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[翻译]新闻传真 - 人们为林书豪而疯狂

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Hello again, and welcome back.  I’m Jim Tedder in Washington.  If you like sports, particularly basketball, you are going to like this one.  Have you heard about Jeremy Lin?  He is an Asian-American player, and the subject of a film about his unusual career.


A bit later, we will talk about a mental health issue that people used to avoid mentioning if they or a family member suffered from it.  And we will meet some courageous people who are raising money to fight the disease.


The program coming out of your radio, computer speakers, or smartphone is called As It Is.  It is a way to learn and improve your American English, from the Voice of America.

92 foreign players from 39 countries began this season in the professional U.S. basketball league.  That is more foreign players than ever before. But none is from Asia.  At the moment, only one Asian-American plays in the U.S. National Basketball Association (NBA) and his name is Jeremy Lin. A new film called “Linsanity” shows Lin's unlikely road to becoming a star last season.

美国职业篮球联赛本赛季有来自 39 个国家的 92 位外国运动员。这比以往任何时期都多,但没有一个来自亚洲。现在,美国国家篮球协会(NBA)只有一位亚裔美籍运动员,他的名字叫做林书豪(杰瑞米•林)。一部名为《林来疯》的新电影讲述了上赛季林书豪不可思议的巨星之路。

Lin has always loved the game.  He led his high school basketball team to the state championship. But no college offered him an athletic scholarship. Lin attended Harvard, known as one of America’s top universities .  His playing broke Ivy League basketball records. Still, no NBA team signed him to play for it.

林书豪一直热爱这项运动。他带领他的高中篮球队获得州际冠军。但没有哪个大学为他提供运动员奖学金。林书豪加入了美国最高学府哈佛大学。他的表现打破了常春藤联盟的篮球纪录。然而,仍旧没有 NBA 球队签约他。

As Lin struggled to prove he could play in the professional league, a group of Asian-American filmmakers began documenting his rocky start.  Teams would hire him, but then remove him from the team.


Evan Jackson Leong directed the project that watched Lin’s career struggle upward, but then downward again.

梁伊凡(Evan Jackson Leong)负责这个观察林书豪职业生涯起起伏伏的项目。

"We started this four years ago. You know, as a filmmaking team we went through the same journey that he went through.  You know, getting cut. As his downs were going down, we were also going down…, because no one really cared about what was going on with our project."

“我们在 4 年前开始这项工作。作为一个电影制作团队,我们经历了他所经历的一切,比如说被裁员。当他陷入低潮的时候,我们也陷入低潮……因为没有人关心我们的项目进展如何。”

Mr. Leong kept the cameras in action during some of Lin's darkest hours. He filmed him even after the point guard was cut twice from NBA teams. At first, the filmmakers planned to create a Web series about Lin.   They never suspected what would happen.

梁的摄像机在林书豪最黑暗的日子里仍然保持运转。他甚至在这位控球后卫两次被 NBA 球队裁员之后仍然继续拍摄他。一开始,电影制作者计划创建一系列关于林书豪的网页。他们从不怀疑将要发生的事情。

The documentary captures the story of someone trying to break through barriers in a sport where Asian-Americans are extremely rare.  Lin remembers racial insults from basketball players and others early in his career.


Still, he fought to stay in the game. When the New York Knicks finally gave him a chance to play in 2012, no one expected he would lead his team to so many victories.  His performance started a worldwide campaign of fan support known as "Linsanity.”

然而,他仍旧努力从事这项运动。当纽约尼克斯队最终在 2012 年给他打球的机会时,没有人能预期他会带给他的球队这么多成功。他的表现引发了全世界球迷支持他的狂潮,称作“林来疯”。

The film tells how Lin became a big star in the media.  But sometimes even with his success, people used racially suggestive comments to insult him.


Co-producer Brian Yang  said Lin is changing wrong ideas about people who differ from themselves. He is opening the way for more minorities to take part in sports.

联合制片人杨明燊(Brian Yang)说,林书豪改变了人们对不同人种的错误观点。他为更多少数族裔参与运动开启了道路。

"NBA teams are now giving other Asian-American athletes a second look," Yang said. "I think Jeremy's story has affected the way coaches and recruiters...think and that's important."

“NBA 球队现在开始重新审视其他亚裔美籍运动员了,”杨说,“我认为杰瑞米的故事影响了教练和球探的思维方式,这很重要。”

In the documentary, Lin says his religious faith has guided him throughout his  career.  And that made it especially meaningful for his cousin, Allen Lu, who also helped produce the film.

