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[翻译]新闻传真 - 抗议游行对泰国旅游业产生威胁

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From VOA Learning English, welcome to As It Is.  I’m Steve Ember in Washington.

Today we tell about how continuing disputes between protesters and government supporters in Thailand may affect the country’s travel industry.


Then we turn to Pakistan to hear about a film that has brought new life to the country’s movie industry.  But critics say it may add to existing tensions with Pakistan’s neighbor, India.


Our first stop today is Thailand’s capital, Bangkok.  Business groups are raising concerns about recent protests in the city.  They say the political tensions could cause harm to the economy.  VOA’s reporter in Bangkok says Thailand’s travel industry is already feeling the effects of the unrest – just before the normally busy Christmas holiday season.

我们今天的第一站是泰国首都曼谷。商业集团正在关注该城市近期的抗议游行。他们说,政治上的紧张局势会造成对经济的伤害。VOA 驻曼谷记者称,泰国的旅游业已经受到了动乱的影响——在这个原本应该繁忙的圣诞假期前夕。

Thailand’s banks and business groups are calling on protesters and Thai government supporters to stop demonstrating and negotiate a settlement.  Some business organizations are even offering to negotiate to avoid possible long-term economic damage.  The credit ratings agency Moody’s Investor Service agrees that investments could suffer if the tensions continue.


Thailand’s economic growth has decreased to less than three percent from better than five percent earlier.  A World Bank report said a lack of export growth slowed the economy.  Business and capital spending have slowed.  And, industry studies show that businesses have growing negative feelings about the country’s financial climate.

泰国经济增长从之前的多于 5%降低至3%以下。一份世界银行报告称,出口增长的匮乏减缓了经济发展。商业和资本开支减缓。此外,行业研究表明各企业开始对该国家的金融环境产生负面情绪。

Supavud Saicheua is managing director of the investment house Phatra Securities.  He says foreigners are being more careful about investing in Thailand.

Supavud Saicheua 是投资公司帕塔拉证券的总经理。他说,外国人在泰国投资变得更加谨慎。

“It all looked fairly normal up to the 31stof October  – and then November was a whole different ballgame.  Lots of investors have basically stopped to think and stopped to watch.  They haven’t said that they’re going to cancel their projects.  But they’re saying ‘Okay, hold on, let’s see what happens.”

“在 10 月 31 日之前,一切看起来相当正常——接下来的 11 月就变成了完全不同的局面。很多投资者基本上都停下来进行考虑和观望。他们没说他们要取消自己的项目,但他们说‘好的,坚持住,看看会发生什么。”’

The more cautious climate began when Parliament’s lower house passed an amended amnesty bill.  The measure could have let former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra return from exile and not face jail for corruption.  Thaksin Shinawatra is the older brother of current Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra.  He was ousted from power in 2006.

在议会下议院通过了一项特赦法案修正案之后,更谨慎的氛围开始出现。这项法案将会免除前首相达新•钦那瓦的流放,使他摆脱贪污造成的监禁。达新•钦那瓦是现任首相英乐•钦那瓦的哥哥。他在 2006 年被罢免下台。

The measure did not go forward.  But that fact has not done much to reduce street gatherings and clashes.


Chris Baker is a writer and commentator on Thai politics.  Mr. Baker says important business investors from Japan and Korea are less worried by the protests.  But, he says that even so, the political conflict in Thailand over the last eight years could have an overall effect on investors’ behavior.

Chris Baker 是一位作家和泰国政治评论家。Baker 说,来自日本和韩国的重要商业投资较少受到抗议的困扰。但他表示,即便如此,泰国过去 8 年的政治冲突还是对投资者的行为产生了总体影响。

“There’s a feeling there is a sort of long term escalation going on which could seriously affect business here, particularly of course if the army has to move in again.  People are quite worried.”


In recent weeks, about 30 countries have warned their citizens to be careful about traveling to Thailand.  Usually, two million visitors arrive each month.  But the travel industry is estimating that about 10 percent of those visitors will cancel their plans.

最近几周,大约 30 个国家警告民众去泰国旅游要谨慎。通常,每个月会有 200 万到访游客。但是据旅游业估算,有大约10%的游客会取消他们的行程。

Thai travel industry operator Luzi Matzig is chief executive officer of Asian Trails Group.  He says travel warnings hurt the tourism industry, but so far the effect on the visitor industry is still not major.

泰国旅游业经营者 Luzi Matzig 是 Asian Trails Group 的首席执行官。他说,旅行警告损害了旅游业,但目前对旅游业的影响还不大。

But if the demonstrations continue, Mr. Matzig says the travel industry could lose 15 to 20 percent of business next year.

