20他标榜自己的绰号是“声音追寻者”。敏锐的听觉让他成为艾美奖最佳录音师,还使他成为反对噪音污染的积极人士。

He has circled the globe three times in search of the perfect sounds of nature.

他 3 次环游全球,寻找最完美的自然之声。

Those are howler monkeys in a tropical rain forest in Belize. Closer to home, coyotes howl in an eastern Washington canyon.


He also found places so quiet that he could hear the soft sound of a hummingbird's wings.


Hempton says his hearing loss is quickly getting worse; creating what he says is a “real urgency” to finish his project.

Hempton 说,他的听觉迅速恶化,这带给他要完成计划的所谓“极度紧迫感”。

“I'm not totally deaf. But I have lost most of my hearing. So I am running a race to finish the Quiet Planet collection.”


That's the title of a planned 19-volume set of nature recordings. The sound tracks could be licensed for use in movies, video games, exhibits, plays and the like.

这是一个计划有 19 卷的自然声音专辑的名称。这些原声可以授权给电影、视频游戏、展览和戏剧等。

Volunteer assistants now help Hempton review and edit sound files and identify imperfections.

现在,志愿者助理帮助 Hempton 整理和编辑声音文件,并鉴别瑕疵。

“I miss it. I feel so connected when I can listen to the place I am. And the difference between hearing where you are and not is like the difference being awake and not.”


The exact cause of his hearing loss is not clear. Doctors say it may be the result of an infection, or a tumor or a combination of things. More tests are needed.


Hempton is self-employed. He says his health care plan does not pay for hearing loss treatment. So, for now, he's directing his attention to completing his “greatest hits” album.

Hempton 是自由职业者。他说,他的医疗保险计划无法担负听力损失的治疗。所以,目前他的精力放在完成他的“最畅销”专辑上。

“After I get Quiet Planet finished, out there and I have an economic cash flow to get my hearing back, then we're going to do it. That's the first thing on my to-do list.”


The Sound Tracker says he's hopeful his hearing loss can be reversed. I'm Steve Ember.


Thank you, Steve.  It is always a pleasure to have you drop by.  I’m Jim Tedder in Washington.  It is time for me to step aside and make room for more Learning English programs, which are just a few seconds away.  And, as always, we invite you to find out what is happing in the world by listening to a complete newscast at the top of the hour on the Voice of America.