在这部纪录片中,林书豪说,他的宗教信仰在他的整个职业生涯指引他。而这对于他的表哥卢知源(Allen Lu)来说有特殊的意义,而他也是该电影的制作人之一。

"For me, the thing that I draw a lot from the journey that we’ve been through is that, is like, where do you draw your hope? Where do you draw your strength? And for Jeremy and myself, and a lot of us here, you know, we’re Christians. And that’s where we draw our strength."


Christopher Chen, another co-producer, was moved by the audience reaction when Linsanityopened at the Sundance Film Festival.

当《林来疯》在圣丹斯电影节公映的时候,另一位联合制片人陈义 ( Christopher Chen)被观众的反响打动了。

"We had always thought that after Linsanity[premiered], this will hopefully impact the Asian community, the Asian-American community.  But what was most impactful to me is when you have middle-aged white women and Latino women, and older black gentlemen, coming up to us, [saying] 'Thank you for telling that story.' That was very inspirational."


Now, at age 25, Jeremy Lin continues to demonstrate an example for children and young people through his charitable foundation.  On the basketball court, he is now making millions of dollars playing for the NBA’s Houston Rockets.

现在,25岁的林书豪一直在通过他的慈善基金会向儿童和年轻人树立榜样。在篮球场上,他现在为 NBA 的休斯顿火箭队打球,年薪数百万美元。

Depression Often Leads to Suicide


Lately, thousands of Americans have taken part in “Out of the Darkness Walks.” The walkers remember loved ones they lost to suicide. They also hope to raise money for suicide prevention efforts and research into depression. Depression increases the risk of people taking their own lives. VOA’s Steve Ember joins us with the rest of the story.


Steve Iselin served in the Navy for 20 years. He retired 13 years ago, and started looking for another job. That is also when he began feeling hopeless.

Steve Iselin 为海军服役了 20 年。他在 13 年前退役并开始寻找其他工作。也正是这个时候他开始感到无助。

“I had a great sense of dread every day. Agony is another word that comes to mind. I didn’t want to do anything that I would normally like to do. I had no interest in seeing other people”…


Steve Iselin found a job. But he left after one week because he told himself he could not do the work. Everything he did seemed very difficult. Decisions were painful, even having to choose what he would wear that day or what to eat. Mr. Iselin was suffering from depression.

Steve Iselin 找到了一份工作。但他在一个星期后就离开了,因为他告诉自己他做不了那份工作。他所做的每件事情似乎都很困难。做决定非常痛苦,甚至是在选择某天穿什么衣服或吃什么东西的时候。Iselin 是患上抑郁症了。

Bob Gebbia heads the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. He says being depressed is very different from being sad or having a bad day. He says that about 20 million people are found to have clinical depression in the United States every year.

Bob Gebbia 是美国自杀预防基金会的主管。他说,抑郁和悲伤,或某天过的不好,是非常不同的。他说,美国每年会有大约 2000 万人确诊患有临床忧郁症。

Mr. Gebbia says the cause could be a combination of genetic influences, changes in brain chemistry or environmental reasons. He notes that some people are more likely than others to get depressed.

Gebbia 说,原因可能有遗传影响、大脑化学过程的变化或环境因素。他指出,一些人比其他人更容易抑郁。

“You may not have had the kinds of experiences in life that bring it out. Let’s say you lose your job, or, you know, divorce, a loss of someone.”


Steve Iselin was lucky. His wife recognized the signs of depression. She helped him get the expert care he needed. But he says that was not true of his brother’s son. Mr. Iselin says his nephew became depressed a few years later and killed himself.

Steve Iselin 很幸运。他的妻子发现了他抑郁的征兆。她帮他进行了他所需要的专家治疗。但他说,他兄弟的儿子就没这么好运了。Iselin 说,他的侄子几年之后就抑郁自杀了。

A year after his nephew’s death, Mr. Iselin visited his brother in San Francisco and heard about the Out of the Darkness Walk. The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention organized the event. Both men took part.

在他的侄子去世一年后,Iselin 在旧金山拜访了他的兄弟,并听说了“走出黑暗之行”。美国自杀预防基金会组织了这项活动。他们都参与了。

Steve Iselin said that was the first day his brother understood that perhaps he was not to blame for his son’s death.

Steve Iselin 说,从这天起他的兄弟理解了也许他儿子的死并不是他的错。

Since then, Steve Iselin has volunteered with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. He has taken part in seven community walks.

从那时起,Steve Iselin 成为了美国自杀预防基金会的志愿者。他参与了 7 次社区步行。

Thank you, Steve.  By the way, we found out that the most recent walk raised $65,000 for the cause.

And that is all the time we have for this edition of As It Is.  But more Learning English programs are just seconds away.  You can also hear world news at the beginning of each hour.  I’m Jim Tedder in Washington, and this is the Voice of America.