但如果游行持续下去,Matzig 认为旅游业明年会损失 15~20%的业务。

It’s As It Is, coming to you from VOA Learning English. I’m Steve Ember.

New Pakistani film may add to tensions with India...


Now we go to Pakistan, where many people are crowding theaters to see a new movie.


The Pakistani film industry has had few really successful movies in recent years. But the movie “Waar”, or “Attack”, has changed that. It has earned the most money in ticket sales ever for a Pakistani film.  Christopher Cruise tells us more.


The movie tells the story of a former military hero who saves Pakistan. Critics say the movie suggests India is the enemy. And they say that suggestion deepens the tensions between Pakistan and its neighbor.

Still, some people praise the film because it is based on true situations in Pakistan -- like the fight against terrorism. At least, that is the opinion of Nawab Hassan Siddique, who made the film available to theaters.

还有一些人称赞该电影,因为它立足于巴基斯坦的真实境况——比如与恐怖主义的斗争。至少,这是把该电影带入电影院的 Nawab Hassan Siddique 的看法。

“In the history of Pakistan, there has never been such a huge hit [success], neither by an Indian film nor a Hollywood movie. The credit goes to Pakistan, that a Pakistani picture has earned such huge ticket sales.”


Indian dance films are popular in Pakistan. But the Pakistani film “Waar” is different. Its hero is Major Mujtaba, a former member of the country’s special forces. It shows questioning of suspects with lots of blood.

印度舞蹈影片在巴基斯坦很流行。但巴基斯坦电影《Waar》却不一样。它的男主角是特种部队前成员 Major Mujtaba。它展现了刑讯嫌犯时的血腥场景。

“Waar” never shows where the enemy is from. But many moviegoers are sure they are from India. And that has caused criticism. Military expert Ayeesha Siddiqa says what some people believe is material condemning India is not helpful. She says that is true because relations between the two countries are already tense.

《Waar》没有体现敌人来自哪里,但很多影迷确定他们来自印度。而这引发了批评。军事专家 Ayeesha Siddiqa 说,有些人认为实质性地谴责印度没什么意义。她说,确实如此,因为这两个国家的关系已经很紧张了。

“You don’t need these bunch of citizens, innocent citizens, thinking the same way. They will end up supporting those radicals.”


Hassan Waqas Rana wrote and produced the film. He says he wanted it to start people talking.

Hassan Waqas Rana 是这部电影的作者和制片人。他说,他希望它能激发人们的议论。

“It’s a film. It’s not the strategic policy of the government of Pakistan.  It’s a film that I have written in my own room. I may be 100 percent wrong. I may be 100 percent right. You never know. That’s the whole point of being a filmer.”


Mr. Rana dismisses suggestions that Pakistan’s powerful military helped pay for the film. He admits the army helped with suggestions about military actions and planning to make the film more realistic. But he says he wrote and financed the movie himself.

Rana 否认巴基斯坦的强大军队有帮他支付电影成本。他承认,军方在军事行动和让电影更真实方面给予了帮助。但他说,他的电影是自己创作、自己投资的。

The great success of “Waar” has led to ten other films being made in Pakistan.

《Waar》的巨大成功引领了巴基斯坦另外 10 部电影的制作。

Mr. Rana is now showing his film to movie theatre owners in other countries.   I’m Christopher Cruise.

Rana 现在正在将自己的电影展示给其他国家的影院所有者。

And I’m Steve Ember.  You are listening to As It Is from VOA Learning English.

And, we remember American Poet Emily Dickinson...


And now we remember a great American poet, Emily Dickinson.  She was born in Amherst, Massachusetts on December 10th, 1830.

现在,我们纪念一位伟大的美国诗人艾米莉•迪金森。她在 1830 年 12 月 10 日出生于马萨诸塞州的艾摩斯特市。

Only a small amount of her work was published during her lifetime.  Most of her poems were recovered after Emily Dickinson’s death in 1886.  She had written the poems on small pieces of paper or on the backs of envelopes.  They were published over many years.

在她有生之年,她只有少数作品得以发表。她的大多数诗歌是在她 1886 年去世之后被人们发现的。她的诗写在小纸片或信封背面。它们在很多年后被发表。

Some of her best known works are “Hope is the Thing with Feathers”, “We Grow Accustomed to the Dark”, and “A Little East of Jordan.”

她的著名作品有《Hope is the Thing with Feathers》 We Grow Accustomed to the、《Dark》和《A Little East of Jordan》。

Poems are nice, because they rhyme.
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